Commonwealth Cricket League Premier Division Final
On Sunday, August 26 the Premier Division finals will be competed between host Seven Star CC and Melbourne CC and will be played in Ferry Park, Bronx, under the majestic Whitestone Bridge.

Vijay Seonarine of Seven Stars. Photo by Shiek Mohamed

In the 30 years of the CCL this is the first time these 2 teams have made it to the Finals.

The final 11 for Seven Star appears to be Vijay Seonarine, Mike Sewdial, Mohsin Khan, Sarmad Khan, Nadir Mohammed, Habib, Boyce Jewth, Holder Jewth, Richie Patel, Andy Patel and Krish Ketwaroo.

The squad for Melbourne will be Rudhir Ahsan Nahiyan [captain], Sonu Dhillon Hemanth [vice-captain], Badsha Chowdhury, Arif Islam, Mitul Mehnaz, Junel Ahmed, Rajendra Ramlall, Rohit Khan, Badhon Tanvir, Nadim Romeo, Anindo Das, Sajib Azad Zahir, Robin Das, Shuvro Yusef and Farial Haque.

Both teams have been playing excellent cricket all year long and it promises to be a magnificent final.

On the way to the finals, Seven Star defeated a star-studded Strikers CC in the quarter-finals and then National in the semis.

Melbourne made it by winning against the Sudesh Dhaniram’s Galaxy CC in the quarter-finals and then the mighty Pak-America in their semis.

Sarrmad Khan could possibly be the best leg-spinner in the USA and his wily skills will surely test out the young stars from Melbourne. Vijay Seonarine, also known as Nap, can match up, on his day, with any cricketer as he possesses enormous talent with both bat and ball.

But Melbourne will make sure they are no walk-over as their young stars will want to show their true worth in what promises to be one of the best final this league has ever had.

Rudhir is a leg-spinner that has to be seen to be believed and this young man has a long way to go in US cricket if our selectors are to be trusted.

Arif, Junel, Badsha and Shuvro are all overflowing with talent and can hold their own wherever they go and play.

Prem Singh, President and CEO of the Seven Star Fuel Corporation and Nohar Singh, President and CEO of Travel-Span are sponsors and co-sponsors of the Seven Star team.
Prem has been making arrangements all week long to make sure it’s going to be a game of cricket worth remembering.
So have Kris Lachman and Rajendra Ramlall, President and captain respectively of Melbourne .

It will be a battle of skills and talent and wits and the winner will be the team that can outsmart the other on that given day as both teams are full of stars in every sense of the word.

If you are a US national selector or just a cricket fan, stop by Whitestone Park Sunday afternoon. You will see 22 players of amazing talent playing the game we all love so much.