EACA 2012 Division A Power40
This Sunday, August 12, Baisley Park (The Cage) will be the venue to witness a very interesting match up between the youths of Meten-Meer-Zorg Cricket Team and the strengthen Richmond Hill Cricket Club. With both teams vying for a spot in the playoff, this is a must win game for the boys from Richmond Hill, this will surely be the game of the season with Richmond Hill having in their line up West Indies pacer Brandon Bess also in their squad former Guyana youth players Dereck McDonald, Roderick Lovell, Ramphal Bactowar, Shameer Sadloo and also includes Zaheer Sadloo and the veterans Debo and Royo Sankar.

The dependable Deonauth Baksh.

On the other hand the Meten Meer Zorg who is dominated with a bunch of youths in their line up will be spearheaded by USA national player Azurdeen Mohammed,  Amarnath Persaud, seventeen year old  Treviss Ross former Guyana youth players Ajaz Asgarally and  Deonauth “DEPENDABLE” Baksh. The full squad is Azurdeen Mohammed (capt), Ajaz Asgarally (v/capt), Deonauth Baksh, Ken Nandkumar, Trevis Ross, Amarnauth Persaud, Saud Hussain, Glen Meyer, Zaaid Majeed, Himendra Ramdihal, Rocky Kowchai, Rayhanul Islam, Rawle Hoyte, Fiaz Asgarally, Kieth Mungalsingh and Fazurdeen Mohammed (wkp).

With Richmond Hill having two more games remaining they will be looking to come very strong on the MMZ youngsters who are eager for the match up. Meten Meer Zorg is having a fantastic season so far  looking to finish strong for their remaining games, then into the playoffs to defend the Power 40 overs knockout title.

The game will have a live scorecard thank to Kerk Higgins and www.newyorkcricket.com.

2012 Power40 Division A Points Table

 Team                        Matches    Won      lost    Tied    NR    Points   N/R

1. Everest/ACS              12               10        2          0         0        50         1.98

2. MMZ                          12               10        2          0        0         50         1.59

3. Richmond Hill           12                8          3           1        0         43        0.93

4. Atlantis                        10              8          2            0       0         40         2.54

5.Big Apple                     11              8          3            0       0         40          0.85

6. Hillside                       11              7          4             0       0         35          -0.08

7. LIUCC                         12              4          7              1      0          23         -0.16

8. Liberty SC                   12               4          7              1      0         23          -0.24