Brooklyn Cricket League
Middlesex vs Emperial
On 7/21 at Marine Park A, Middlesex vs Emperial, Middlesex won the toss and elected to take first strike. Middlesex opening pair Mark Audain and Wayne McClennon gives Middlesex a very good start putting on 80 runs for the first wicket. Wayne McClennon was the first to go for a stylish 27 on his debut for Middlesex.

Mark Audain of Middlesex hit a stylish 51 and returned to take 4 for 13 against Emperial.

Mark Audain return to form with a stylish 51, which included, (7 x 4s, 1 x 6), good support came from skipper Andre Kirton with a well played 40, other good contributions from debutants Hugo D’Ollivierre with an unbeaten 27, Mohammed Nazu also contributed 20 not out.
Bowling for Emperial, veteran slow left arm Shadi Khan was the most successful bowler, 7/0/44/3, Devane Warner 7/0/41/1 and Bryan Mars 3/0/33/1, final score was 228/5 from 33 overs.
When Emperial batted, they were skittle out for a meager 68 runs, Mark Audain was the pick of the bowlers, who bowled an accurate line and length, moving the ball both ways, finished with figures 4.1/2/13/4, skipper Andre Kirton, bowled with very good accuracy, extracting bounce and turn from the pitch finish with 4/1/6/3, debutants Hugo D’Ollivierre 3/0/18/1 and Mohammed Nazu 3/0/20/1.
Middlesex winning by 160 runs.

Wanderers vs Queensbury
On 7/21 at Marine Park B, Wanderers vs Queensbury, Queensbury batted first and was skittle out for a paltry 24, the lowest total is Brooklyn cricket league history, Joseph Short top scored with 7, and Iva Martin with 6. Bowling from the boys from Belize (Wanderers) George Sutherland was the pick of the bowlers, with career best 5/12 and Leon Hyde 2/8. Wanderers 25/1 winning by 9 wickets.

Shadi Khan of Emperial had 3 for 44 against Middlesex.

Cavaliers vs Panthers

On 7/21 at Marine Park C, Cavaliers vs Panthers, Panthers 227 for 7, flamboyant batsman Salman Ahmed topped scored with a well played 63, good support came from Nazim with 37, Boom Boom Asim with a lusty 37, hard hitting Ulfat Shazad with 30. Bowling for Cavaliers, former Jamaica youth player Damien Reid 7/0/58/2, former West Indies fast bowler Cameron Cuffy  7/1/25/2, Jawanza Young 7/0/59/1 and Ezekiel Williams 7/040/1. Cavaliers were bowled out for 185, former St. Vincent, Windward Islands and USA batsman Albert Texeira topped scored with a classy 61, Panthers winning by 43 runs.

Panthers vs Middlesex CC
On 7/22 at Seaview Ave, Panthers vs Middlesex CC, Panthers won the toss and elected to bat first, the match started an hour and a half late, due to the usage of the playing field by American footballers, who played pass their permitted time. Panthers 233/9 from 33 overs, Boom Boom Shazhad Asim with a whirlwind 66, which include 7 massive 6s, good support came from Nousherwan Adil with 31, Salman Ahmed 23 and Saliq Iqbal with 21.
Bowling for Middlesex, former USA under-19 speedster Dominic Audain bowled with great pace and hostility finished with 6/2/25/4, former West Indies fast bowler Adam Sanford 6/0/39/2, and Hugo D’Ollivierre 4/0/42/2. Middlesex was bowled out for 203 in 27.3 overs, Hugo D’Ollivierre topped scored with a well crafted 46, Joseph Ledwridge 32, Andre Kirton 27, Abdullah Syed 19, and Mark Audain 18 was the batsmen to get into double figures.
Bowling for Panthers, modern day Gary Sobers, Nousherwan Adil 5/0/16/4, Mohammed Imran 5.3/029/3 and Adnan 3/0/27/1. Panthers winning by 30 runs.

Emperial vs Queensbury
On 7/22 Emperial vs Queensbury, Queensbury 160 all out,  A. Marsh 61, T. Ridge 35. Bowling for Emperial, off spinner Devane Warner 6/0/17/3, Byron Mars 7/0/26/3, Colville Brown 7/0/25/2, Shadi Khan 7/0/35/1. Emperial 163/5, D. Harris 45, B. Brown 30, Foster Lewis 21. Bowling for Queensbury, Bruno Henry 7/0/23/2, K. Joseph 6/0/25/1 and Joseph Short 5/0/20/1.
Emperial winning by 5 wickets.

Cavaliers vs Wanderers
Cavaliers 141 all out, Skipper Cameron Cuffy 25, and Ephraim Bacchus 25, bowling for Wanderers, Raul Jackman 4/0/11/4, George Sutherland 8/0/23/2, Winston Celestine 6/0/25/1. Wanderers 101 all out, Winston Celestine 18, Rawl Jackman 16, bowling for Cavaliers, Ezekiel Williams 6.1/0/13/3, Ephraim Bacchus 8/2/14/3, and Damien Reid 6/0/22/2, Cavaliers won by
40 runs.

Sheffield vs Travel Treat
On 7/21 Sheffield vs Travel Treat, Travel Treat batted first and at the end of 34 overs scored 257/5. Travel Treat opening put on 145 opening partnership, Skipper Jerry Mirza with a stylish 64 ( 7 x 4 ), youngster Jahzeb Tariq scored his first century in Brooklyn cricket league, a magnificent 110 (7 x 4, 4 x 6), Zafar Iqbal with a typical lusty 46, and Zahid Tariq 20 not out. Bowling for Sheffield, Persaud 7/0/44/3, Moffett 6/0/39/2. Sheffield 215 all out, G. Scott topped scored with 80 (7 x 4, 2 x 6), Akeem Dodson 39, Sami 26, bowling for Travel Treat, Vattern Hussain 7/1/39/4, Mohammed Hussain 7/1/39/2, Shawaiz Islam 6/0/45/3 and Zahid Tariq 4/0/24/2, Travel Treat winning by 42 runs.

Report compiled by Mark Audain


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    Congratulation joseph short for scoring 7 runs and being the highest scorer keep up the good work