Diplomats vs Middlesex
On June 2nd, Diplomats took on Middlesex, Middlesex won the toss and took first strike. Middlesex posted a total of 309 all out from 38 overs, Andre Kirton 126, Dominic Audain 35 not out, Rod Michael 35, Jacob Emmanuel 23, Adam Sanford 21.

Andre Kirton of Middlesex hit a composed 126 against Diplomats. Photos by Shiek Mohamed.

Bowling for Diplomats, Triston Carmichael 2for 42 from 8 overs, Darren Denis 2 for 75 from 8 overs, S. Singh 2 for 26 from 6 overs.
In reply Diplomats were all out for 86 from 16.1 overs.
Bowling for Middlesex, Adam Sanford 5 for 36 from 8 overs and Andre Kirton 3 for 7 from 2.1 overs.
Middlesex won by 207 runs.

Middlesex vs Cavaliers
On June 3rd, Middlesex clashed with Cavaliers. Middlesex 155 all out from 31.2 overs, Rod Michael 50, Mark Audain 30.
Bowling for Cavaliers, Selwyn Caine 3 for 25 from 8 overs, Michael Providence 2 for 9 from 1.2 overs and Cameron Cuffy 2 for 23 from 7 overs.
Cavaliers 102 all out from 28.5 overs, Timothy Warner 23.
Bowling for Middlesex, Treldon McMillan 5 for 18 from 7 overs and Dominic Audain 2 for 33 from 7 overs.
Middlesex won by 53 runs.

Dixieth Palmer of Emperial took 4 for 30 against Queensbury.

Queensbury vs Emperial
June 2nd, Queensbury 163 all out, Andy Douglas 39, B. Marsh 22.
Bowling for Emperial, Dixieth Palmer 4 for 30 from 7 overs and Byron Mars 2 for 28 from 4 overs.
Emperial replied with 167 for 2, Roy Bryan hit an unbeaten 72, Norris Campbell 53 not out and Dixieth Palmer 32.
Bowling for Queensbury, Gregory Blair 2 for 41 from 7 overs.
Emperial winning by 8 wickets.

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