By Sam Sooppersaud
Gregory Sewdial announced his return to competitive cricket after a year’s absence from the cricket field, due to an ankle injury, and entertained a large  Baisley Park (The Cage) crowd with an exciting century, at the expense of a hapless Enmore Cricket Club bowling attack. He dispatched the cricket ball with such ferocity that spectators sitting in the stands and along the fences, and pedestrians walking along Foch Boulevard were in dire danger of being struck by a flying 5 1/2 ounce round, red missiles.

The always watchful Greg Sewdial back in 2008. Photo by Shiek Mohamed

The stocky and muscular right hand opening batsman was at his very best, according to cricket fans that have seen him played some high scoring innings in the past. Fans were amazed at his timing, aware of the fact that Greg has been out of cricket for nearly a year and had hardly picked up a cricket bat during that period of time. He had injured his ankle which entailed two surgeries. He then underwent intense physical therapy to ensure that his surgically repaired ankle would heal and function properly.

I was one of the standing umpires in that match when Sewdial came back from his injury, and I could have seen the apprehension in his eyes as he took his guard and faced his first few balls. The first single he took was a mere “jog through the park” type of run. He must have been thinking of his surgically repaired ankle and took care in his first few steps not wanting to injure his anklet again. Once Greg felt the assurance that his ankle would not betray him he grew with confidence at the crease. He stepped up the momentum and began to play a repertoire of magnificent cricket shots to all corners of the cricket field and over the eighteen feet high fence surrounding the cricket field.

I have known Greg since he was about 10 years old and coming to the cricket parks with his father, Mike Sewdial, himself an accomplished batsman, who at one time played his cricket in the Commonwealth Cricket League. At every spare moment that Mike had during his game he would be seen bowling a cricket ball to his then, diminutive son. You could have see, even at that tender age that the young man was keen on mastering the art of batting. He followed his father’s coaching carefully and hardly ever got frustrated if he was not able to execute a shot as instructed by his father. Mike passed on the art of batting to his son. When Greg didn’t get it right dad would take the bat at demonstrate “how it should be done”. Every match of every season Gregory Sewdial was at the cricket park with his dad, learning about cricket and most importantly, the art of batting.

Greg's dad, Mike Sewdial and sister.

Time passed by quickly and Gregory Sewdial, as expected, blossomed into one of the most fearful young batsmen in the New York area. His timing was immaculate, and with this mastered, he was able to hit the cricket ball with much power. From his early teens he was inducted into a senior team and played his cricket in the Eastern American Cricket Association. Needless to say, his father, Mike, the architect of his son’s batting success, was there to see his son exhibit the fruits of his labor. Gregory had arrived as a batsman.

Now, back to Greg’s return to competitive cricket. He now plays for the Everest/ACS club in the Eastern American Cricket Association. He is, as was trained to be, an opening batsman. Not the typical opener who would jab a ball here and there for a single or a double. He muscles the ball to the fence, and at times over the fence.

On Sunday, May 20, 2012, Everest/ACS met Enmore Cricket Club in the E.A.C.A’s 40 – over Tournament at the Baisley Park Field (The Cage) in South Jamaica. A large crown was on hand to watch the contest between two of the most accomplished clubs in the league. They have each won their share of championships in the past. A keen, but friendly rivalry exists between these two clubs.

Everest/ACS won the toss and elected to take first strike. Due to the rain that had been falling, on and off, for over a week prior to the game, the outfield grass had grown a bit taller than is customary for that on a cricket field, and could not be cut because of the wet ground. It was almost impossible to hit a flat drive racing to the boundary. Gregory Sewdial walked out with his opening partner to start his club’s innings.  He was very watchful for the first few overs that he faced. At times you could have seen a worried countenance on his face. I assumed a bit concern as to how his injured and repaired ankle would hold up.

After about 15 minutes at the crease, and now with his confidence bolstered, Gregory Sewdial began unleashing a barrage of shots, spraying the cricket ball all over the cricket field. Numerous balls were hit for the maximum over the fence. Several balls dropped onto Foch Boulevard. It was fortunate that no automobile was hit.  Spectators and passersby alike were watchful for a round, red missiles coming their way.

By the time Gregory Sewdial was finished bombarding the Enmore bowling attack he had scored his first century for the 2012 Cricket Season. He was finally caught for a superbly executed 104 runs, which included 7 – 6’s and 5 – 4’s.  In addition he took two catches fielding his position at long on. It was clear that he was still concerned about his ankle as he was taking guarded steps in Cage’s outfield which is noted for its undulating surface.

The fearsome right handed batsman first came to national recognition in 2006 when he captained the USA in the ICC Under-15 Americas Tournament. In 2007 he represented the New York Cricket Region in the USACA U-19 Tournament in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He was voted the MVP at the
conclusion of the tournament. In 2010 Greg, as he is fondly called by family and friends, was selected to represent the USA in the ICC Under-19 World Cup in New Zealand. He was the vice captain of the team. Although throughout the tournament he played with an injured ankle, the batsman scored the highest aggregate runs among the USA players in the tournament.

In 2009 Greg had taken part in the 2010 ICC Under-19 Qualifier in Canada and sustained an injury to his left ankle. Despite that injury he helped to bat his country into the World Cup, which as stated above was played in New Zealand.  He underwent a surgical procedure to repair the ankle in 2009. According to him, the surgery was not a complete success. He then took part in the ICC tournament despite the pain.  In 2011 Greg underwent a second surgery on his ankle which, this time, according to him, it was a success. He underwent rigorous therapy sessions to gain back his fitness. He is still being attended by his physical therapy.

As proven on Sunday, May 20th, Gregory Sewdial is back, much to the chagrin of the bowlers who have to face him.

Good luck Greg, keep on piling on the runs!


2012 EACA Scoresheet
Game Played At Baisley Cage
OVERS PLAYED: 40 DATE: 5/20/2012
Gregory Sewdial Caught A.Seebarran 104 5 5
Shafeek Shah Caught A. Ali 38 2 3
Tamesh Balwant Bowled A. Ali 4 0 0
Karan. Ganesh Caught N. Harrypersaud 26 2 1
Amjad Khan Caught N. Harrypersaud 45 4 6
A. Crawford Caught A.Seebarran 2 0 0
Zamin Amin Stumped C. Ramdiall 62 5 3
Terry Hastoo Caught J. Thomas 1 0 0
Steve Nowrangilall Not Out 36 0 2
Trevor Walke Bowled J. Thomas 2 0 0
Saheed Amin Not Out 0 0 0
Batsmen’s Total 320 18 20
Wides No Balls Byes Leg byes Total Extras
27 0 4 4 35
Bowling Analysis
BOWLERS (Full Names) Overs Mdns Runs Wkts Wides NoBalls Econ
A. Seebarran 5 0 62 2 12.40
A. Ali 8 1 39 2 4.88
M Montana 3 0 30 0 10.00
P. Charran 2 0 16 0 8.00
S. Jainarine8 8 0 64 0 8.00
N. Harripersaud 8 0 59 2 7.38
C. Ramdial 2 0 27 1 13.50
J. Thomas 4 0 50 2 12.50
Total 40 1 347 9 0 0
Overall Total (Bowler Runs + Byes + Leg Byes) 355 For 9 Wickets
TEAM BATTING 2nd: Enmore
S. Ally Caught S.Amin 18 0 2
R. Harripersaud Run Out 8 0 0
M. Mohabir Caught S.Amin 6 0 0
C. Ramdial LBW S.Amin 0 0 0
A. Seebarran Caught Z. Amin 25 1 1
S. Jainarine LBW A. Crawford 9 0 0
A. Ali Caught K. Ganesh 2 0 0
P. Charran Caught A. Crawford 12 2 0
N. Harripersaud Bowled K. Ganesh 1 0 0
J. Thomas Run Out 2 0 0
M Montana Not Out 0 0 0
Batsmen’s Total 83 3 3
Wides No Balls Byes Leg byes Total Extras
20 1 0 3 24
Bowling Analysis
BOWLERS (Full Names) Overs Mdns Runs Wkts Wides NoBalls Econ
Saheed. Amin 8 2 21 3 2.63
Trevor Walke 8 1 24 0 3.00
Zamin Amin 6 1 15 1 2.50
Terry Hastoo 4 0 21 0 5.25
Karan Ganesh 5.1 1 10 2 1.96
A. Crawford 4 0 13 2 3.25
35.1 5 104 8 0 0
Overall Total (Bowler Runs + Byes + Leg Byes) 107 for 8 Wickets


  1. DXSports says:

    GREAT Knock young man, keep it up. I am sure you will do well this year and once you keep playing every year.

  2. Bassett Thompson says:

    It is good to see Greg back, but for me its just as as exciting to read Sam’s article once again. Welcome back to both of you.

  3. Narine Ramdeholl (SHAM) says:

    Well done Greg. I think we have a son of Rohan Kanhai. Keep the runs comming and good luck.

    friend of your dad.