USACA announces its Women’s Team to participate ICC Women’s World Cup Global Qualifier to be held in Dhaka, Bangladesh from November 12 to 27, 2011. The Team will depart for Bangladesh on November 5.

Coach Linden Fraser and members of the Tristate Lynx team. Photo by Shiek Mohamed

Doris Francis – Captain
Akshatha Rao
Anahita Arora
Claudine Beckford
Delkash Shahriarian
Durga Das
Erica Rendler
Grace Chadderton-Richards
Joan Serrano
Nadia Gruny
Ritu Bhargava
Samantha Ramautar
Sara Farooq
Shebani Bhaskar

Manager – Louise Browne-Jackson
Coach – Robin Singh
Asst. Coach – Asif Mujtaba

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  1. Cricketer says:

    @ Basic: How come these guys didn’t do anything before when you claimed that Dainty was the only one with all the wrong doings? Kris, Dainty, John, Manaf, etc.. all used to be GOOD buddies. Kris only pushes his friends to get positions. The ship is sinking and we need young individuals to replace these under achievers. Thank you for your service of “No Improvement” in US cricket.


  2. The Basic says:

    Sam John I want to hear what you have to say when USACA continue the way it is or gets worst. We all know that Dainty is the one to blame for the lack of cricket development in this country.

  3. Sam John says:

    I agree with Kerk Lester and now that John Aaron and Krish Prasad are gone, the USACA can ONLY prosper. These two individuals were like cancers to the Development in cricket in New York and the USA(CA).
    DAINTY needs to stay focus and bring more professionals on board… people with the skill-sets and ability to execute in the respective executive and managerial positions.
    People don’t kid yourselves… what qualifications does individuals like, Krish, Shiv, Rudy, Linden etc. have to be managers of cricket?

  4. The Basic says:

    @ Kerk Lester, You sound like someone who did not make it past Play School so when you mature enough, then post a comment or should I say a proper comment. “Aaron gone!, Krish gone!. You sound very childish

  5. Kerk Lester says:

    Professionala at work.. FINALLY.

    Aaron… gone!, Krish…. Gone!

    Elections begin October 24th

  6. crkt play says:

    yo sam saud…do ya hom wrk bfr u tlk

  7. Ricky says:

    @ Eyes on the ball: Your point is well taken, but does it mean that an increased in stipend would result in better results? There’s no union to represent USACA cricket players therefore coaches, managers, etc.. should NEVER try to negotiate any issues in reference to stipends. Players are capable of making their own decisions in reference to stipends.

    @ Cricket Player: Player cricket for USA is a NOT FULL TIME JOB. con ed, cablevision, and landlord????

    It’s up to a player to know if he/she would be able to survive with the given stipend.

    Kudos to the ladies for standing up for what they believe, but ……..

    It’s a never ending issue when it comes to USACA cricket and money.

  8. Cricket player says:

    When does being a non contracted player takes away the financial obligation of players. It is a priviledge to represent the United States of America but can any of the players take that same priviledge to con ed or cable vision or worst yet their land lord.
    Yes, the players that are omitted from the squad are not stars but it’s obvious that their absent have created a depth in th team. Those players made a big difference as far as I am concerned.
    Dainty has been doing damages to USACA for a very long time. It’s evident that his leadership -Dictatorship-is ineffective. Whatever he says, goes. Well, this is America and Democratic style of leadership is more common.
    It’s good of the ladies to stand up for what they believe.
    Fraser has been doing so much work with the ladies, why fire him at this critical point in time?
    Well, Dainty is in the spot light and that’s the greatest thing ever!

  9. Bobby Refaie says:

    I am currently in Pakistan and the joke here and through out the world is the USACA Golden Oldies Woman’s Team, which was picked to represent us the USACA membership on the world stage. I KNOW DAINTY & HIS GANG IS SHAMLESS, BUT WHAT ABOUT US ???

    Here is a quote from a great man:

    “He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it”.
    Martin Luther King, Jr.

  10. Cricket Power says:

    @Kerk: Any cut in there for Sham Samaroo or Sam Soopersaud?

  11. LESTER H says:

    LMAO… I said, nameless and spineless

  12. Well Well Well the great eagle strikes again. Since when a CRICKET coach is cavalier enough to take up reins of a team mere days before a tournament. No disrespect to my fellow Trini Mr. Singh. But any team any coach needs at least a month of work with at minimum the team’s core players. This will be Singh’s third stint as a National coach. And its the third occurrence which is undeserving. I would go on to stay that USACA and its current HONCHOS need to be dumped by the caucus. Furthermore the USACA should be renamed to purge the blight which has slighted our beloved sport in this here great nation. Kudos to those who have put principle first, those ladies from Lynx who have forgone national duty for dignity will be rewarded for this gesture. To those who have been entrusted with the responsibility of qualifying us for the World Cup, best of luck make us proud spur on this cricketing Nation.

    To address the issue of stipends. Our women are qualifying for the World Cup unlike our men who can seem to understand the meaning of international cricket. The women are going for world cup they should earn a similar of greater stipend than the lads. The women got $100K donation. How can us spend 63K on a training camp and not have enough for the main tournament that is just insane.

  13. Kerk Lester says:

    Krish, Rudy, John, Lester, Shiv, Lynden…. all members of the same group (EACA). SUCKERS FOR MONEY.

    PROFITEERING from the USACA is their primary objective.

    DAINTY, you are a smart man. CUT THEM LOOOOSSSSEEE!!!!

    Bring more prefessionals on board.

  14. Ricky says:

    So this is all about the good old “bread”. I said it before and will say it again: Cricketers are not contracted to play cricket as a profession in this Country. Yes, USACA should contract players, but the amount of money is never enough for SOME players.

    USACA and the respective Regions will never have funds.

    Then again, why should USACA contract players on a team that is currently in division 4?

    Put a few dollars aside and go out and make your Country proud. Opportunities to represent your Country comes once upon a time. Players should know if the recommended stipends would be enough for their daily activities.

  15. crkt play says:

    n star players whaaaaaa? dem no star fraser askin 4 more money ya no bigger dan game o usaca

  16. crkt play says:

    @kerk n lester
    u need real name so u can bully around n shut em up? them no ignorant. u find facts. goordial out 4 sumthin medical. 2 others from lynx not available coz of work. 4 players marshall, atkin, ward n gruny asking more money blackmailing usaca. dem think they supa players. gruny in team now. she dumped lynx. wat a playa heeeeeeee dem got oldddd players in team. replace grace durga dem say runnin btn wkt not rollin btn wkt dem out n team luk gud

  17. Ricky says:

    I read that someone donated 100K to assist the women’s team in preparation for this tournament, but 63K was spent on the training camp in Barbados.

  18. LESTER H says:

    @ Kerk…..I’ve being saying that forever. A lot of these folks come on this and other websites and post a heap of ignorance but they are not man enough to put their real names. Nameless and spineless.

  19. Cricketer says:

    Mr. Sam: Is Goordial-John eligible to represent the USA during the ICC Women’s World Cup Global Qualifier?

  20. Kerk Higgins says:

    Hi Sam John, stop being a punk and put your real name. If you think what USACA is doing is right then put your name let’s know who you are. It’s your opinion, so be a man and show your name.

  21. Sam John says:

    The show must go on! Finally, a USACA administration that I am proud of. Players should be proud to represent their country, not profiteer like Krish and Rudy. Dainty and company are building a better USACA with their strong and decisive decision making. This bodes for well for USA cricket and USACA cricket admin.

  22. Goordial-John not in a USA Women’s representative squad! Wow! The Old Boys’ Cub are outdoing themselves. Unbelievable. Furthermore, a respected coach like Robin Singh going along with this! Come on Robin, you have done great things in and with your cricket career so far, don not let the USACA use you to their (its) benefits. You have a duty to protect your reputation.