It was a runs fest when Panthers took on Pak Kashmir, Nosherwan Adil continues his prolific form with and unbeaten 185.

Nousherwan Adil stroke a massive 185 not out against Pak Kashmir. Photo by Shiek Mohamed

On 9/17Jinnah vs Middlesex at Marine Park B
Jinnah won the toss and elected to bat. Scores: Jinnah 194 for 9 from 35 overs, Irfan Iqbal 46, Jahanzeb Alam 44 and Asim Pervaiz 42, bowling for Middlesex, Rod Michael 2/22 from 4 overs, Andre Kirton 2/34 from 7 overs, Mark Audain 2/38 from 6 overs and Joseph Ledwridge 1/21 from 5 overs. Middlesex 189 for 8 from 35 overs, Donwell Hector 40, Rod Michael 29, Mark Audain 20 and Joseph Ledwrige 19 not out, bowling for Jinnah, left arm chinaman spinner Noman Hassan 4/12 from 7 overs, Raheel Saleem 1/21 from 4 overs, Jamil Shah 1/27 from 6 overs, and Asim Pervaiz 1/36 from 7 overs.
Jinnah won by 6 runs.

On 9/17 Panthers vs Pak Kashmir
Panthers skipper Asim Shahzad won the toss and elected to bat without any hesitation. Panthers taking on Pak Kashmir was one the most anticipated match of the season. The rivalry between these two team has produced some fine cricket matches. In a 30 over affair M. Imtiaz striked first removing Abdul Qayum for 9. Pak Kashmir had the grip on the match. Panthers were 72/4 in 13 overs. Nosherwan Adil then walked in, who is also known as (Chaudry Ishaq). He wasted no time and started hammering Pak Kashmir bowlers out the park. He hit a swashbuckling 185 not out which Included 18 moon shot sixes and 10 stylish fours. He was well supported by Salik Iqbal (30) and Shahbaz Najam (23). Panthers finished their inning 299/5 in 30 overs. Nosherwan Adil assault dented Pak Kashmir hope of a victory. Imtiaz, Aqeel, Zafar and Hussain picked up 1 wicket each. Waheed took the most hammering going wicket less with figures of 64 in 3 overs. Pak Kashmir sunk further when Imran Haider removed Zaheer Hussain for a duck in very first over. Panthers rattled Pak Kashmir’s top order with some fine fast bowling from Mauzum Riaz and Imran Haider. Faisal (55), Zafar (30) and Imtiaz (33) helped Kashmir to reach a decent total of 202. Bowling for Panthers Adil, Salman, Imran, and Mauzum picked up two wickets each.
This was Panthers 8th consecutive wins.

On 9/17 Diplomats vs Imperial
Diplomats 259/5 from 30 overs, Tristin Carmichael 59, Keith Eddie 54, R.Coates 44,and S. Benjamin 31 not out. Bowling for Imperial, Orient Bostic, Shamroy Primo, Colville Brown, Orland Mofford and Byron Mars picked up one wicket each respectively. Imperial 162 for 8 from 30 overs, Orient Bostic 62, Orlando Mofford 35, 15 year old Bjorn Brown 24 and the BCL secretary Patrick Sutherland 6 not out. Bowling for Diplomats, H. Lewis, A. Benjamin, K. Edie, F. Daniel and K. Charles picked up one wicket each respectively.
Diplomats won by 97 runs.

On 9/18 Pak Kashmir vs Grenada
Grenada 143 all out from 29 overs, Leonard James 47, Clarence Peters 48. Bowling for Pak Kashmir, Aqeel Ahmad 4/45 from 5 overs, Imtiaz Ahmad 2/24 from 5.2 overs, Zafar Iqbal 3/25, and Zaheer Hussain 1/38. Pak Kashmir 143, Zafar Iqbal 38, Aqeel Ahmad 26 not out.
Match tied.

On 9/17 Cavaliers vs Wanderers
Cavaliers 138 all out from 27.1 overs, Peter Haywood 30, Idhay Asarath 26. Bowling for Wanderers, captain Rawl Jackman 4/28 from 6 overs, Georg Sutherland, and Shane Anthony 1 wicket each respectively. Wanderers 97 all out in 20.4 overs, George Sutherland 18, Lee Hyde 16 and Mohammad Omer 16. Bowling for Cavaliers, Timothy Warner 3/29 from 4 overs, Cameron Cuffy 3/24 from 6 overs, Ezekiel Williams 3/24 from 6 overs.
Cavaliers wining by 41 runs.

On 9/18 Cavaliers vs Jinnah
Jinnah 185 all out in 30 overs, K.Kamran 65, Jahanzier Alam 29, Irfan Iqbal 24. Bowling for Cavaliers, Michael Providence 2/40 from 6 overs, Ezekiel Williams 1/19 from 6 overs, Timothy Warner 1/30 from 6 overs, and Damien Ried 1/55 from 6 overs. Cavaliers137 all out, Albert Texeira 32 and Tony Francis 21.
Jinnah wining by 48 runs.

On 9/18 Queensbury vs Panthers
Panthers 239 for 8, Abdul Quyyum 69, Asim Shazad 32, Mohamad Imran 32, Nousherwan Adil 29, Ulfat Shazad 22. Bowling for Queensbury, Andy Douglas 2/25, Vin Fraser 2/39, O.Miller 2/9, A.Michael 1/3, Gregory Blair 1/50. Queensbury 133 all out, Iva Martin 30, O. Miller 28 and Andy Douglas 27. Bowling for Panthers, Mohammad Imran 3/23, Salman Ahmad 2/16,Imran Haider 1/23, and Bilal 1/3.
Panthers winning by 106 runs.

Other matches, on 9/17, Cavaliers won against Wanderers, Warriors won by default from St.Lucia, on 9/18, Jinnah beat Cavaliers.