On 9/10/11
Panthers vs Carriacou

Panthers 206/5 from 25 overs, Nousherwan Adil 78, Najam Shabaz 59, Salik Iqbal 31, bowling for Carriacou, Devon Jones 2/36 from 5 overs, and B.McKie 2/54 from 5 overs. Carriacou 172 for 6 from 25 overs, Reagan Alexander 70, and Livingston Andrews 48, bowling for Panthers, Nousherwan Adil 1/9 from 4 overs, Cheema 1/22 from 3 overs, Mousaz 1/22 from 3 overs, Shazad Asim 1/34 from 4 overs, and Mohamad Imran 1/36 from 4 overs, Panthers wining by 34 runs.

Nousherwan Adil struck 78 and took 1 for 9 to ensure Panthers victorious over Carriacou. Photo by Shiek Mohamed

On 9/10/11
Middlesex vs Wanderers at Seaview Ave

Middlesex 220 all out from 35 overs, Adam Sanford 33, Rod Michael 31, Dominic Audain 30, Patrick Atkinson 27, Mark Audain 23, bowling for Wanderers, Lee Hyde 3/41 from 7 overs, Mohamad Omer 3/44 from 7 overs, George Sutherland 1/36 from 7 overs, and Ronadaj McPherson 1/40 from 7 overs. Wanderers 115 all out, A.Bailey 35, Rawl Jackman 23, bowling for Middlesex, Mark Audain 2/13 from 4 overs, Sean Edwards 2/18 from 5 overs, Adam Sanford 2/21 from 5 overs, Rod Michael 1/7 from 2 overs, and Dominic Audain 1/20 from 6 overs, Middlesex winning by 105 runs.

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