Cavaliers vs Diplomats
Saturday 7/9/11, Diplomats 323 for 1 in 33 overs, the overs cut down as it was 4:30. Romeno Deane 141, Selwyn Smith 118 not out, a partnership of more than 225, Kevin Charles 34 not out. Albert Texeira 1 for 60 in 7 overs.

Romeno Deane blast 141 against Cavaliers. Photo by Shiek Mohame

Reply Cavaliers who began with 8 players, ended the match with seven players after Bert Browne injured his hand attempting to a catch. Bert was unable to bat. Cavaliers 110 all out in 25 overs. Cameron Cuffy top score with 32 runs, Ezekiel Williams run out 24, Cosmos Bailey 21 run out, which included the lone 6 from Cavaliers. Romeno Deane, Chris Singh, Triston Carmichael and Braithwaite one wicket each respectively.

Brooklyn Stars vs Cavaliers
Sunday 7/10/11, in a low scoring match. Batting first, Brooklyn Stars 104 all out, Amir Bhatti top scored with 24, Tahir Shah 19. Ezekiel Williams 4 for 15. Robelto Bynoe 2 for 21, Timothy Warner 2 for 28. Cavaliers 107 for 6. T Warner 19 top score, Ephraim Bacchus 17, Calvin ‘PG’ Richardson 14 not out.
Abrar Zafar 3 for 18, Yasir Bhutta 1 for 40.

Carriacou vs Queensbury
Sunday 7/10, Carriacou 215 all out, Eman Martin 43, Regan Alexander 34, Ken Mathurin 34, Loxley Williams 24, bowling for Queensbury, Roy Caesar 2/29, and Iva Martin 2/37. Queensbury 131 all out, Iva Martin 32, A.Mash 23 and Andre McCarty 17, bowling for Carriacou, Alwyn Simon 3/31, Brendon McKie 2/6 and Devon Jones 2/11.
Carriacou winning by 86 runs.

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