By Sham Ali
Let’s face it! If ever there is an award for the most corrupted, The United States of America Cricket Association (USACA) may be the favorite in their group of one and a half. These guys in the USACA are just good to be able to pull off their devious stunt repeatedly. And now they are off to another, this time a Public Relations stunt by engaging in a Town Hall-style meeting.

USACA president Gladstone Dainty. Photo by Shiek Mohamed

Funny how things happens, so Listen up Yo; this is how it went down, Yo. The nesting of ‘thuggism’ in the USACA, this is how it went dooown. The USACA needed to appoint two persons to sit on the board of the Cricket Holdings Company, a paid position, and guess who wanted that position? Read on.  The USACA arranged three teleconference Board meetings between January and May; it failed to gain a quorum when four of the committee members showed their dissent by being absence. Two of them from New York, including the Regional Representative (note this); and one from Connecticut; and one from Texas. Perhaps these executives were privy to the secret plan regarding the appointment of the two positions.

As a result of the failed meetings and with New York Region elections underway, the USACA leadership began to once again weave its wickedness. The New York Region election was scheduled for May 1st with April 16th as the deadline date for applications for prospective candidates’. One of the positions included that of the regional representative, a candidate who will subsequently sits on the USACA’S executive board with voting ‘powers’. Remember that the USACA couldn’t get a quorum at their previously scheduled meetings to appoint the members to the Board of the Cricket Holdings Company.

Now pay careful attention. The NYR elections committee chairman Paul DaSilva and the NYR region’s chairman, Selwyn Caesar – both members of the Good Old Boy’s Club – moved the NYR election from April 16 to April 23rd. The two other members of the elections committee were not informed, and didn’t voice any concern, publicly at least.

And the plot thickens. Do you think that the USACA leadership had its tentacles on the NYR elections? The elections committee chairman Paul DaSilva then inserted himself as a candidate for regional representative as was reported by John Aaron on this web site. That move would guarantee one of two things. Either the current regional representative would have been voted out and the new regional representative, possibly Paul DaSilva, would perhaps ensure that the USACA executive board acquired a quorum to move with their plans. OR, the vote would have been split and the third candidate, Sham Samaroo, could win. Now you know ‘they’ cannot have that happen. Just for a moment, imagine Dr. Samaroo at the table with Dainty and company (bring out the diapers, they will need a truck load).

But it gets better. Lets return to the NYR elections. Whatever transpired between the candidates for the NYR regional representative is anyone’s guess. But something was amiss, something.

The now famous USACA f-mouth leadership then called another teleconference meeting on April 20th, two days before the NYR applications deadline. All board members called into the meeting, including the then current NY regional representative (who up to that time had refused to attend all three previous USACA meetings at which Dainty failed to get a quorum).  As soon as the meeting was called to order, one of the members of the Good Old Boys’ club from NJ moved a motion to appoint the hand-picked candidates to the Cricket Holdings America board. The motion was immediately seconded by ‘the rick chick chick’.

Passed – shouted the f-mouth president. But, objected the USACA’S secretary, Mr. John Aaron, a motion needs discussion. The reported reply from the president was, and here is the ‘thuggism’ at work with the usual thuggish response that ultimately DEFINES the Gladstone Dainty regime: a profanity-laced outburst that its a done deal. That is the man leading USA cricket, and that is how USA cricket is cooked, crooked, and governed by the current and now famous ‘f-mouth’ leadership while the league presidents around the country show how blind and impotent they are by subscribing to that level of ghetto governance while honorable men like John Aaron are being victimized. Well done boys!

Now back to the NY elections. Guess what? With Dainty having secured his appointments, the NYR elections now went full force ahead. The elections committee chairman, Paul DaSilva, who had inserted himself as a candidate (after he, and yes, Selwyn Caesar did their rain dance with applications deadline dates), DaSilva then went into the interview and immediately withdrew his candidacy for regional representative. That change of heart guaranteed that a ‘selected few’ lived happily ever after, while the NYR league presidents voted by raising their finger (guess which one) and F@&$ New York cricket again. It is a job well done by the league presidents. Keep promoting whatever you are promoting and you will keep getting what you are getting. Let’s see how the New York cricket public will react.

And so The USACA had executed their mucky ways again. After the fiasco in the North West region, it now continues with some ‘slippery loyalists’ within in the NY region. And now that the appointments to the cricket holdings company have been accomplished, the ploy to create the image of saint-hood by throwing sand in the eyes of the stakeholders is on the way with a NEW TOWN HALL type meeting to get everyone involved. Me too? You too?  WOW!  League presidents, Here is what your f-mouth leader, the man who represent you had to say reportedly on “Now we want to give everyone a chance to have their say…These computerized meetings will give everyone a chance to ask questions and make an input”.

OK, let’s start with a very simple question. Is it true that about $1,000,000 from the Disney project; about $650,000 from Mark Mascarenhas; the dues from the leagues? etc, etc? are unaccounted for?

Here the cricket fraternity is lead to believe that the Satan of US Cricket was sent to a rehabilitation clinic (that meeting which f-mouth Dainty addressed the secretary) and returned with a shaft in his hand as a SAINT AND SAVIOR OF US CRICKET. Good God, what a world.

This is the same f-mouth Gladstone Dainty who attended, a NYC Public School cricket match, in company with Selwyn Caesar, and addressed the kids. When the kids question him, will he tell them to shut the f-up?  Can the NYC Public School and its Cricket Commissioner Mr. Basset Thompson tolerate an f-mouth Gladstone Dainty to now pollute the school cricket? With a record as potent as that of this USACA leadershit, it is hard, very hard to believe that accomplished, intelligent men such as Mr. Podar from the Holdings Company will ever risk tainting their name by willingly subscribing to this current MUGHABAE-LIKE CORRUPTED USACA.

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  1. Edward says:

    USACA are a bunch are a bunch of corrupted individuals who are taking the cricketing public for a ride, wake up people, you have to revolt against this on on going practice.

  2. Cricketer says:

    It’s sad that NYCR will have to suffer for another three years, because of the few selfish league presidents. The Mayor’s Cup is taking forever to get started and the youth program is stalled until dates are announced for youth tournaments. Best of luck gents….