By Sam Sooppersaud
The complete New York Cricket Region administrative board was seated on Sunday, May 1, 2011, with the election of a Secretary, a Treasurer, and finally, and four Members-at-Large, along with the reelection of the present NYCR Representative on the USACA Executive Board, Krish Prasad.

Umpire Program Coordinator Mr. Steve Kalloo. Photos by Shiek Mohamed

Though the process, termed the corporate recruitment structure, so described by a Concerned Fan, was mired in controversy, it is my personal opinion that the region’s presidents have made their choices, and we should all now move on to the task of working to get our region and our players ready for upcoming competitions and tournaments.

It is my humble request to all cricket lovers who want to see the standard of cricket in our region improve, to combine their efforts into a collective unit; one that would ensure the success of our cricket endeavors.

The following persons were elected to the various positions. The electorates were the league presidents, namely: Leslie Lowe (Commonwealth), Wesley King (American), Mascelles Bailey (Metropolitan), Rudy Persaud (EACA), Paul DaSilva (Nassau), and the VP of Brooklyn CL. The New York League represented by its President Milford Lewis was ruled ineligible to vote by the Chairman conducting the elections.

Treasurer: Ms. Lakhwinder “Lucky” Kaur
Lucky, so nicknamed, is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). She works out of her office on Hillside Avenue, Jamaica, NY. With her professional background and experience she will no doubt bring some professionalism in the treasury of the NYCR, something that was lacking a bit in the past. We look forward to her managing our finances very shrewdly.

Regional Chairman Mr. Lester Hooper.

Secretary: Mr. Patrick Sutherland
Patrick is no stranger in the cricketing circles. He has been around for “ages.” In his playing days he played his cricket in the Brooklyn Cricket League. He is an able cricket administrator and previously served the BCL as its VP and also it’s President at one time. We look forward to the region’s Secretary keeping us, the cricket stakeholders, up to-date on what’s going on in the region and in the national organization.

Youth Cricket Coordinator: Mr. Nigel Harper
Nigel hails from the business world having worked for many years at one of the nation’s largest media concerns. He is a member of the Atlantis Cricket organization and represented them in his playing years. Nigel is ecstatic about the youth potential in our region and looks forward to meeting them and working with them. It is his job, as well as all of us, the senior players and fans of the game, to develop them not only as good cricketers but also as outstanding young men in our society. Nigel, the mantle of the youth movement has been passed on to you; you have the building blocks, make us an edifice.

Women’s Cricket Coordinator: Venelda Wallace
Venelda is one of the very few female cricket administrators in the NYCR. She is very passionate about the sport and spreads her efforts around tirelessly to make sure that cricket is on the right track. She is presently associated with the Metropolitan Cricket League where she manages Villagers Cricket Club. The boys will tell you, she is not a push over. At this time, when USACA is preparing a women’s squad for the ICC Women’s World Cup to be played in Bangladesh this November, we look forward to Venelda identifying ladies in our region who have the potential and of developing them so that the region will be represented in that tournament. Best of luck Venelda!

NYCR Representative to USACA Board Mr. Krish Prasad.

Marketing & Fund Raising Chairman: Mr. Godfrey Mitchell
Godfrey is an ardent cricket supporter, sponsor, and a keen follower of the game. He is a self-made successful businessman who is proud to tell you that he has made it through hard work and determination. He comes to us from the NY Cricket League. With numerous tournaments upcoming, the need for finances will be crucial and we look forward to Godfrey tapping the various sources to ensure that we have enough funds to run our cricket programs effectively. Go bring in the $$ Godfrey!

Umpire Program Coordinator: Mr. Steve Kalloo
Steve is an umpire extraordinaire in our region. He is an ICC qualified official and a member of the ICC-Americas Elite Panel of umpires.

He has done numerous ICC sanctioned matches in his umpiring career to-date. Players will tell you that with Steve officiating they would have no qualms about the quality and integrity of the matches, whatsoever. He has now been cleared to stand in ICC Division 2 tournaments.

Steve presently coordinates umpires for the Eastern American, Nassau, and Brooklyn Cricket Leagues. Howzat!

Regional Chairman: Mr. Lester Hooper
Lester is about one of the most familiar faces at cricket parks. He is always in discussions on the, when, where, why, and what of cricket. He does not only “talk a good talk, but also walks a good walk.”

He puts his energy and time where his mouth is. He is one of the driving forces behind the Tri-State cricket program, which works with players on the various aspects of the game; actual play conditioning, psyche of the game, and the many other aspects that make a well-rounded and successful cricketer.

Lester is an administrator in the Atlantis Cricket Club organization and is presently working overtime along with others in the organization to prepare the Atlantis players for the EACA league tournament which started last weekend. I have had several conversations with Lester and from our informal talks I am impressed with his ideas and plans for the NYCR. With the “upheaval” in the chairmanship during 2010, I hope that the next three years under Lester’s stewardship, some sort of calm and rationality will prevail in the region.

NYCR Representative to USACA Board: Mr. Krish Prasad
Krish is no stranger to cricket in the NYCR, and as a matter of fact in the USA. He has served on various committees of the USACA board and his contributions have helped immensely in preparing the USA squads in our many triumphs, (and our defeats).

Krish is almost always at games in the region. He has been instrumental in arranging the various tournaments in the region, including the Red Stripe, The Caribbean Cup, and the various Inter-League tournaments.

Most recently, Krish has been one of the many outspoken voices exposing the misdeeds in the USACA organization, and along with other Executive Board members are opposing the cliques on that Board.

These folks along with the league presidents comprise the NYCR administration. These gentlemen are the ones who will keep the league buzzing from day-to-day.  They work very tirelessly, day and night and on weekends and holidays, of course without payment, to ensure that proper cricket programs are enacted and efficiently executed. They are some of the heroes of our cricketing endeavors, and I take my proverbial hat off to them.

I call upon all those who are desirous of developing and improving our cricket to support and work with these officials so that NYCR may go from strength to strength.

My best wishes to all!

The views expressed here are those of the contributor, and do not necessarily reflect those of



  1. YOUTH CRICKETER: As far as I know these are the final results of the election. The elected members have been seated and they are already at work for the Region’s cricket. I know, you may be reading a lot of comments concerning Regional Chairman Lester Hooper. Until you hear differently, Mr. Hooper is the NYCR Chairman, and I fully support him.

    Mr. Sewanhaka, I feel privileged to bring whatever cricket news I come by to the cricket fans.

  2. sewanhaka says:

    Mr Sam, thank you , because of you we know whats going on in New York Cricket.$$

  3. Youth Cricketer says:

    Uncle Sam: Are these results official? I heard that the league presidents are meeting this afternoon to discuss the outcome of the elections.

    Congrats. to all members elected, and we do hope that you guys can make a POSITIVE difference in the New York Cricket Region. Good Luck !!