By Sam Sooppersaud
Now that the “nominations” period for election to the various positions in the New York Cricket Region has passed, I hope that all the prospective candidates have already sent in their resumes to the Elections Secretary. I know there are many people out there with some marvelous ideas, as they have discussed with me in my conversations with them. I had encouraged them to “get involved.” It is my hope that they are among the candidates.

New York Cricket Region

At this time the Elections Secretary is in possession of all the resumes sent in, the “candidacy notification,” sort of, and I would be pleased if a cross-section of the ideas have been represented among the prospective candidates. It is now left to the committee that will review these resumes as to whom the candidates will actually be.

What would this committee be looking for in a candidate? Would this committee have the power to disqualify an applicant if it feels that the candidate does not “measure up’ to the criteria?  What if only one person applies to contest a position, does the committee automatically declare him the candidate? Again, if only one person applies to contest a position, does the committee have the power to extend the application period with the hope of getting additional candidates? These are some of the hard questions that must be considered and answered by the screening committee.

Eligibility criteria were put out by the NYCR for the guidance of the interested candidates, but I do not feel that they were all encompassing. There is much more to governance than being computer literate. As everyone involved in the administration of cricket knows, it is a very time-consuming job. Many nights while others in the “cricket business” are in their beds sleeping, the officials who run things are driving home from late night meetings, events, or other activities. Anyone who hopes to be elected should be prepared to give of his time freely if he is to do an effective job. So while still a candidate a person should reassess his time constraints and be sure that he will not “be tied down doing other things” when he is required to perform his cricket administration functions.

A hopeful candidate should reflect seriously on his ability to see whether he has the experience and “know-how” to function in the position that he is seeking. What of the candidate’s character, does he have anything “hidden in his closet” that will cast any doubts on his integrity and ethical conduct?  Does the candidate have any potential conflict of interest associated with any other organization that he may have to deal with? A candidate should by now know that his service is voluntary and he would not be receiving any remuneration from the NYCR.

We are at a juncture in our cricket where things are looking upward. We have numerous youngsters who display great potential in the many youth tournaments, especially in the New York Police Department United Cricket League, and the Public Schools Athletic League (PSAL). The Tri-State program youth cricket initiative has done a fantastic job with the New York youth in the past. The United States of America Cricket Association (USACA) has negotiated with partners and this promises to bring in much needed funds with which to run our various cricket programs.

In October USACA’s elections for its office-bearers will be held, and the cricket fraternity will have the opportunity to put in the best persons whom it feels can run the organization.  In the NYCR we have an abundance of knowledgeable cricketing minds and we need to harness those resources. We have a vibrant cricket following with sponsors who are ready to finance our programs if only our cricket officials would put aside their self-interest and agendas, and work for the good of all.

May the best persons be elected for the jobs!

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  1. Sam Sooppersaud says:

    I hope that after the NYCR elections all the pundits come out and give their ideas and help to mold a strong cricket program. We are all in this together and we should all do our best for cricket.
    I hope that with new people at the helm a new era in the NYCR will begin.

  2. Ricky says:

    Miguel: Well said, and I hope all cricket players become proactive in the governance of the New York Cricket Region.

  3. Miguel says:

    That’s all good Mr. Soopersaud, but have you heard that some members of the NYCR masquerading as the elections committee have now extended the deadline for nominations to April 22? This is a deliberate attempt at gerrymandering and hijacking the elections by a few, so as to allow their reluctant candidates to step up and accept being nominated.

    The deadline for nominations was April 16 and there was enough advance notice given for anyone interested in running, to submit their paperwork, therefore those candidates who have already complied with the deadline and are on the ballot should take the elections committee members to court. This political nonsense in US cricket must be stopped, if the cricket is to go anywhere, but until the league presidents and/or the players themselves step up to the plate and put a stop to it, those in power will continue to get away with it.

    All cricket players must begin to play a more active role in the governance of cricket in the New York region and all across America. Your voices must be heard, because some of those who now claim to speak for you, don’t have your interests at heart, only their own agendas.