The fourth NYC PSAL high school cricket season begins on Monday, April 11. The league began in 2008 with 14 teams, but there are now 26 teams split into five divisions – one in the Bronx and two divisions each for Queens and Brooklyn.

PSAL high school cricket 2011 season begins on Monday, April 11. Photo by Shiek Mohamed.

The NYC-PSAL cricket program has produced a number of talented youngsters whom have gone on the represent the New York Cricket Region, and the USA National Junior Team.  Approximately 400 high school players from twenty-six different schools will compete in the 2011 PSAL cricket season.

It may be the first for many whom have never played competitive cricket before, but a few have experience playing at club levels, and even the regional level.  Players to keep an eye on are the following:
(1)    Zahib Tariq (FDR)
(2)   Jazib Tariq (FDR)
(3)   Abrar Zafar (FDR)
(4)   Amarnauth Persaud (Martin Van Buren)
(5)   Chris Singh (Jamaica)
(6)   Randall Wilson (John Adams)
(7)   Troy Mars (John Adams)
(8)   Inzamam Ul Khan (Richmond Hill)
(9)   Dhanraj Hansraj (Richmond Hill)
(10)  Imdad Khan (Aviation)
(11)  Humza Ahmad (Aviation)
(12)  Gazi Rahman (Newcomers)
(13)  Hassan Hussain (Newcomers)
(14)  Moeez Qureshi (F.K. Lane)
(15)  Saiful Islam (F.K. Lane)
(16)  Ishtaque Fahim (Lincoln)
(17)  Shahid Hossain (Lincoln)
(18)  Sohail Abbas (Lincoln)
(19)  Kevin Maniram (Lehman)
(20)  Sohail Banaras (Clinton)

Teams Venue Time
Monday, April 11
Brooklyn International vs. Lafayette Marine Park 4:00 PM
Wingate vs. Midwood Marine Park 2 4:00 PM
Newcomers vs. Aviation Baisley South 4:00 PM
Bronx Science vs. John Bowne Kissena Park 2 4:00 PM
Thomas Edison vs. Martin Van Buren Baisley Pond 4:00 PM
Willian Bryant vs. Long Island City Kissena Park 1 4:00 PM


  1. akshay says:

    i want to join team

  2. bryant is the best says:

    wowwwww the last year champs and the team who crushed newcommers in their first game of the season dnt even have one player in top 20 .r u serious…..this top 20 is bull shit…gazii and other newcommers guys got totally crushed by the champs bryant bryanbt won by 8 wickets……goooooooooo bryant…..

  3. Youth Cricketer says:

    Sam: What difference does it make if the officials attended?

  4. Sam Sooppersaud says:

    I think it would have been encouraging, not to mention fitting, that representatives of USACA and/or New York Cricket region be present at one of these games. For the games in Brooklyn and queens, as far as I know none of these officials were present. I don not know if any were present in the Bronx.

    If officials did attend these games, which I was ignorant about, then I extend my apologies. But from the people I spoke to, no one mentioned that an officials from these organizations were present at any games.