By Sham Ali
After Injecting A Potion In The West The USACA May Whip The New York Region If They Don’t Hurry Up With Election! The New York Region was ordered, instructed, or told – whichever is appropriate – to hold their elections. Since then, the NYCR announced that elections have been scheduled for May 1, 2011. That prophecy was sent down by the Great Lord, God and Savior, the United States of America Cricket Association (USACA). Well now, look who is giving the NYCR a tongue lashing about elections, a leadership that proudly displays the stamp of two suspensions from the International cricket council on their resume for failure to hold elections!

Is the USACA leadership now telling others to keep their house in order when its own house, the USACA, is infested with all sordid allegations from electoral fraud to financial mismanagement and rampant nepotism in every nook and cranny, and brazenly hang their dirty linen out in public for decades?

Beware regional administrators, beware, this looks like a new Shakespearean act 1 scene 1 where the devil has now cloaked itself in the messiah’s gown to deliver its potion. If the regions in the United States are behind in their elections and appeared to be wobbly in conducting their business, there is a good possibility that they may be taking their cue from the USACA. It will be better for the entire United States cricket community if you, the USACA, cleanup your own house and then lecture the others on protocol.

However, that sudden development has perhaps sprung directly from the USACA’s bag of tricks like that ugliness which transpired in the splitting of the West region.  Following the split of the West into North West and South West regions, the USACA instructed their elections and compliance committee to determine whether these leagues meet eligibility requirements to participate in the regional elections. The USACA secretary, Mr. John Aaron, was appointed Chairman of the Elections and Compliance Committee. But in his attempt to bring transparency and fairness to a process, and subsequently clean up the mess in which the USACA had meddled in for decades, the Secretary found himself being wrongly vilified by the very administration that appointed him.

And for what? For simply doing the honorable thing; for delivering the truth. Three leagues were found to be ineligible based on the committee’s findings (the members of the Compliance committee were John Aaron, Shelton Glasgow and Lisa Bulport). But the Dreamcricket blog is reporting that Gladstone Dainty rejected the findings of the committee. It is further believed that Board member Shelton Glasgow played a deviously decisive role in undermining the findings of his own committee. Not surprising since Mr. Glasgow is known to be the biggest cheerleader of president Dainty. And why not, some argue, after all, perhaps Mr. Glasgow understandably feels indebted to his boss. If so, it raises another question – why?

Last we heard, Dainty got his way yet again. The three leagues were subsequently given the green light by the USACA. The belief is that these leagues voted for Gladstone Dainty in the last election, and perhaps Dainty did not want to lose three valuable votes in such a contentious election year.

In a response from John Aaron to a ‘Letter to the Editor’ appearing on ondriveupdate on February 21, Mr. Aaron wrote that “three leagues failed to meet some of the compliance attributes within the time frame agreed upon by all of the leagues involved, resulting in them being declared ineligible to participate in the upcoming elections of the two regions…”

And on, Mr. Aaron confirmed that he had resigned from his position as the Chairman of the USACA Elections and Compliance Committee. Mr. Aaron declined to comment further regarding the reasons for his resignation stating however that it was not directly related to the rejection of his committee’s findings by USACA’s President Gladstone Dainty. He, however, refused to be drawn into a controversy on the subject of whether the leagues found to be ineligible had the right to vote in the upcoming elections, reiterating that the compliance committee had performed its duties with integrity and transparency.

Well! Well! Well! The USACA charged the elections and compliance committee to do a job and DID NOT even bother to look at the committee’s findings but had the adulterated gall to arrive at a decision that gave approval to the leagues to vote.  That decision COLDLY INSULTED the process undertaken by the elections and compliance committee and perhaps engaged in a foul attempt to taint the integrity of the committee’s chairman.

It’s reasonable to conclude that several members of the board are in “good company” with their leadership, and one is tempted to describe it as resembling the operation of a crook in a cockroach nest. It is clear that the findings by the Elections and Compliance Committee appeared contrary to the expectations of the leadership! Whatever it is, let the duck quack and you can, with a good degree of certainty, add the votes of those leagues in the column for the current leadership in the upcoming USACA elections, plain and simple. That is how US CRICKET is being sleazed and sliced, and that has led to the travesty that has plagued cricket in the United States for some time. HOPEFULLY the LEAGUE PRESIDENTS will open their eyes to this type of garbage that is scattered across the United States by the USACA, and change the course of this madness.

In another development the USACA posted a document titled Approval – Disapproval of Cricket in the USA- one that will allow the USACA to have their ‘hand’ in almost every cricket match in the United States. The game in the US is fueled by and gaining strength with much success from the other groups, who are willing and able to host tournaments while utilizing their own funds. That has become a nightmare, and has horrified the USACA who apparently sit and hope to get fat on free US CRICKET money and continues to dream-on.

Last December at the Cricket Council USA Open T20 tournament in Florida in which US leagues and players participated, including some of the United States national players, the USACA did what any divisive rogue element would do, it seems. According to several sources, the USACA sprung into action and attempted to put a monkey-wrench in the tournament by plucking on legality to prevent some international players from participating in a private local US CRICKET TOURNAMENT. One source described the frantic eleventh hour show by USACA, metaphorically ‘WITH DAGGER IN HAND’ on the eve of the tournament, as resembling a thug attempting a mugging of the weak, and ‘demanded’  that the tournament organizers pay some sort of fee to the USACA before the tournament could start. Sam Sooppersaud who was covering the tournament for Ondriveupdate reported being told by the organizers that in addition to asking for a “licensing” fee, USACA also informed the organizers that the $25,000 prize money that will be awarded to the winners of the tournament will have to be put in escrow. According to the organizers, the reason given was that USACA “does not believe that CCUSA will have the money” to make the award.  And that they, “USACA”, through the goodness of their hearts, are simply looking out for the interests of the winners of the tournament!

As it turned out, the organizers REFUSED!!!  However, the USACA did accomplish something. They managed to put a little bit of ‘dirt’ on the tournament as usual.

The flavor of international cricketers in the United States would spark interest in such a tournament and add to its success and ultimately give the cricket community an opportunity to be entertained by some exciting cricket. An avenue in which, to date, the USACA HAS FAILED. Their regional tournament was marred by more of the same trash that accumulated over the years and so here comes the Approval-Disapproval document. It may be a good document to have control of US cricket, but to put such power in the hands of the current administration seems to smell of corruption. Just consider the USACA episode with the Election and compliance committee for parity. Who will be given approval to host a game in the US? Is it those who are friends and may pass “green” over, under, or sideways in large and small envelopes, or anyone else?

Well, here is our humble request; we may be ineligible, yet eligible?


We do not have any money, but would like to request permission to play a cricket match to honor the LEADERSHIP of the USACA and SOME OF THE MEMBERS OF THE BOARD for their ‘honesty’ and ‘dedicated’ service to US CRICKET.

If permission is DENIED, we will understand.

Rest well, in God name we kneel and pray.

Thank You.

Cricket somewhere in Alaska.

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