By Sam Sooppersaud
For those of us who do not have the time to surf the web to see what the USA Under 19 are doing in the ICC Americas Under 19 Qualifier, here are the scores. So far the USA has won all three matches in which they have played.

Cameron Mirza has led the USA batting so far. (Photo by Shiek Mohamed)

Monday, February 7 – USA vs Argentina
USA won by 285 runs.
USA batted first and scored 319 runs for 5 wickets in 50 overs.
Cameron Mirza batted throughout the innings for 118 not out and Steven Taylor 83.
Salman Ahmad 62 not out and Trevor Singh 28.
Argentina was routed out for 34 runs.
Salman Ahmad 4 for 10 in 6 overs.

Tuesday, February 8 – USA vs Bahamas
USA won by 9 wickets.
Bahamas won the toss and batted first and were all out for 54 runs in 28.4 overs.
Mital Patel 3 for 9 in 6 overs was Man of the Match. Gurpreet Sandhu 4 for 16. Shayan Abdulghani 2 for 7.
USA overcame the winning target in 8.5 overs. Cameron Mirza 29 not out. He continued from where he left off the previous day.

Wednesday, February 9 – USA vs Cayman Island
Cayman Island batted first and scored a mere 40 runs all out.
Shayan Abdulghani 3 for 3 in 4 overs.
USA 41, Won by 10 wickets.
Steven Taylor 23 not out.

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