By Orin Davidson
Speculation on the role of Indian coach Robin Singh with United States national teams has grown with the revelation that he could likely take over the national men’s team.

USACA president Gladstone Dainty. Photo by Shiek Mohamed

United States of America Cricket Association (USACA) president Gladstone Dainty said Singh ‘s tenure is initially with the Under -19 national team currently  contesting the ICC Americas competition, but his role could be expanded.

Asked if Singh will take over the senior men’s team, Dainty was non-committal.

“He is a very accomplished coach and we are pleased to have and would prefer to have him work in as many areas as possible,” the USACA head explained.

The senior team placed a disappointing sixth out of six teams in the just concluded ICC World Cricket League Division Three competition in Hong Kong and was demoted to Division Four as a result.

Speaking exclusively to, Dainty would not be drawn on revealing Singh’s contractual arrangements.

“Put it this way Robin Singh is now one of our (USACA) coaches and we intend to utilize him as much as we can”, Dainty said.

He added that Singh will definitely work with the junior team if it qualifies for the ICC Under-19 World Cup set for next year  and dithered on the coach’s salary, stating that he made a big sacrifice to coach the U.S. team.

According to the president, Singh is good enough to hit the ground running and do a good job although he would’ve been meeting the team for the first time, two days before the competition started.

It is understood that the coach is scheduled to leave the United States on Sunday after the Americas competition is concluded

Singh replaces Sew Shivnarine who took the team to the last World Cup one year ago in New Zealand where they were eliminated in the preliminary stage.

Singh was recently appointed coach of IPL team Mumbai Indians after being relieved from the said position at Deccan Chargers, according to Wikipedia website.  Singh was also fielding coach of the India national team but was also relieved in 2009, the website has listed.

Chairman of the USACA’s cricket development committee Krish Prasad said he has no problem with appointment of Singh who he said has impressive credentials, but feels that the America-based coaches must not be sidelined as a result.

“We have guys here like Shivnarine (Sew), Fraser (Linden) and Lambert (Clayton) who must continue to have roles with teams here.

Shivnarine and physical trainer Victor Benjamin conducted a recent training camp with the  Under-19 team in Florida, but none will have  roles with the team in the current competition under Singh.

Dainty said he wanted the Indian coach to initially work exclusively with the players without interference. He disclosed that Shivnarine is attending the competition as a selector.

Benjamin a renowned former Guyana national team physical trainer who also worked with the West Indies team in the 1980s, was a member of the World Cup contingent to New Zealand.

The controversial Akthar ‘Chick’ Masood , however has been reappointed as physio/trainer in a continuous long spell with both senior and junior teams.

Dainty explained that as far as he knows Masood is the lone licensed physiotherapist in cricket circles, pointing out that it costs the Board nothing to have him on board.

He explained  that  he has never sought the credentials of Benjamin, who was trained in sports medicine in Cuba and Basil Butcher Jr, who has worked with a number of teams here in that capacity.



  1. Ricky Kissoon says:


    You are clueless my friend. “take the best kids for his own team for self gratification” Are you looking for attention? well you are getting it. All the youngsters from RSCC enjoy playing together, and FYI none of them played PSAL cricket. I will leave all the clueless individuals like you for cricket administration, and that’s one of the reasons why the cricket will never move forward.

    Clueless Clubs pay $1,200 – $1,600 to play cricket only on Sundays, have to buy “poor quality” cricket balls, and no end of year presentation. Where’s all the money going HARRY? The Park’s charges $10 to use most of NYC cricket grounds. It will all come to an end soon………..

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  3. Regional Chairman says:

    what went wrong:

    Why are you calling me every night complaining to me that Mr. Kissoon should not be the coach of the U19 team? Do you want to coach the youths? I will pay you $20.

  4. HARRY says:

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    the guy is clueless for cricket administration

  5. Ricky Kissoon says:

    what went wrong:

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  6. what went wrong says:

    Harry, you have said noting but the true Kissoon is clueless USACA need to get qualify individual to take the senior and junior team ,and let the local coaches work along Mr Singh then get qualify Rickey your job is to go around to different schools and organise the kids you do a good job in that let the people who know about cricket do their jobs.

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  8. HARRY says:

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    Why do we continue to speculate about Mr. Singh’s future with the USA team? Isn’t this what we wanted?

    Completely agreed that the US based local coaches should play a major role, but Shiv and Lambert had their chances. Sorry Kris, you cannot assign coaching gig to your “friends” It should be in the best interest of TEAM USA.
    You did that to Linden Fraser two years ago, and you tried last year to do the same with Kissoon. NOT A TEAM PLAYER MR. NY REGIONAL REP.

  10. H says:

    Like I said before, Shiv and Lambert has to go. I would check on Benjamin’s Cuba credentials…never heard of it. Robin should certainly be the one to coach the senior team and overlook the development of the junior teams. Lambert lacks the experiencce and does not have leadership qualities, same with Shiv.

  11. I am pleased to hear that we are taking these”giant steps forward”. Like I have been saying all along. We must have change if we are to move our cricket forward. All of us, who are involved in the passion of cricket, must contribute in our own way. If you have a suggestion, send it to someone in authority to analyze it, if you feel something is not going right, say it. Most of all, we ask our leaders in USACA to work honestly and earnestly. Do the right thing, not the thing that is right for a particular group or particular person. I know you guys put in lots of time in running our cricket. Make that time worth it!