By Orin Davidson
Lennox Cush found himself wedged between a rock and a hard place prior to the Caribbean T20 cricket Championship last month.

Profilic all-rounder Lennox Cush. Photo by Shiek Mohamed

He had to choose between the Guyana cricket team and his fledging business enterprise, and decided on the latter, causing him to miss the national team’s current defense of the CT20 title in Antigua.

It had nothing to do with any rift with captain Ramnaresh Sarwan.  Cush wants the Guyanese public to understand clearly that he gave priority to his Star Party Rentals company ahead of returning to the national team.

“I have no problem with Sars, we are good friends, we may have had disagreements, but all that is in the past, I did not make myself available because I wanted to concentrate on my business”, he explained.

Cush was controversially dropped for Guyana’s second game in the IPL Champions League against Mumbai in South Africa last September.  Unconfirmed reports indicated a rift with captain Sarwan resulted in his axing, but he dismissed any such thoughts for his absence this time around.

“I took lots of knocks from people in Guyana who feel I left the team because of problems with Sars, but I want to make it clear that was not the case”.

Cush explained that the team’s training camp and the national Inter County T20 competition were staged prior to the Christmas holidays, at a time when business was peaking. “So it would’ve been difficult to give time to the game at the same time”, he said

The Inter County series was used primarily to select the national team and Cush said he reluctantly made himself unavailable.

“I was contacted many times by Sarwan and Chief selector Claude Raphael about playing” said Cush, but he feels Guyana has adequate replacements for his off spin /batsman role.

“There are a few good youngsters who I feel could adequately fill the role, they would do well with the exposure”, he added, stating that playing for Guyana is still among his priorities.

Although he is the most accomplished T20 bowler for Guyana and has two hat tricks, Cush, who played vital roles in Guyana winning the Stanford T20 Cup and last year’s CT20 crown, said the team could manage well in his absence this year.

He feels Guyana had a bad day in their opening game defeat to Jamaica on Monday.

“The boys had one day, where the batting is concerned and I expect them  to rebound to win today’s (yesterday) game against England county runners up Somerset.

The allounder felt the run outs of key batsmen Sarwan and Shivnarine Chanderpaul hurt the team badly, and the latter batsmen could not overcome the pressure.

The much in demand Cush is also a key member of the United States team and has now turned his attention to getting sharp for  the country’s campaign  in the ICC Division Three series in Hong Kong.  He will leave with the US squad on Saturday, after flying to Florida from snow-filled New York last weekend to get in much needed practice sessions last weekend.

In his last appearance for America, Cush slammed the fastest 50 overs competition century by an American player, against Italy to spearhead  a winning performance  in the final last June.



  1. ron says:

    Sam and Berbician, maybe you guys don’t know this but late yesterday it was confirmed that CUSH choose to play for the USA because if the USA wins this tournament, players will be given annual contracts. This info was given to us by an USACA senior rep. So that is why he chooses to play here and yes the officials keep digging them selves deeper holes by covering one lies with another. Mr. John Aaron one of Cush closest friend can either deny or confirm the he hasn’t lived in the USA for the past three years, even though he’s a residence, and MASSIAH fully well knows that and will call him repeatedly to play for him. WHY? When you have McGarrell here and is a better cricketer that CUSH, it is time for all the morons for officials to go and let others take over.

  2. Berbician says:

    Sam don’t you think fools in the USACA knows that info but continues to play him and pay him special fees to play.If you can’t play for Guyana the country that made you what you are instead turn your back and run to USA for more money.

  3. Cush, is a two timer. He certainly has a Godfather in USA cricket. He can’t find time , because of business reasons, to play for Guyana. So how come he finds the time to play for the USA?

    Information has been received that Cush is not eligible to play for the USA in an ICC tournament because he does not meet the “eligibility requirement”.
    At the least, he did not live in the USA for 183 days, or more, during the last four years preceeding this ICC tournament (in Hong Kong). I think the USA management should look into this new information before Cush takes part in any game.

  4. ron says:

    This is where USACA Executive’s is looking like fools, they previously stated that for a player deem eligible to play for the USA he/she must either be a citizen and or have taken up residency foe 183 consecutive days for four straight years. Base on confirmed and reliable sources, Cush even though he is a US residency “HAVE NOT” lived in the USA for the past several days. Question is why is CUSH still on this current USA team? If he’s committed to his business then let him go do so. Let the younger players get a chance. This friendship with MASSIAH and the NYR Executive’s must stop. In my opinion Massiah is a total waste and should no longer be a captain, maybe then he will start to produce.

  5. Berbician says:

    Orin,if Cush business was that important to him and not playing for Guyana then how come he is finding time to play this lower standard of cricket for USA? Lots of folks has asked the question about team selection and no answer was given regarding guys who does not play any type of cricket in the USA but still plays for USA.This goes to show that rules are made for certain guys benefit.Younger kids play all year in their respective leagues and perform so they can get selected to represent USA as a dream.But that will never happen.Maybe you should address that to the USACA and it’s officials.You will never get an answer.I spoke to guys in the Guyana team just a couple days ago and got a different answer than what you got.

  6. joker says:

    Cush, Star Party Rentals. Yeah……Right.