By Sham Ali
“Our main reason for coming here is trying to get to Division Two and other than Howard Johnson’s age, if he’s up for trials or selection, he can walk into the team,” said USA head coach Clayton Lambert as was reported by Peter Della for dream cricket. That has to be a double dose of stupidity that sprung from the mouth of the USACA coach. It is hard to imagine a more limited and irresponsible representation by someone in charge of a national team.  It was no surprise that the USACA cricket team instead of playing cricket; they showed up for what turned out to be a game of bingo. Here are the numbers L-0, R-0, S-7, O-5, R-0, U-0, A-0, and H-0 see if you have the winning card COACH!

Team USA head coach Clayton Lambert.

HELLO COACH! Every team in the tournament is there to win and for that to be your justification for the inclusion of Howard Johnson into the USA team over the youngsters Durale Forrest, Ryan Corns and Muhammad Ghous is just wretched. That clearly indicates a willingness to compromise the integrity of the national team.  The thinking certainly not with one’s head and that confirms how unqualified you are as a coach.  Regardless of the outcome of the tournament, not much can be expected in the future, you should be fired on the spot, then again who would do that this is the GOOD OLD USACA.

Cricket can be a cruel game. You can be on top on one day and at the bottom on another and team USA has had their share of both. But when injustice, such as that perpetrated in this tour, is being weaved into the team with reasons as preposterous as that which the coach has stated “Other than Howard Johnson’s AGE, if he’s up for trials or selection, he can WALK into the team” is just sickening. That clearly sells the coach’s intentions even before the act. There may be some truth to the statement though, he can only walk INTO A USA CRICKET TEAM, and yes he can walk because he just cannot run and play like the youngsters who are watching such a distasteful behavior showcased right before their eyes.

To have the youngsters sit and watch the assistant coach, Howard Johnson (about 46 years old), slide into the team through the slippery fingers of a selection panel is really inflicting a blatant insult to the good nature of these young players on the squad.  Perhaps, that tactic was on the cards even before the team was selected as insinuated in the coach’s statement, and perhaps that is why he was named assistant coach so that some other eligible player would short changed on the original squad.

It begs the question though was he on the roster as a player in the tournament as required by the ICC? Well, that may be answered by the in short order.  Now, where are the well meaning individuals who are leading the national organization and are focused on moving the game forward in the United States, that a barefaced act such as this is displayed for the world to see.  If Howard Johnson’s inclusion into the team had anything to do with the team’s chemistry that stifled their performance, then the huge total of 44 runs scored in the match IS JUSTIFIED, and Howard Johnson’s two wickets in the match really sums up the ability of the coach Clayton Lambert as someone floating in turbulent waters clinging on to two stumps in open seas.



  1. Coach says:

    Totally agreed with K.H. Please stay in school young people and let it be.

  2. K.H SAY says:


  3. To Jahmann: I am saying that administratively the management of the USA team nothing wrong. But, the wrongness came when they played a member of the coaching staff instead of a selected squad member.
    This is ver disconcerting. It gives the wrong message to the youths. It’s is like saying kids should be seen , not heard”. Youths are the very essence of our cricket future. Everyone seems to agree on this. Why don’t the suits in USACA listen to their constituents?
    I am aroubd all the cricket parks during the summer. I am gratified to see so many youths in the game, and darn good players, also!

    Hey, after, cricket is a young man’s game

  4. jahman says:

    @ DERRICK- i agree totally with you, i don’t think USACA has the balls to stand up to these wastes of time..hope for a miracle now that they are back to where they deserve to be..
    @SAM- do you really think americans or the people that are involved in cricket here really care what Clive Lloyd says, nobody in this part of the world really cares..don’t get me wrong he is a BIG man, but not here,in the WI..nevertheless, who can say what, it will never justify playing a 46 year old in front of three young guys…johnson is part of the blame too because he is part of the coaching staff, he should not have agreed to play, what he is saying to the other guys..that he is better than them?…come on, they are playing the same quality of cricket that we play here..our cricket here might even be more tough taking into consideration our facilities and the types of grounds that we play on here……anyway the real problem is that these guys just want to be dominant…ESPECIALLY MASSIAH AND LAMBERT, and they don’t care who bites the dust in the process.

  5. I met former West Indies captain on the night of Tuesday, January 25th, at an affair sponsored by BigLeagueUSA. I discussed the Howard Johnson matter with him.

    Clive said that it is allowable for a coach or assistant coach to play if there is injury to a player. I pointed out to Clive that there were 3 players sitting on the bench who could have replaced Adithya, the injured player. Mr. Lloyd said that if a position player, a bowler, batsman, or a wicketkeeper is injured, then if the coach or assistant coach can fill that position then he may be selected over the players sitting on the bench.

    Clive Lloyd is the Chairman of the ICC Cricket Committee and if he said that the Johnson inclusion in the playing eleven was allowable by ICC, then I conclude that the USA team management did nothing wrong.

    When Clive Loyd talks, we listen!~

  6. Derrick says:

    Now that USA is back to their respectful place(4th div),maybe the big wigs will see fit to make changes that will tke them forward.Get rid of unwanted elements,friends,team mates etc and pick the team that will do justice to their themselves.It that means new captain,which is the way to go,and/or new coaches then do it.But USACA officials do not have the balls to do it.Do it and prove everyone wrong.Can’t even win a tournament that’s lower than what we play in USA.Pick all younger players and teach them what to do.Use Faoud Bacchus to coach because he is the best cricket brain in the USA period.But i forget their is politics in cricket as well.No one likes guys who can speak up to them.

  7. Ali says:

    I remember lambert said to one of my players while He was playing for USA team that if He wants to pick the bus driver He will on top of him. ( I the Boss of USA cricket). I guess you did lambert by picking the Disney world Buss driver and that would be Horward Johnson who still works there. lol thats funny He need some coaching clases may be on how to treat or talk to his players.

  8. Concerned USACA says:

    What else is new.. Dr. Alli
    We continue to miss the boat on cricket development in the USA. No longer is it built on talent, but friendship. It is not rocket science to foresee that the current captain does not possess the intestinal fortitude to lead this team. His team crumbles around him and he still continues to bat himself at No. #3. This is his pride of place, only for self gratifications.
    He continues to persist with Rashad Marshall as a member of the team. But we know that that is his pick. Marshall is a part of his New York squad, and he owes allegiances to him. Marshall continues to fail at the national level at all tournament and we continue to persist with him above younger players like Forrest and Corns. Cush is a complete waste of time. He has been performing at this level for a long time, but continues to be dismal in representing the USA. Really, what is he looking for at this time? He has already made it on the big stage for Guyana and Stanford 20/20. Why not step down voluntarily and offer the spot for younger players.
    The Coach is a complete idiot. He is better suited to keep his mouth shut. When he talks, the USACA crinches for the garbage that is dispelled from his mouth. We need leadership and not friendship; someone with intelligence and foresight, not with past history.
    Wake up Kris and Manuf..act now before we are looking at the rare end of the monster.

  9. Suck my Dick says:

    Second Jahman! Entire head of the senior team needs to be Discard and dump in the Garbage. Captain of the team {Steve Messup } must be Dumped . Start with a new captain More youths in the Team. Stop recycling Former players!. Only these guys can play! Get the hell out a here. come on USACA lets go to work, Before a letter is sent to the ICC! Disqualifing USA Again.

  10. jahman says:

    i agree somewhat with all of you..i have nothing against Johnson playing, it’s just the manner in which it was done..what are they doing to the younger guys?..Steve Massiah will go all out for fame and he cares less as to who suffers for it as long as he gets it, apparently the coach has the same mentality..come on, you want to promote cricket in the US but when you are breaking the zeal of the ones that have to do it, how can it be long as there are “what we call leaders” of this caliber controlling cricket in the US, we cannot reach nowhere, they are too self-centered and biased.

  11. Before the PLAYING squad was selected for the tournament trials and camps were held. All potential selectees around the country were evaluated. Finally a squad of players was selected. A support staff was appointed. Each personnel in the touring party has his duties. A player, to play; the manage, to manage the tour; the coaches, to coach; the physio, to take care of the physical requirements of all.

    Would it be right for Imran Khan to do the coaching, or for Coach Lambert to look after the physical welfare of the players? How about Masood managing the tour! No way. So why then was Asst. Coach Johnson included in a playing Eleven? Something is drastically wrong here. Is this another example of USACA mismanaging our cricket? I would hope that the Executive Board would look into this matter and do what is justly deserved.

    Regions, and mostly the league presidents around the country, take note. Come election time later this year we have to get rid of the misfits.

  12. SH says:

    @ John Support & Youth Cricketer, I don’t think it matters whether Mr. Johnson is 46 years old or 26 years doesn’t matter how fit he is or how talented he is (or was). What has he done performance wise in the recent past to justify his inclusion in the XI ahead of some of the talented youngsters?

  13. Youth Cricketer says:

    I am not defending Howard Johnson and the coach, but at 46 years old Mr. Johnson is a genetic freak. He represented the USA 10 years ago, and is still one of the most accurate and fasting bowlers around. Although it was very wrong to include him in the team ahead of the three other players regardless of their ages.

    Should we blame Howard Johnson, and the coach? What about all the “star” batsmen that failed. only 44 runs? Let’s say that USA had won this match. what would be the public’s reaction?

    Teams will always try new tatics when faced with a “MUST WIN” match even if they have to play the most experienced players over the inexperienced young guns. It has happened so many times in club cricket, NY inter-league, and regional cricket in general. Who shares the blame? AGAIN NOT TO CONDONE WHAT THE COACH DID WAS RIGHT. Maybe, Howard Johnson is listed as an Assistant Coach/Player?

  14. Burnham says:

    What happen to Mohammad Ghous and Ryan Corns??? They went to film Movies in Hong Kong ..its unbelievable what Steve Mess aia is doing with these youngsters.. Mr lambert Might take a knock against Italy tomorrow.. friends of Steve MESS Dalo,Lennox,Wright(most indicipline player)and of course Lambert ..These guys need to be invistigated ASAP..ALL PLAYERS AND EXECUTIVES FROM ALL REGIONS NEED TO BRING THESE NONSENSE TO A FULL STOP>>

  15. John Support says:

    While USACA management continues to function like the circus , it takes away from the real issue. The inclusion of Johnson really made no difference – team USA suffered from 2 dismal batting display. With all respect to Johnson, while he’s over 40, he is as fit or fitter than most players of this present US team, young or old. His job was to bowl at a decent total, of lets say 200, not 44 or 122. Why are we sparing the many batting ‘stars’ who has failed back to back? It’s true the coach is not that intelligent, but he’s the man hired by USACA to take US cricket to the next level. As it looks now the US will either:
    A – remain in div. 3
    B- get demoted to div. 4 and start all over again!
    We’ll see!

  16. jahman says:

    the entire head of the US senior team needs to be removed..from the coach right down to the captain. if you want to make the US team all you have to do is carry the captain cricket bag for him and suck up to him, make him feel like he is a king or become friends with the coach..a couple of the US team members are STEVE MASSIAH’S suck-up’s..and that’s the truth…from coach to captain, both are a waste of good score for the captain and after that he can’t make the amount of letters in his name, what a waste..