The NYCR U19 squad for the USACA National U19 Tournament is as follows:
(1) Azurdeen Mohammed (Captain)

New York Region Under-19 team after a training session.

(2) Casper Davis, Jr.
(3) Kavishwar Bridgepaul
(4) Trinson Carmichael
(5) Saumilkumar Gandhi
(6) Zahib Tariq
(7) Maurice Powell
(8) Trevor Singh
(9) Cameron Mirza
(10) Prashanth Nair
(11) Amarnauth Persaud
(12) Regis Burton (Vice Captain)
(13) Haraldo Marshall
(14) Rocky Kowchai
Patrick Sutherland (Manager)
Ricky Kissoon (Coach)



  1. shahak says:

    Because none of the players from Bryant High School are so much into Cricket , there limitation is just to play in PSAL and that’s it they don’t even try out for under 19 so how do u expect to choose someone if they don’t come for tryouts.

  2. Rahol says:

    Newcomers High school and William C. Bryant High school have better Players but under 19 coach just like the guys from Richmond hill High school and john Adams high school.

  3. Rahol says:

    some of them play for their high school in Psal cricket league and their high school couldn’t win the championship yet. these players are form Richmond hill high school, Martin Van Burne High School, John Adams High school and Thomas Edison High School. The question is Where are 2 times Champion Newcomers High School players and 1 time champion William C. Bryant High school Players. Why they don’t get chance in US under 19 cricket team?

  4. abdullah says:

    i gotta stop hating on everybody i wish the NY REGION BEST OF LUCK

  5. abdullah says:

    mirza should play in ny now lol

  6. Player says:

    Abdullah: FYI

    Didn’t you and Cameron Mirza played on the NYCR U-19 team two years ago?
    Remember the century you scored? Didn’t Cameron’s father assist with that tour? Come up with logical reasons why Mirza should not make the team.