By Orin Davidson
Coach Linden Fraser has a future with United States national cricket teams after being inexplicably sidelined for close to two years.

Linden Fraser. Photo by Shiek Mohamed

United States of America Cricket Association (USACA) president Gladstone Dainty said he is all for winning, and if it means having Fraser on board, that is way he will go.

In rebuffing statements blacklisting Fraser without just cause, attributed to key USACA officials, Dainty said “I don’t indulge in that type of behavior and no one from USACA would be encouraged to so do”.

Fraser, the winningest coach at junior level in America, was never given a run with national under-19 teams and was recently removed from the New York squad for no apparent reason.

“People should first bash New York before attacking USACA with regard to Fraser,” added Dainty.

The president pointed out that it was wrong to accuse USACA of totally blanking Fraser as he was offered the position for the national under-15 team and declined.

“Fraser has to decide what he wants and understand that he has to continue doing what he does best and not antagonize anyone,” Dainty said.

In addition to his success with New York Under-19 sides and once with the senior team, Fraser also molded the Connecticut women’s squad to winning the first ever U.S. national championship last year.

With the position open for the current national Under-19 team which has two important competitions next year, from as early as February, in its quest to qualify for the Under-19 World Cup, USACA’s choice is eagerly awaited.



  1. ” I don’t indulge in that type of behavior and no one in USACA will be encouraged to do so” Wow, quote of the year.

    Then, who got rid of Fraser in the first place? Sadam Hussein did?

  2. To Uncle Sam:
    You, along with the many others who spend time to read the various cricket articles and send their comments, are asset to the sport in this country. You are the pulse trough which we monitor the heartbeat of cricket in the USA.

    Everyone connected with the game has a role to play: some as administrators, players, umpires, fans, sponsors, etc. Even, us, the writers do play a role. An important role, I must add. I appreciate it very much when comments are made on my writings, whether they support or disagree with my view.

    Sveral people have been calling me asking me to get more involved with our cricket. Hey, my writings address cricket in the entire USA, I hope. But some have been asking me to get involced with the NY Region. Well, to a certain extent, I am involved in the NY Region (area). I am the cricket coach for Newcomers High School in the PSAL Cricket Program.

    One area I see needs very much attention. That is with the youths. I am thinking of getting involved in this area. I will be talking to several cricket “minds’ then I will decide what I would like to do. Maybe I will look into the Youth Coordinator assignment.

    I will keep you posted.

  3. Imran H Khan says:

    As someone who has been involved with US cricket at the highest level for quite some time I would like to state that Linden Fraser is a treasure that US cricket needs to develop and utilise! US cricket is blessed to have a number of excellent people involved in the development of the game at various levels and I would state Linden is one if not the best around. Having worked with Lambi for a number of years I know what it takes for a coach to get the best out of his players as Lambi has done for the last few years and Linden seems to be of the same ilk and that to me is a great sign of a great coach!

  4. abdullah says:


  5. To all my fellow cricket lovers who took the time to share their comments with everyone:

    Firstly, let me say tha Mr.Dainty has made a bold statement. Indeed, Lindon Fraser must be utilized. He has vast experience , a winning record, and the decication that our cricket needs at this time.

    The comment, of him “jumping from one region to another”. He should be commended for this. Remember he was sacked by the NYR. Being the cricketman he is, with his dedication, rather that sitting dormant at home and “waste” his skills (coaching) he decided to lend his expertise to the Women’s team in Connecticut. By the way, he won. How can anyone question his motives?

    With regards to the NYR, there must be changes in how we do things. There must be openness in our dealings. Like the other regions, there is an organization structure. Regional Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, etc. Each position has its job description. Each officer has a function, a job. But what I see happening is that a “select few” get together ( I would’nt say where) and transact the business of the region. Gentlemen, this practice must stop. PRONTO !

    I have always maintained that the presidents of the leagues are the most powerful force in the administration of our cricket. Let’s take for granted that each league has elected the “right” person to be its president. He along with the other league presidents in his region, selects/elects the other four members of the regions board. Then they have the task of selecting/electing a Regional Chairman. If the presidents are “upfront” then up to this stage, things are going fine.

    The USACA Director from that region is then selected/elected by the region’s board. Again the presidents of the leagues are in the drivers seat. The region’s board should, and must take the utmost care and scruples in deciding whom to send up to sit as its director on the USACA Board. Let’s say up to this point, the “right” person is sent up. So far cricket is winning! Let’s extrapolate this scenario across all the regions. This will translate into having people on the USACA Board who put cricket infront of all other considerations. Hey, let us not forget that it is the league presidents, also, who elect the president of the Board (of USACA).

    What utopianism I am envising above! But realistically, this is the type of attitude people who are seeking elected positions should entertain. This may be asking too much, folks, but it is the ONLY way we can move our game forward.

  6. Your Man from Dallas says:


    Reinstatement(Fraser has future),

    Talking about Winning(All about winning),

    Bringing Millions of Dollars(What Cricket Holdings of America Dollar$),

    Change the attitude on the look up of the Leadership(How we see President Gladstone Dainty)??

    Linden Fraser, Uncle Sam, Ricky Kissoon, Lester Hooper, Shiv -Do you the carry the “VOTE”(Voting League Presidents in NY Region) to change the NY Destiny that you are talking about.

    Media(Newyorkcricket) – Please stay neutral(Changing Stands is definitely neutral).

  7. Uncle Sam says:

    Your Man from Dallas, What are you talking about?

  8. Your Man from Dallas says:

    Does Reinstatement,

    Talking about Winning,

    Bringing Millions of Dollars,

    Change the attitude on the look up of the Leadership??

    Lindon Fraser, Uncle Sam, Ricky Kissoon, Lester Hooper, Shiv –

    Do you the carry the “VOTE” to change the NY Destiny that you are talking about.

    Media – Please stay neutral.

  9. Uncle Sam says:

    Lester H, We can bitch and complain, but it’s up to the NYCR local clubs to vote for the ideal “league presidents”. They are the ones who elect the regional administrators. The league presidents have a say in the following:

    Regional Director: __________________
    Regional Representative:_____________
    Youth Coordinator:___________________
    U-15 Coach: _________________________
    U-19 Coach: _________________________
    Men’s Senior Coach:__________________
    Women’s Coach:_______________________


    Start a campaign and get rid of the people that are not promoting cricket correctly.

    We also have a school league (PSAL) which should be a bonus for our region.
    In the past many wanted to take ownership for a certain organizations and grounds. For example, we have various NY Youth Academy, but many want to be credited for their own Academy. Certain people claimed that they owned NYC public grounds, etc. Only if the parks know what was going on behind closed doors in reference to the grounds.

    Everyone has his/her own agenda

  10. Lester H says:

    Uncle Sam, Shiv knows the game no question about that but if you ask any player who played at the highest level and then became a coach, they would tell you that being coach certified is essential if you truly want to make a difference. There are certain ways that a coach helps to facilitate players that is not common knowledge to players still playing at a high level. Coaches just cannot just say to players “play straight” or ” bowl this line”. He or she must be able to observe and correct technical flaws. In my opinion the man who has all these talents but seems to be on the outside looking in,is Reginald Benjamin from CA. Just ask any of the players from the last US under 19 squad. Players are well aware of who is capable of enhancing their skills.

    The NYR region needs a major change. You are absolutely correct with respect to the selection of NYR officers. Most if not all league presidents have become complacent with respect to their funtion within the region. Most of them think that getting through the season is enough. I have not seen improvement in any of the leagues in the NYR region in the last 2-3 years. The Brooklyn league seems like it is starting to improve but certainly is not what it was 5 years ago. These individuals that run the various leagues are the ones we look to with respect to decision making for the region. If the leagues are not improving why should the region? I’m tired going to the park to see teams bowled out for just over a 100 weekend after weekend. I would like to show up to the park to see a Westbury CC( Metro League) versus Greneda( Brooklyn League) or Steve Messiah’s team in the Nassau League versus a Cosmos CC. That’s cricket that will improve the standard in the region.

    Regional decisions are being made but when you ask the various league presidents most of the are unaware or pretend to be unaware of such decisions. The decision makers in our region need to stand up and be counted and in doing so, take some responsibility for the state of our region. I’m one that is strongly in favor of a super league but for some reason that idea is always shot down by regional administrators.

    We went through the entire 2010 season without a youth coordinator. It would not surprise me if one was appointed but never introduced to the NYR stakholders. This is the way business is conducted in the region. We currently do not have a youth program since the departure of Clifford Hinds due to personal reasons. We do not have appointed regional selectors or appointed junior or senior coach. The reason I’m saying this is due to the fact that the answer with respect to same changes depending on which regional administrator you ask. Still are the days where political agendas are placed before the game but who am I kidding. The status quo prevails.

  11. Uncle Sam says:

    L. Hooper, Totally agree that he deserves a chance with a national team. Many think that Shiv will coach the US U-19 team again, not sure why after the poor outing in NZ. Why was Shiv selected as coach of the US U-19 team in the first place? Was is because he played International cricket 10 decades ago or friend with someone? Changes can only come about from the respective clubs, and leagues in the NYCR. Didn’t the league presidents elect the Regional Director, and the Representative? and clubs elected the league presidents?

  12. Lester H says:

    Uncle Sam whith all due respect, coach Fraser deserves his chance with a US team. You call it devil’s advocate but what I see is an individual who is outspoken and refuses to compromise as a result of pressure from the powers that be. In terms of jumping from one region to another, I’m assuming that you are refering to him coaching the North East women which he did after being overlooked by the New York Region. Mr. Dainty is absolutely correct when he stated that “People should first bash New York before attacking USACA with regard to Fraser,” . Dont get me wrong, it is great to see other people step up to the plate such as Ricky with the youth teams. ; however, the way in which the New York region does business has to change. Coach Fraser has brought this region great success both at the senior and junior levels. Ricky taking control of the youth teams is great; so why not move coach Fraser up to the senior level. He was removed as coach by the region without an explanation. Instead of writing about Fraser why not request an interview with the NYR chairman and get to the bottom of what really is pushing our region back. Since I’ve being around cricket in this region never have I heard about a chairman selecting a team. Shiv is a NYR selector; was he involve in any NYR team selection this year. The answer is no. NYR has fallen a few steps behind all the regions over the past 3 years. Why is that? Lets take the focus off the individual and concentrate on getting us back to where we need to be. If that means using a coach with proven sucess then so be it.

  13. Uncle Sam says:

    Linden needs to focus on one region instead of jumping from region to region. He can’t play the devil’s advocate and expect to move further in US Cricket. Linden must understand that others must be given opportunities as well. You are not an automatic selection for coach of NY Regional teams. We have witness others like Ricky Kissoon who have stepped up to the plate and have done an excellent job with the U-15 and U-19 boys in 2010 despite limited resources, inexperience players, and negative comments from various parties in the region.

    Kissoon has coached the NYCR U-15 boys to the 2010 USACA Finals, and have coached the NYCR U-19 boys to an Eastern Conference Championship. What should happen if NY reach the Junior Nationals in LA? Should Kissoon become a candidate for a USA National coaching gig? We would hope so too