By Sam Sooppersaud
I have just received a call from a source in Florida that the West Coast region of the United States of America Cricket Association (USACA) may be split into two regions. This news coming out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where the Executive Board of USACA is meeting, in person, for the first time within the past eight months.

Raj Padhi

One of the hot topics for discussion at this meeting is the West Coast Region problem. Let me briefly state the scenario. The WC Region has recalled its representative Raj Padhi, to the USACA Board, because he was accused of impropriety, and was put on temporary suspension by that region’s administration. They appointed Dr. Gangaram Singh to fill in as their representative. President Dainty has continuously refused to honor the WC region’s wishes.

At the Board meeting in Florida both Raj Padhi and Dr. Singh showed up. Dainty refused to recognize Dr. Singh as the WC Representative. Dr. Singh insisted that he was the legitimate representative.   He remained at the meeting. Dainty informed him that he is not wanted (welcomed) at the meeting and that he should leave the meeting room. The chairman called in hotel security to have Dr. Singh forcibly removed from the meeting room.  Singh told him that it was not his meeting; it was the Board’s meeting and if they insisted then and only then, he would leave.  DAINTY BACKED DOWN.

A discussion was held among the members of the Board – Dr. Singh was not part of this discussion, however, Raj Padhi was. It was decided that Dr. Singh will be allowed to sit in the meeting room, not in the meeting itself. He had no say on what took place. The situation in the WC region was bisected and dissected, scrutinized and analyzed. There were distinctly two factions among the Directors. Dainty’s cronies were Directors Glasgow, Jeddy, Masood, Javed, and the recalled WC Rep. Padhi. Arguing for the ‘right thing to be done” were Directors Aaron, Giles, Thickett, Manaf, and Prasad. (I wonder what would have been the dilemma had Nabeel Ahmed not resigned).

Two things were agreed upon by the Board that directly addressed the West Coast Region’s impasse. Firstly, the WC region will be split in to two regions: the North West Region and the South West Region. (The WC Region was asking for this split for a long while now). Secondly, a committee was appointed to look into the accusation of sexual harassment leveled against Director Raj Padhi. Strangely enough, Raj Padhi, who is the subject of the investigation, was allowed to be among the ones making the appointment. This is in direct conflict of interest. My argument is that if Raj Padhi was allowed to sit in, then the young lady making the accusation, Sandra Ibarra, should have been allowed to be part of the meeting, also. To compound this embarrassment by the Board, one of the committee members appointed is the wife of a league president who supports Raj Padhi. (Wonder how she would vote!).

Now we just wait and see what else will unfold. But one thing is clear. Dainty is manipulating the Board meeting to put through his agenda. He has his “yes-men” at his disposal. This reminds me of a commercial I saw on television. There was a management meeting going on. A proposal was put forward to which each person was asked what he thinks of the idea. The chairman asked one participant, “Dave, what do you think”. His answered,” I don’t think, I just say ‘yes’ “.

The cricketing public will be served if the Directors will let me know if the information furnished by my source is accurate. I invite you, gentlemen, to tell the facts!

Well, now. Keep tuned in for another episode of “The Sag of USACA.”

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  1. Facts says:

    What Sam reported is garbage. He is in the anti-Dainty camp. Sam, you are simply a Hemant Buch ass kisser. Your listing is in line with his assessment. Each and everything you write is negative, silly and full of shit.

    There were distinctly two factions among the Directors. Dainty’s cronies were Directors Glasgow, Jeddy, Masood, Javed, and the recalled WC Rep. Padhi. Arguing for the ‘right thing to be done” were Directors Aaron, Giles, Thickett, Manaf, and Prasad. (I wonder what would have been the dilemma had Nabeel Ahmed not resigned).

    Guess what Mr wannabe journalist. Let’s see where you got your degree on journalism. News for you. Entire Board voted together 11-0 asking Singh to leave the meeting. If Nabeel were there, it would have been 12-0

  2. Uncle Sam says:

    cricketerlover: Do you have all the facts? What Sam reported is actual factual info.

  3. Outswinger says:


    Cricket will never WIN OUT, we hav retreated from past years. It is not getting any better and we still have the same people in management of USACA that hase been around fro many years, bunch of croonies, like Dainty and others in the NY region and captain Massiah who is part of the problem and not the solution. You should be writing about the Management of USACA or lack thereof, call out for the changes, mobilize all the regions to initiate changes by bycotting membership fees and send a strong message to ICC to stop supporting these so called Leaders

  4. To Outswinger:
    Like I always say in answer to a comment to one of my articles. “Thank you for your comments” It is great that cricket lovers are making their feelings known. Even sometimes readers’ comments are in total opposition to mine, or they are disrespectful, the way your’s are, I take no affront. I want to keep the dialouge going. Once we are “talking” cricket will win out. Keep on sending me your comments, my anonymous friend.

  5. Cricketer says:


    FREE COUNTRY for EVERYONE TO PROFIT OFF OF CRICKET, but you know it’s illegal.
    Uncle SAM will catch up to these so called “cricketer promoters”

  6. Outswinger says:

    Cricketlover is correct. Sam is giving facts from a person in Florida. Get the facts correct, identify your source, verify from all relevant soucres before publishing your “unpaid for” thoughts. Sometimes you write a lot a garbage just to have a few lines in the media. I seen a few of your articles and and they just do not make any sense, but it’s a free country…keep on writing

  7. Hawk says:

    @ cricketlover,

    truth hurts.

  8. To cricketlover
    Sir, I do thank you for your comments. This is what makes communication so informative,; when we can express our views without fear. But my friend, I am merely doing my job as a journalist and bringing to my readers news as I get them. You say I do not know anything. Well then, if you can make such a bold statement, then it stands to reason that you know”everything” So why not do the cricket fans a favor and tell them what is going on.

    My services to/the media is totally voluntary. I receive no remuneration neither do I solicit any. Unlike many of your friends who use cricket administering as a way to replenish their pockets.
    Keep your comments coming! I do enjoy them!

  9. Cricketlover says:

    This is rediculus article form a sick journalist. who does not know wnything and a killer of cricket. There is no truth in this article. Sam , i know , wh you are and how much money you have taken from whom to write these. So, keep your mouth and hand shut.