Auburn is ranked # 2 in football and # 13 in cricket. The Gators are 22 in football post-Tim Tebow and only now beginning their college cricket battles. The 2 schools had a long rivalry before changes in the SEC meant they play far less, in fact in 1985 the Gators held Auburn great Bo Jackson  to only 48 yards and won 14-10. This propelled the Gators to their first # 1 ranking in football. Gator greats like Emit Smith and Tim Tebow have played, and lost against Auburn.

Champion Auburn team receiving the Trophy from Daisy.

Now that rivalry is being revived as the Auburn Tigers and the Florida Gators meet in cricket for the first time at the CBRP Cricket Stadium (called the “American College Cricket” Stadium by college cricketers), facilitated by BIG League USA. The Gator Cricket Club team had already beaten University of Miami cricket club team on their way to the Finals.

The University of Florida team won the toss, and sent Auburn in to bat. The Gators’ bowling was tight and Auburn’s All-American Prasana Ravishankar went caught by Baber, bowled by Samin for 11.Auburn Captain Naveen Thiagajaran stroked 2 fours in his 24 runs before Gators star Ricky Nayyar got him caught by Sandeep Pillarsetty, Captain of Auburn.

At 68 for 5 wickets Auburn was set for a low score, and it was only 30 runs by Ahmed Faraz, with 2 fours, that got them to 99 runs for 9 wickets off their 20 overs.Vinay took 3 wickets for 18, and Vijay Pappu 2 wickets for 10.

Dark ominous clouds had gathered on the horizon, and it seemed to speak of Auburn’s position.

Auburn Captain Naveen Thiagajaran and Vice Captain Rahul Potghan with Daisy.

As the Gators went out to bat Prasanna Ravishankar swung the ball both ways to elude the bat of the tall Imran Shaik. After 3 overs UF had only scored 4 runs, Auburn was pumped, and made some tremendous saves in the field.

Then Ricky Nayyar drove one over mid-off for 4, a single gave # the strike, # swung one away, to get an edge and the wicketkeeper did the rest. A couple of run out scares followed then a cut and a fantastic falling catch by slip fielder Thiagajaran. The bowling was tight and even Ricky Nayyar had to be content with singles until he stepped into one and cover drove for 2, after 7 overs the Gators had mustered only 18 runs, for the loss of 2 wickets.

The sun had left the Broward Stadium, and a cool wind blew across the field when Sukhlani cover drove through the gap, only to see a diving stop on the boundary by the Auburn fielder, then a direct hit of the stumps restrict the batsman to one. UF 22 for after 8 overs, Nayyar on 14.

Nayar played a McCullum-like scoop shot for 4 to fine leg, then pulled one for a massive 6 over midwicket but then a direct hit of the stumps Vibudh Mishka in the first of his 3 run outs. But Nayyar was taking control and his 50 came up with the game swinging the Florida Gators way. Nayyar had played the perfect innings so far, going on the attack at the right time.

In 1986 another Ricky, Ricky Natiel had helped lead the Gators in an amazing comeback to beat Auburn -was Ricky Nayyar going to do the same? But as happens, with only 12 runs needed to win he had a lapse of concentration, swung wildly and was bowled by Prasanna Ravishankar, having scored a magnificent 63 out of 88 team runs.

UF folded after Nayyar left and was all out for 90 runs. A remarkable accomplishment, coming so close to defeating Auburn, a seasoned and experienced team. Ravishankar was the Game MVP, taking 3 wickets for 8 runs, including Nayyar.

The cricket team from Auburn University had looked good at the 2010 American College Cricket Spring Break Championship, with experience gained from playing in their own Tiger Cup and other tape ball tournaments. Their commitment to the game manifested by their 14 hour drive to play in the American College Cricket Southeast Championship, and the national Championship last March. They played with very little sleep, and left with so much to be proud of.

The team said they hope be recognized on the jumbotron at Auburn’s football game in front of 100,000 screaming football fans this coming Saturday for their accomplishment , and we hope they are, as Champions!



  1. cricketer says:

    Making money off the sport will forward cricket in the US?? Seriously??
    What are the players getting? FYI I am not a hater, but hate to see people who profit off of cricket illegally. It’s a Scam.

  2. Black ops says:

    I don’t follow local cricket closely but I know that there has been NO event where people have paid money to watch cricket in NY for at least the past decade or more. How could anyone have ever made money?
    If any had made money, there would be many more people jumping into cricket, but guys like you are the ones who keep the game back-until some guy starts making money off the game, it will go NOWHERE.
    It’s pointless speaking with you,you can say you’re a “cricket supporter”, but your words say you’re a hater.

  3. cricketer says:

    Black ops: The game is not getting anywhere, but yet many have made plenty money, and continues to make money. Administrators should do the right thing and not ripe players off. Maybe I should school you about cricket in NY?


    Only the PSAL, and the NYPD have made a positive contribution towards cricket in America, and they started about three years ago. Why?

    Imagine if they take over USACA what can happen..

  4. Black ops says:

    Damn, “cricketer”, I’m happy I’m not a cricket administrator of any kind….with “supporters” like you its easy to see why the game is not getting anywhere.
    Get an education young man !

  5. cricketer says:

    It’s one of the biggest industries, because sport teams in this country are privately owned by people. Does anyone own College Cricket Organisation? Just curious. Nothing wrong to make a few buck, but please be honest with the participants, fans, and especial UNCLE SAM.

  6. Black ops says:

    “cricketer” appears to be clueless about the society he lives in.I have to assume other young cricketers are better educated.
    Also notice how he claimed to be a “supporter” of that organisation but only critiscises it.
    He said “it’s illegal to make money off of sports” – when sports is one of the biggest industries in this country.
    Now his most recent comments to Hawk are bizzarre.

  7. cricketer says:

    The organisations that charges for coaching clinics are considered businesses. Is American College Cricket a business? So Hawk, you are ok if some organisation makes money from college students?

  8. Hawk says:

    lol…its illegal to make money off the sport? C’mon, I never seen any free clinics or coaching centers for any sport, let alone cricket.

  9. cricketer says:

    Lucky? You can make money off of cricket in the US. Many are doing so, and will continue to do so. I hope you declare your earnings to uncle “SAM”

    Please don’t worry about me about going places..

  10. tom says:

    Huh ? “It’s illegal to make money off of sport in this country” ? Are you on Mars ?
    Actually I wish I was working in sports, and making my living in sports but I’m not that lucky.
    I have nothing more to say to you, its obvious you’ll go nowhere with your attitude.

  11. cricketer says:

    Do you make money promoting cricket Tom? You know it’s illegal to make money off of sport in this Country. Do these players have insurance during the tournament?

    Are you for real? Many just want to make $$, instead of promoting the sport.

    Good for you Tom to assist in developing cricket in this Country. Many does the same as well, and are not complaining about it.

  12. tom says:

    Are you for real ?
    First of all in most of the country its $ 50 for an umpire for a 20 over game, that’s $ 100 per game.I noticed their last event each team played at least 4 games = $ 400.

    I’m going to say this for the last time -stop this nonsene about people making money – if people don’t make money off something, that thing goes NOWHERE

    or Take me for instance, on my job I make about $ 30 an hour. If I invest 5 hours a day trying to develop cricket that’s equal to $ 150, Who’s paying me?

    If guys like YOU don’t get OUT of cricket, it will go nowhere. You just supply envy & no work.

  13. cricketer says:

    Offcourse not, we need more “sugar daddies”. I know the “guy” is not using his personal money to stage the tournament. You do the math, 30 teams @ 400 = 12,000. Let say 6K for uniforms, grounds, umpires, refreshments, etc..

    Promoters can create opportunities, but not make money for themselves, but then again it’s a free country.

  14. tom says:

    “cricketer”,what you really want is a “Sugar Daddy” !. You want some guy who worked hard for his money to just pay for fields,umpires,travel etc, all so YOU can play cricket.
    Understand this – if noone will PAY to watch you play you can’t make money for any promoter – your “skills” currently has NO value.
    It’s up to a “promoter” to try and create value, and that’s very difficult with “cricketers” like yourself.

  15. Manu says:

    @ tom, i guess its people like Mr. Cricketer that decides the “right reasons”, who want organizations that promote cricket to “reach out” to certain communities.

  16. cricket player says:

    tom: To promote the sport where promoters wouldn’t profit from young cricketers. It’s a free country so anyone can do anything they want.

  17. tom says:

    What are the “right reasons”? and who determines the right reasons ?

  18. cricket player says:


    I fully understand “school sports” Just remember that players would be paying for airfares, rooms, food, etc… Many people want to promote cricket in the US, but are doing it for thr wrong reasons. That’s the point I am making, and I fully support the organisation for promoting college cricket.

  19. tom says:

    Go ahead “cricketer” nothing will stop your negativity…though that’s what is keeping you in your box.
    As for a money prize, you obviously also don’t understand school sports – its not for money.
    I’m sure you’ll then say that there should be no registration fee….there’s no winning with negative “cricketer”s like you….that’s why the game has such a hard time in the USA.

  20. cricketer says:

    Yes Manu 32 teams at $400 per team. Why an entrance free if you don’t win a
    monetary prize? Sorry tom I think you are missing the point. Why target only SUNY college students only, and forget about the CUNY students?

  21. tom says:

    “Cricketer” is of the old mold – criticise, criticise….& all about his “community”

  22. Manu says:


    If you are not aware…many of the cricketers that play in the College Cricket do play regional cricket in their respective regions..and are the top players in their own leagues….maybe you should check it out.

    Again, sir, this is called “American” College Cricket. Not NY College Cricket or CUNY College Cricket..there’s going to be 32 teams next year, if I’m correct.

  23. cricketer says:

    Manu, So college cricket is being promoter in the “right way”?
    What about students that are attending the CUNY colleges? Do they have to miss classes to participate in a “college cricket tournament”?

    FYI: Players MUST be committed, and dedicated in order to represent any regional cricket teams, or national teams. Playing T/20 cricket alone wouldn’t cut it to make either of the teams mentioned. If players want to play for fun, so be it, but why cry “foul play” when you don’t make the regional or national team. Many younger players are known to do so…

  24. cricketer says:

    Mr. Lloyd,

    Springbreak for all CUNY colleges begins on April 19th. and ends on April 27th. Don’t you think if the “college cricket” organisation schedule the tournament during this time it will attract more CUNY colleges, maybe more West Indian students? or is the tournament geared towards a certain audience?

  25. Manu says:

    @ cricketer

    I think this is the reason why USA’s cricket is not improving, because people try to “reach out” to their own communities, rather than promoting cricket in the right way.

  26. Lloyd says:

    Seeing things or cricket,from a “communities” point of view is a big part of the problem the game faces.
    College cricket is about cricket played by college cricketers, not about “communities”.

  27. cricketer says:

    Mr. Lloyd,
    The organisation needs to reach out to the West Indian communities as well. Are there reasons why only South Asians are interested in college cricket?