By Sam Sooppersaud
Is the USACA Constitution worth the paper it’s written on? This is the question ardent cricket fans around the entire country are asking at this time.

USACA president Gladstone Dainty.

Like any other organization, USACA has a set of rules that dictate the governance of the organization. If it is to be managed effectively and productively, then personnel within the organization should not “make rules as they go along”. In other words, do not conjure up your   own rules. Simple!

The USA is an Associate Member of the ICC, the ruling body for International Cricket. It seems that we are perennially getting into hot water with that body. We have been suspended at least twice by the ICC for various malfeasances. The latest debacle was back in 2006.  We were reinstated in 2007 only after we submitted to the ICC a hurriedly put-together Constitution. This Constitution is still the rules under which USACA ought to be governed. However, it appeared that the USACA president, Gladstone Dainty, is making up his own rules as he goes along. What is more distressing is that the Executive Board of USACA is kissing certain of Dainty’s anatomy.

Cricket fans and more so the officers and members of the seven cricket regions – Atlantic, Central East, Central West, New York, North East, South East, West Coast – lend me your ears. I will now get down to specifics.

Article 1X: Section 1: reads as follows,” Governance of the Association shall be vested in the USACA Executive Board………..” Section 3: of the said Article 1X states that “The Executive Board shall comprise of:  I:  president …………… vi. One representative from each region.

How do we determine who is the representative of a region on the USACA Executive Board?  Let’s look at what ArticleX111: Section 6: says, “The Regional Administration and all officers therein shall be seated within 10 days after the constitution is adopt and each shall immediately select a Regional Representative to the USACA Executive Board”. The Regional Administration must then immediately provide written notice with regards to the name of the Representative. And, there we have it. A regional Rep. on the Executive Board of USACA is created!

Again, Article X1V under the caption RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS OF REGIONS, Section 1 gives the regions certain responsibilities for the management of cricket within   the region. Among those, Section 1 (iii) Appoint a representative to serve as a member of USACA’s Executive Board.  At the same time it states each region may recall its representative, Section 4, and provide notice of this recall in writing to USACA. Nowhere in the constitution the president or the Executive Board of USACA is given the mandate to appoint or recall a region’s representative. This is solely the responsibility of the regional administration.

I have received various notifications that President Dainty has refused to adhere to the West Coast Region’s written notice to recall it Rep, and to recognize the replacement Rep. on the USACA Executive Board. In fact, the recalled Rep. Raj Padhi, was welcomed to sit at the meeting. Preposterous. For this to be done, it is apparent that the other members sat by idly and allow this to happen.

Maybe, the members of the Executive Board are “putting the horse before the cart”. It is apparent to me, judging from their action – or inaction- that they do not know their job description as spelled out in the Constitution of USACA. Let me give a brief rundown. (I intend to cover this issue of job description in another article, very soon).

Under the caption GOVERNANCE  – Article 1X: Section 1. “Governance of the Association shall be vested in the USACA Executive Board…………”   Among the responsibilities of the Board is the “administration and management of the Association.  The president is ONE of the members of the Board. He is NOT THE BOARD. He does not have the authority to act unilaterally.

As a journalist is required to do, I am presently trying to ascertain the true facts by making calls, sending e-mails, and speaking to people in the know. I will then present the picture I come up with after my investigation. In the meantime I will appreciate whatever information my readers have on this matter to be conveyed to me. Be rest assured that your corresponding with me will be in strict confidence.

Keep surfing the websites for more on this matter. In the meantime my invitation to you is this: What’s your opinion, I’ll like to know.   You may make your comments on the sites, or contact me personally at: Phone 718- 844-7236 or I want to hear all your comments even if they are totally opposed to my views. I respect your rights to your own views and opinion.



  1. To reader “thisjob”
    Well I do thank you for your comments. We all do hove our own opinions, and this I respect.
    With regards to the fact. I’ll take your advise. Let’s begin with fct 1. Who are you? why not identify yourself? why make comments under an acronym?
    At least I am open with my articles, whether you feel they are baseless or not. But you “hit and run” .
    With regards to the main fact of this article. I would suggest that you familiarize yourself with the USACA Constitution. You will see that what I have stated is based on the constitution.
    Please do continue to read my articles and make your comments.

  2. cricket player says:

    thisjob: I really did not understand what point your were trying to make.

  3. thisjob says:

    Hello,readers the USACA body these official might not be doing a good job but when ever the public or any other person from with in these orgnisation can,t make constructive comments hit make no sence Mr Sam I have been reading your article and they are not baste on facts try to get in touch with the right people so when you are writing your article it would correspond with what you are saying dont get caught in this friendship situation .I respect you has a person so let keep it that way all i am saying get your facts right and i would support you have a good weekend.

  4. To Cricketer
    That is the motivation that is the reason why these guys want to stay in office – Cash from from ICC.

  5. cricketer says:

    Cash Flow from ICC

    ICC –> USACA –> Different Regions –> (1) Senior Team (2) Junior Teams
    (3) Women’s Team (4) ???????????

  6. To politicsfreecricket.
    I hear (read) what you are saying ,my friend, and I am tempted to side with you and say the h##l with politics. But sadly, politics is in everything in this world. It is something that we cannot avoid. But, your point is well taken!

    The poliitics of the suits at USACA is screwing up youth cricket. Because of their mismanagement (nonmanagement) there are no funds with which to stage the Junior Championship (Under-19) which was set to kick off on November 12th, in Florida.

    Dainty and his stooges on the USACA Board had enough money to send the senior team to Dubai, Nepal, and Italy, with men in their forties, and many more players who have passed their prime, yet they do not have money for the youth programs. They even had cash to pay the expenses of some executives from USACA who went to thos countries to watch the games.

    Wit regards to school cricket. Many school are already making preparations for the 2011 PSAL cricket season. This is the ONLY organized youth program in the entire USA.

    Also PSAL will be bringing a Class 1 cricket coach from England to hold some sessions with the schools’ coaches.

    If we are to develop these kids, then the organization who represent us with ICC must get their house in order. So my friend, I have to address the political issues also. Keep sending in your comments. I appreciate that very much.

  7. politicsfreecricket says:

    Mr Sam, I always look to you for my cricket news.however this article is too politcal for me . I am looking forward to your next article where you talk about youth cricket and high school cricket. i understand that as a writer you have to cover all aspect of cricket, but these politition does not deserve pen.