The list continues to grow but American College Cricket has announced that the following colleges are confirmed at this moment for possible participation in the national Championship to be played March 15-20, the 2011 American College Cricket Spring Break Championship. Confirmations continue to come in from all over the USA & Canada, with the deadline being 12/01/2010.

Ohio State Buckeyes Cheerleaders looking forward to March 2011.

32 colleges will participate in the 6 day event, and over 60 games will be played. The 2010 American College Cricket Spring Break Championship last March was the world’s largest cricket tournament ever, and featured 20 teams playing 47 games. The Live Video Broadcast on the web of the Semis and Finals was the first time ever American cricket was broadcast live, and the video link was carried by sites such as the International Cricket Council and Cricket Canada.

Major USA media such as the New York Times, Washington Post and Voice of America have covered the American College Cricket Championships.

The University of the West Indies participated as “Special Guests” in March 2010, and Universities’ teams from India, England, Pakistan and Australia have expressed interest in being “Special Guests”.

1. North Carolina State
2- Purdue University
3- Rutgers
4- Ohio State
5- University of Maryland (Baltimore County), UMBC
6- York University-Toronto
7- Montgomery College
8- New York University Polytechnic (NYU-Poly)
9- University of Southern California
10-York College
11-Texas Tech
12-George Mason
14-University of Iowa
15-St Cloud State University
16-Thunderbird School of Global Management
17-Penn State
18-Virginia Tech
19-Michigan State
20-City College
21-Carnegie Mellon
22-College of Wooster
23-Boston University
24-George Washington University
26-University of Minnesota
27-University of Miami
28-Indiana University
29-McGill University
30-Queens University
31-University of Florida
32-Florida International University
33-University of Central Florida
34-University of Tampa
35-UC Davis
36-Texas A & M
37-Cleveland State University
38-Vaughn College
39-Brooklyn College
41-Florida Atlantic University
42-Nova Eastern University
43-Minnesota State University
45-Cal State Long Beach

For confirmation, questions or assistance forming college clubs contact: Lloyd Jodah, 646 515 0712,