By Sam Sooppersaud
Now that the 2010 cricket season has ended, how will our cricketers spend their time? How will they maintain the level of physical fitness they attained during the five months of playing cricket, working out, and practicing?

During the season these weekend warriors (cricketers) have entertained cricket fans who flocked to the cricket parks from Hecksher to Westchester, from Brooklyn to Brentwood, from the (Far)  Rockaway Peninsula to the Long Beach Peninsula, and many cricket parks in between.

Inside of the facility at USAICC. Photo by Shiek Mohamed

Cricket fans have been awed by the budding stars, the future of cricket in the USA. They have witnessed in action players both from the USA senior team, including  the USA  senior team captain, Steve Massiah, displaying his all round cricket ability, along with  his USA teammates, star batsman Glenn Hall and paceman Kevin Darlington and others.  Plying their trade in the NYC cricket parks this season were USA Under – 19 stars, Kavishwar Bridgpaul and Andy Mohammed with others in various other parks in the NY Metropolitan areas.  Upcoming stars like Robin Das and Trevor Singh, both of whom scored centuries only two weeks ago, along with spin wizard, Samuil Ghandhi, showed why they are looked upon as future stars.

In order to be able to perform at a certain level, cricketer must, first, have the ability. However, having a natural ability does not necessarily translate into outstanding performances. A cricketer in addition to his ability must be mentally and physically fit in order for him to perform to the best of his ability. He has to “work” on his body as well as his game, do his roadwork, his exercises and stretching routines, and of course, practice his cricket skills.

Now that the season is over, does it mean that the cricketer’s routine is all over? I would say, not necessarily. I agree that the guys will now have to attend to all the chores around the house that were procrastinated in favor of cricket. Painting the rooms, fixing the leaking faucet and landscaping..  They have to finally find the time to take the wives out to dinner, get together with relatives, and fulfill other social events that were neglected during the cricket season.

I suppose that the weekend cricketers will be so busy during off season that cricket will have to take the back seat. No. He can still enjoy playing his favorite pastime. It is now fall and the weather is getting colder daily. Comes winter, the cold will keep us indoors, curtailing outdoor activities. Of course it will be too cold to play any cricket! That is play cricket outdoors! Cricket indoors, sure!

Yes, folks, here is where the USAICC comes to the rescue. The United States of America Indoor Cricket Club, located at 575 Merrick Avenue, in Westbury, Long Island, is a licensed and registered sporting (cricket) establishment that caters to the needs of cricketers, including indoor games, practice, cricket implements and clothing. It is housed in a very spacious former “tennis bubble”, large enough to provide four cricket lanes (pitches). The pitches are separated from each other by adequate safety nets. Each is full length (22 yards) with approximately 15 yards of run up space. The wicket surface is the same kind of astro turf that is used on the indoor  practice wickets at the famous Lords in England.

So, cricketers, there is no need to wait until the start of the 2011 cricket season to get yourselves ready. Why wait until April next year to get your body and game in shape?  Come out to the indoor facility in Westbury and work at your game. It’s easy to arrange. Get up a few guys, call the facility, set a time slot, and you are playing cricket!

Like anything we embark on that has a cost involved, we want to know how much. At USAICC the cost is affordable. An example: an average practice session runs about 2 hours in the parks during the cricket season. Let’s say you get up five of your buddies and the six of you make plan to do some practice at USAICC. A two hour session will cost each player less than $14.00.

Presently I am organizing some guys for a few practice sessions at USAICC. Individuals as well as whole teams can take advantage of this opportunity. For those who prefer it, a batting (bowling) machine is available. You may call the facility directly to schedule a practice session.  Call the owner/operator, Billa Ahmed or his assistant George Samuel (Joji), both former cricketers in the NY area. They will be happy to furnish you with further information. Contact information at USAICC: phone (516) 227-2422 or (917) 749-9732 (Cell), e-mail address: (Billa & Joji).  You may reach me at (718) 844-7236.  E-mail address: .

Start working on the 2011 cricket now, in 2010.



  1. Ricky says:

    Sam: The weather is too beautiful, and the boys are utilizing the various cricket grounds. You are always welcome to join them for the next fitness test. (FUN Activities)

  2. politicsfreecricket says:

    Mr Soopersaud, I hope you can convince some of your fellow High School Coaches to use this place.This would be great for the kids.

  3. Come on, guys, take advantage of this opportunity. Maybe the NYR UNder-19 can get much needed pracice a few afternoons. Ricky, call me, maybe I can work out a deal with USAICC.