By Darshan Chickery
It took them years, but Dynasty Cricket Club finally achieved the elusive one, being the champions of the West Indian Softball Association’s 30 Over Competition. The affair itself turned out to be a no contest. None the less, the much deserved accomplishment was celebrated by Dynasty and its supporters at the expense of Canje.

Vicky Subkaran

Even though the margin of victory was a whopping 106 runs, the game itself was a tense one. Before it began, the two teams were addressed by WISA’s President – Rabin Sharma and the umpires; Cecil Singh and Peter Persaud.

Dynasty took first strike and opened the batting with their familiar duo, Majid Khan and Nyan Rudra. The two negotiated Canje’s bowling cautiously for seven overs before Nyan was run out for 11. The dismissal brought former Guyana and West Indies youth wicket keeper batsman Gobin Narine to the crease. He and Majid played each deliver on its merit but frustrated Canje with some superb running between the wickets.

Canje’s first four bowlers failed to capture a wicket. That meant a change of strategy and perhaps the bowling. G. Matai (Old School) took the ball and was rudely greeted by Majid Khan who dispatched his first delivery to the fence. Majid calmly played the leg spinner’s next three deliveries before he was bowled with the fifth. He made 31 Canje had the breakthrough they badly needed but had to deal one of New York’s finest all rounder, Vicky Subkaran.

Gobin and Vicky took Dynasty to the break at 77 for 2. After the break, Gobin and Vicky continued to bat with caution and pressed Canje with some gritty running between the wickets until Gobin was run out for 27 by Tejpaul Gobin’s direct hit from short mid wicket. The score was 109 for 3 in the 21st over. The dismissal brought Vicky Narine to the crease and with him, the acceleration of Dynasty’s scoring began. Vicky and Ricky commenced a strategy of controlled aggression against Canje. Hence, a typical softball game took shape. Subkaran came down the track was bowled by ‘Old School’ in his attempt to hoist him over the top. He made 25.

Dynasty was bowled out for 190 in the 29th over. Their aggressive running between the wickets cost them four wickets. ‘Old School’ took 4 for 37 from six overs and J. Dhanai grabbed 2 for 26. Ricky Narine was Dynasty’s other main contributor with 31.

Asked to score just over 6 runs per over, Canje’s very confident openers; Javed Hussain and Ayube Jumadeen took to the crease. These two are largely responsible for Canje’s success in the playoffs. They had posted opening stands of more than a hundred in the last two games. Hence, much of Canje’s success was squarely placed on their shoulders. Dynasty had other ideas. They were gunning for their very first Premier Elite 30 Overs Title.

Hussain and Jumadeen survived Dynasty’s Vish Persaud and Vicky Subkaran first four overs before Jumadeen was caught off the bowling of Persaud in the fifth over for 1. Canje’s star batsman – Tejpaul Gobin came to the crease to join Hussain. They took the score to 30 before Hussain was out for 10 with the score on 24. Kumar joined Gobin and took the score to 34, albeit slowly. Then DISASTER struck for Canje. Gobin was caught off the bowling of Ricky Narine for 8. The saying used to be, Dynasty goes as Vicky Subkaran goes. Now the same can be said of Canje – Canje goes as Gobin goes.

The remainder of Canje’s innings was just a formality. They were bundled out an embarrassing 84. Mel Matai (12) and L. Kublall (10) were the other batsmen to get into double figures. Vish Persaud took 4 for 18 from his six overs. Ricky Narine supported him well with 4 for 33. Vicky Subkaran bowled four over for seven runs and took a wicket.

A presentation followed after the game. Dynasty’s players and supporters reveled in their success. Triple Crown anyone? Dynasty is the overwhelming favorites to capture its first Triple Crown. They play their first game in the 20 Over competition on Sunday Oct 3, 2010. Hence, their quest for the Triple begins.



  1. Canje says:

    United there was a triple crown won in WISA way before u guys did it, and tigers your triple doesnt count. But where in this article does it say that Dynasty is going to win the first ever triple crown in WISA.

  2. UNITED STARS says:


  3. tigers says:

    Mr chickery I would like to point out tigers won the first triple crown in woes