By Orin Davidson
His reign as New York cricket Director is about to come full circle.

Selwyn Caesar was given the position to replace his predecessor to arrest incompetence, but nothing has changed, rather things have gotten worse.

New York Region director Selwyn Ceasar.

Pundits feel  the man made director by default,  is existing on borrowed time and could be sent packing soon via a no-confidence motion – the same process through which he acquired the top post in New York cricket.

An inability to raise money for development, coupled with  poor decisions made, that are   inimical to the best interest of the game,  has characterized  a disastrous reign for Caesar who has outraged important members in the Region’s fraternity, in the process.

The New York team managed to win the Eastern Conference title, despite Caesar’s best efforts to derail its campaign in Atlanta Georgia last weekend.

His decision to select a player not eligibly nor accomplished enough to make the team, was Caesar’s latest gaff – an act which could spell the beginning of his end at the top.

The appointed New York selectors, were appalled by Caesar’s decision to change the team without their knowledge after their selections were made.

Fortunately the team’s morale was not dented as a result of the inclusion of Cameron Mirza when other better players were available.  It was not apparent  as they went on to win the title for the second straight year.

The fact that intense lobbying for the player’s inclusion was rejected  by the New York selectors, and also those in New Jersey where he is eligible to represent, and Connecticut,  made Caesar’s decision not only indecent,  but illegal as it was a gross  flouting of the criteria for New York selection.

And insiders claim it is not the first time the director has meddled in decisions outside of his responsibility.

He seems to have a fetish for picking select players and officials,  as he  did the same with the under-19 team earlier in the summer.

Due to Caesar’s bungling the senior team competed in Atlanta without a coach because he wanted the same person to perform in that capacity for the Under-15, under-19 and senior teams, it is claimed.

The state of the New York Cricket Committee’s finances remain parlous,  despite Caesar being given a mandate to correct it.

After more than a year in office, the same people  were forced to scrunt around for donations to fund the regional team’s participation in national competitions this year,  as has been the case previously, due  to the director’s inaction.

Noted physical trainer Victor Benjamin feels Caesar is in the game for personal gain, stating that he has never known any occasion  when the latter has made a decision in the interest of cricket, throughout  his long association with the game  which includes a stint as United States of America Cricket Association (USACA) treasurer.

“He needs to go, New York cricket would be in a much better place without him,” Benjamin declares.

Rudy Persaud, the Eastern American Cricket Association (EACA) league president is also not amused by the actions of the man who appointed him cricket coordinator for the Region.

“He does nothing except change decisions people have already made. He is supposed to find grounds for certain competitions, he is supposed to identify a youth coordinator, and he also does no fund- raising,” Persaud fumed. “ Right now  the Inter- League (competition) is stalled up for six weeks because he cannot find a ground. He calls on me to do almost everything he is supposed to be doing. I am supposed to appoint selectors and team officials among things, but often he goes behind my back and changes things up”. It is very frustrating,” Persaud lamented.

If nothing else, Caesar is good at finding money to travel to almost every competition staged around America and Toronto.

Given his penchant for flying, he would do the Region a favor by finding  a ticket out of  New York’s cricket for good.



  1. politicsfreecricket says:

    Well said Ricky.

  2. Ricky says:

    Berbician: Progress was made with the introduction of cricket in the NYC Public Schools, and the NYPD Youth League. Many still criticized these organisations for what they have done to promote youth cricket in the region. Offcourse, you would not expect all young cricketers produced by these organisations to compete at the regional levels, but these programs are the “grassroot” levels for players in NY, and many youngsters from these programs have moved on the represent the region at the U-15, and U-19 levels. Offcourse, we can look for other alternatives such as coaching schools, youth leagues, etc.. but this is not an easy task.

  3. Berbician says:


  4. Mr. Hole says:

    Berbician: Nothing personal against Mr. Benjamin, and I am not questioning his ability as a physical therapist, but if you get involved in USA cricket for personal gain then US cricket will not move forward.

  5. Berbician says:

    Looks like you have something personal against Mr.Benjamin? He is the physical therapist in USA and was also very good in Guyana.I had the pleasure of being trained to be fit to play in Guyana and USA.This is not about him or you but cricket in New York .Where it’s heading from where it is now.Do you see any progress? I don’t.

  6. Mr. Hole says:

    V. Benjamin: Caesar has done nothing good, please tell me what his wrong doings are.

    Yes, offcourse Mr. CEO wanted you to assist with the USA U-19 team. How can he not want you after you always force yourself into everything, just like the EACA T/20 league team. Why do you always force yourself into everything, and criticize the younger players that left your club? You will to the same to Kirton after he leaves your club.. I forgot you wanted to assist. Why would I debut you about rights and wrongs in US cricket? When last have you come out of your pocket to support anything? Smart move though to stand behind Kris, and Rudy. Another ex-police officer tactics…

  7. Mediator says:

    Until we allow whoever is elected to this position to do his job we will always get unfair and uninformed articles like these. The people who scream the loudest about what the Director is doing or not doing are the same people who constantly flout the rules and expect everything to go their way simply because they are able to raise some money. These people cannot stand to have a Director who, at least, tries to be independent. It happened to Morrishaw and it is happening to Caesar. In this 21st century, it is very disheartening to see that we still cannot leave the old insularity and prejudices behind and let us all work together in the common cause of taking cricket in America to the next level. In the final analysis, it is up to all of us to make that happen, but all we have now is a bunch of little men tearing each other down and each holding on to thier own narrow little territory. Selwyn Caesar might just be our best hope to move this Region. But Guys, he needs all our help,support and guidance, not villification and sabotage.

  8. Victor Benjamin says:

    Based on all the ignorant reactions I see here, any cricket loving fan like myself has to fear that the managing of the sport in New York and America on the whole, will have a hard time reaching any level of respectability. Most of those who reacted would have a hard time proving they have the development of cricket at heart, ahead of personal gain. As for this Mr Hole, you don’t know me, or else you think twice about trying to malign me. everything I do for cricket here is out of pure love for the game. i did not accompany the u-19 team to New Zealand for money. It was because of my voluntary service as physical trainer over the years, i was asked to do same by USACA. You want proof, just call up CEO Don Lockerbie. And if you have doubts about my ability just ask Roger Harper, Carl Hooper, Clayton Lambert, Leslain Lambert, Sudesh Dhaniran, Riohard Staples. all these guys respect me for what I did for them in Guyana and USA teams. I trained for six months in Cuba and Mexico in physical training and sports medicine. I have 22 gold medals at World Masters athletics championships over four competitions. So you Mr Hole, come one of it and and show yourself and lets debate the rights and wrongs in US cricket. When I assisted the EACA league team is because i wanted to help develop cricket all around the country. I get my satisfaction from opening the papers and seeing Guyana or USA winning. And i maintain Selwyn Caesar has done nothing good for USA cricket. Just provide the proof.

  9. Jasdeep singh says:

    dammm..everyone wants a piece of the cake,this entire article is a joke..ok may be not all of it.. the part with Camron mirza is true..They made a huge mistake to take him..they should’ve taken Kavishar Bridgepaul if they needed a replacement for anyone.
    Lets talk sense doesnt matter who you put to run the region you will have how about ..all the leagues and individuals involve call a general meeting at a place suitable for all and discuss the situation before it gets out of hand..seems like it is already..
    Mr Caesar in my opinion is a very respectable indiviual..hey we all have faults..Rudy,kris…etc etc ..its just human to have faults..


  10. A Trusted Lawyer says:

    This is a personal attack on a man that have done so much for NY Cricket. What does the author of this document have to do with NY Cricket? His motive can only be to create a national divide. If Benji is the only source of refence that he can quote in his document then it is not worth more than “toilet paper” It seems to to be a “Guyana Issue”, because only the Guyanes people seem to be maligned by Caesar. Frazier, Kris, benj and the author are all Guyanese. Orin stand up and be counted. You have alwyas come acroos as a credible journalist. Keep your head above the fray, and do not be dragged in dungeon of local dirty cricket politics.

  11. Youth Cricketer says:

    Kris: Take all that money and support the Inter-Country U-23 Twenty/20 Tournament. How much money did you donate to the NYR U-15, and U-19 teams?
    Someone told me that you went to Connecticut, because you and many others wanted to see the team fail. Please, remember that the youth cricketers are not stupied, or guinea pigs.

  12. Mr. Hole says:

    What is Victor Benjamin talking about? Why did he tour with the USA U-19 to New Zealand? All these f**king guys want is money, and uniforms. Benjie was running around with the EACA T/20 team couple weeks ago kissing Kris Prasad ass. Isn’t Benjie part of Brooklyn league? I forgot, Kris is the “money man” Kris claims that he can use his personal funds, but is it really his personal funds or maybe it’s USACA? Does that give him the right to call the shots in selecting any regional team, coach, or manager?

    Would he include a player in the regional team, because the region would benefit from that? Should he select his best friend Shivnarine to coach all the NY regional teams? Oh, I forgot Shiv is not content with coaching the US U-19 team. As we all know both he and Benjie received stipends ($$$) for their roles.

    These are the questions and individuals we should investigate, instead of crucifying Caesar for standing strong against these individuals.

    How did Caesar get elected Regional Director? Kris threw the previous the Director’s off the ship, and probably thought that he would be able to manipulate Caesar. Boy, you were wrong!!

    Understand that Mirza represented the NYR at the U-15 and U-19 levels prior to this…

    Send Caesar packing and New York Cricket will go to the dogs….. Ruff Ruff !!
    Yes, I agreed that he made a vital mistake by opting for young Cameron Miza as a replacement player, but maybe no one else were willing to pay for the last minute airfare. So what does he do then, let the team function with only 11 players?? Your call…….

  13. Berbician says:

    Caeser,always is the very Mr.Sly sitting on the fence to see which way things are going before he jumps on the wagon.This is the guy who goes with the team either as a manager or some position that seems to fit him.Throw his A** out.

  14. Mr Singh says:

    I think Orin is a sk***t and Mr Casear is doing a good job,,,

  15. Your Hero says:

    Wow Orin, an article without promoting Linder Fraser.

    “He seems to have a fetish for picking select players and officials, as he did the same with the under-19 team earlier in the summer.” COMPLETEY FALSE!!

    I do not think this is about Caesar, but about current and recent NYR officals whom are very uneasy because they were not included in NY Regional Cricket. It must be reasons why these individuals were neglected by the region. The Region is better off without these individuals…

    Reasons are money issues, scams (yes), favortisms, egoistic,legal issues, and the lists goes on…