By Orin Davidson
Another controversial  decision by the New York cricket authorities has plunged  the Regional governing body under leader Selwyn Caesar, to a new low in the run-up to the United States of America Cricket Association  (USACA) Eastern Conference championship currently underway in Atlanta, Georgia.

Cameron Mirza. (Photo by Shiek Mohamed)

Apart from  the continued exclusion of  Linden Fraser, who coached New York to a title winning performance  last year,  this time around the selection  of batsman Cameron Mirza has left  the Committee’s tainted  reputation  in a worse state.

Prior to team selection, the criteria spelled out  for team selection was participation in the New York Inter League competition,  but  Mirza, a young New Jersey resident never took the field for either of the seven League teams that competed here.

He was selected  after national middle order batsman Rashard  Marshall withdrew  from the squad due to work commitments.  It left  better  qualified and accomplished players including  Romano Deane, Karan Ganesh and Kavesh Bridgepaul  sidelined, as a result.

According to reports, extensive lobbying was made for Mirza to be included in the Connecticut (North East) and New Jersey (Atlantic) teams , but  those attempts were rebuffed.

In trampling upon its principles,  the New York committee  is continuing to make a mockery of the Region’s once high standing in United States cricket.

Steve Massiah has been retained to captain New York which also includes national players Kevin Darlington as vice captain and Adrian Gordon while former West Indies fast bowler Adam Stanford  is picked for the first time. All-rounder  Barrington Bartley is also in the mix as is  promising batsman  Andy Mohamed and  New Zealander Stuart  Mills,  a student in New York. It is not clear whether Mills is qualified to represent the United States, which is a prerequisite for regional selection.

New York plays Connecticut in their opening game Friday  and  will oppose New Jersey in  the key clash Saturday.   They  take on Florida/Georgia ( South East ) in their last game Sunday. The team is handled by former  New York director Carlyle Miller as coach.

New Jersey has been boosted  by the inclusion of former Guyana and West Indies spin bowler Neil McGarrell as captain as well as ex West  Indies paceman Jermain Lawson. Former United States fast bowler Imran Iwan  is also in the lineup as well as fellow discard Clain Williams.



  1. smoky says:

    to Eyes on the balls – here are the statistics for you
    Mehta – 329 runs in 11 games avg 36.56 , Gohus – 203 in 7 games Avg of 29 and Mishra – 250 runs in 13 games avg 22.73 , now you tell me if these guys are front line batsmen who only score under 330 runs in one season and you expect them to play for the Region .. there are players like Basit Niazi with 954 runs, Abey Joesph – 550 , Priyesh Shah 572 , Kunal Baride – 764 ,Chintan Modi – 569 n .. there are 20 batsmens who have scored 2 times than these 3 players , only Shawn scored 435 runs , but these 3 players have done nothing as compared to other 20 players and mind you Mehta and Mishra open the innings and still there score is does not cross 350 , where as Basit bats middle order and score over 1000 runs , now kindly let me know how much Mirza has scored during the season 2010. Atleast now people should realize that mishra , mehta and Ghous have god father in the selection …

  2. Eyes on the ball says:

    I cant say much about the selection for the Atlantic region, but Mirza’s selection was just ludicrous. and to Smoky and company if you cannot speak with class and get your point across you should not waste your time typing these comments. You should also name the players who are better that Mehta, Mishra, Ghous and Shawn. Check the records for these players on and the last time I check Ghous was a national player. Back in NY Deane, Mendonca, Bilal and Adil stake greater claims that Mirza, Bridgepaul and Ganesh. Another tournament is coming this November lets see how the selectors fair then. Till next time this is eye on the ball leaving the wicket.

  3. Your Hero says:

    I think Cameron Mirza played for Tristate last year in the New York Region.
    He also represented the NYR at the U-15, and U-19 levels, but never represented the Atlantic Region. I think his coach was Linden Fraser while playing with Tristate. What ever happened to that team? They had a few good young players…

  4. Disgruntled says:

    This is not about Mr.Mirsa,only the idiots and selfish officials including the captain.Maybe someone got good benefits.

  5. smoky says:

    Question : is Cameron Mirza the only talented player in New York Region , dont you see anyone else talented of his age , secondly if he is so talented then why dint he get a place in New Jersey . Secondly you need to accept that YES most of the players play for MONEY and thats why your so called talented player got selected and there are others who lick ” B**** ” and get into the playing 11 . Mr.Mehta , Mr. Mishra , Mr. Gohus and Shawn .. Just look with your eyes and brain open and will find many more talented players .. but the problem with them is they dont have money and they dont lick …

  6. Your Hero says:

    Why blame this young man? The blame should be on the player that committed to attend the tournament, but then decided to pull out the last minute. Offcourse, he can do this because it’s not his money that was spent to buy the ticket.

    Do you think the region or another player would have spent so much money to purchase a ticket at such a short notice.

    smoky: Our young talents should focus on playing cricket for the “right reasons” Many are misled by a few Individuals who plays for money…

    Offcourse, teams can reward players for their performance…

  7. smoky says:

    Stop saying ” Young talent ” there are many more talented players in New York and New Jersey why Cameron Mirza .. i am sure there is something more than talent ..and thats the reason he was selected .. my question is why dint he find place in New Jersey ?????????

  8. who care says:

    Hello, readers it is good to give your view about what is going on with the cricket in the USA this that went on last weekend was a disgrace and a slap in the faces of people who is trying to do the right thing Mr Cameron Mirza that is a young kid like any other young who might have some talent I could understand his parent would like to see their son playing for the region and some day playing for the USA ,but they are not the people to be blame for what went on last weekend in Atlanta, it was the regional director who take it on him self to include Mirza in the New York team with out consulting no one else and that is bull s*** and the captain him self could have don some thing about this that is just to show how much interest he has in USA cricket just to captain and make a fool of him self with his arrogant self

  9. johndoe says:

    Cameron Mirza just spent 10 weeks in Essex, England. He was scouted while playing there and called to trials for Worcestershire Country at the end of August prior to his return to finish High School. He stayed in England longer than planned to attend these trials.

    Cameron played for the New York Region U15 and U19 three years ago and U19 for the past two years. He is no stranger to the New York Region.

    All of the complainers should be SUPPORTING this young man and the NY Region for supporting youth cricket. Everyone is always screaming that the USA should be getting the youths involved, but yet when they do, the complaints still flow freely.

    Why are you so critical of the decision to include this 17 year old player who has accomplished so much in such a short amount of time? How many players, including those complaining about the decision, have accomplished what Mirza has? This is especially valid because Mirza has made these accomplishments in a test playing nation.

    Please, put some of your energy into SUPPORTING the NYCR and its players instead of always just tearing it down. Cricket in the region and the country will be better off for it.

  10. smoky says:

    Its time to change the selection panel , as the players know very well ” who’s B***S to lick . This is really going to take the level of USA cricket to the extreme bottom . New Jersey Cricket selection panel is really horrible as a lot of people already knew who will be in the Squad , can you imagine how transparent it is about the selection . People dont perform in the league games nor are they present for selection but they are in the Playing squad and lead the team . These kind of players are selfish and self- centered and can never do any good to the National team . Its really time to change he selection panel and the selection criteria . The league performance has to be taken into consideration and the player has to be on the ground on the day of selection . If he cant make it for the selection then that player cant be in the squad and for sure cant lead the team.

  11. Your Hero says:

    The New York Region had a strong and young squad. All the players selected have performed in their respective leagues. The only blunder is the addition of Cameron Mirza.

  12. smoky says:

    the new jersey team has players who have not done great or even basic but still made a place in the region .. this clearly shows that the selectors have there own fixed players and they should stop this DRAMA of selection or trials … how the hell Siddharth Mehta , Aditya Mishra and Gohus got into the team .. there are so many players who have done great ..

  13. kenan says:

    The selection criteria Sucks .. there is a lot of politics involved .. Siddharth Mehta was not available for trails and got selected and made Vice-captian . If players cant make it for the trails and get selected which clearly shows that there is a lobby and players know it very well they are selected , Aditya Mishra is also a classic case .. with no performance in the league games they still find there place easily in the region .. where as other players who play and perform the entire season have to sit out and watch these idiots play .. the criteria should be set and league performance has to be the key factor in selection.. the reason for this is that during the trails the batsmen, bowler , wicket-keeper and feilder get a limited opportunity to prove ..

  14. Berbician says:

    TO Officials,
    This nonsense has to stop sooner than later.You guys are destroying cricket at best.Why are people picking someone just because his parents can buy his ticket or maybe buy tickets for others in the team?Is this a new criteria for selection? You can be the coach if you buy your own ticket?Basically, you can buy your way to any tournament being held?Maybe some folks should step up and answer some questions, only if the have the B***s to do it.What are the selectors doing? Are you supposed to pick the best available and only those who play in NY leagues should be picked?

    We have lots more questions

  15. Your Hero says:

    Question: Did all the players selected meet the criteria?

    Prior to team selection, the criteria spelled out for team selection was participation in the New York Inter League competition.