By Orin Davidson
More than three years since a new constitution was written and a year since a paid Chief Executive Officer was appointed, all designed to fast forward the development of United States cricket, with serious intent, recent developments suggest some stakeholders are bent on sabotaging the quest for change.

If you would think New York would’ve been the trailblazers for modernization.

Think again.

Eastern American Cricket Association president Rudy Persaud.

Actually New York cricket management is still as backward as ever and it has little to do with the continued exclusive use of archaic matting pitches for all competitions.

Just this last week, one of the  few  straight thinking officials  attempted to enforce  competition rules  in the Eastern American Cricket  League but  was  threatened and  abused  as a result.

He has to endure such barbaric behavior because he chose to do the right thing in upholding a protest against Enmore club which clearly flouted the rules by fielding an ineligible player in the League’s playoff series.

Rudy Persaud did not mirror the actions of most New York officials who indulge in curry-favor and graft but is being deemed a villain as a result.
The fact he did what any cricket official would do in any serious cricket country, tells you all about  the  uncivil thinking prevalent in the fraternity.
And to add insult to injury the disgruntled dug up the Baisley Park pitch where many of the EACA games are played.

If the rules state players have to play at least two games to be eligible for a competition, you have to comply.  Don’t expect an official to condone flouting the rules as if we are still living in the Wild  West.

It is comparable to having the United States select West Indian star Shivnarine Chanderpaul to represent the U.S. and getting upset when that team  is  kicked out of the competition.

Such thinking explains the stagnation the game has endured here over the years although organized cricket has been in existence in America since Noah built his arch.

And if you think such  actions   are abominable,  some officials are acting just as worse.

New York Region chairman Selwyn Caesar.

Current New York chairman Selwyn Caesar tops the list.

This individual has been around the game here since those Noah days but his thinking has remained stone age despite all the real and prospective changes going on around him at the national level.

He continues to act as though cricket is still staged for the benefit of middle age men with  nothing else to do with their time. Presently, when serious efforts are being made to take America’s cricket closer to Test and ODI levels of acceptance, it seems  everything enters one ear of Caesar’s and exits the other.

Merit and accountability apparently means nothing to this individual.

Case in point.

Caesar recently presided over the continued debarring of America’s most accomplished coach Linden Fraser from handling regional teams.

When asked to explain the latest decision to remove Fraser from this year’s New York Under-19 team, to the fans and supporters, through the media, the highest ranking official in New York Region bluntly refused.

His response was, “you write whatever you want to write, I have nothing to say”.

Caesar’s action was the same when Fraser was cut from the senior New York team immediately after winning the Eastern Conference title last year.
Incredible but true.

In the year 2010, the person in charge of New York cricket, thinks nothing of blatantly flouting his most important responsibility, which is to make the game accountable to fans and supporters without which, cricket would cease to exist around the world.

You get the impression every important function the New York Region performs is of no business to the fans and players, according to Caesar’s thinking.

And this is an individual who was appointed to replace the last New York chairman, supposedly removed for incompetence.

What is even more frightening is that the people who made Caesar’s appointment possible are the ones currently charged with making decisions at the various leagues around the Region.

With such liabilities around, New York’s cricket has no place to go except backwards.



  1. Your Hero says:

    I am still trying to figure out the title of the article.

    “Stone Age Thinking Continues To Hurt New York Cricket”

    One would think with the addition of two youth programs
    such as PSAL, and NYPD the youth cricket in NY would flourish,
    but Mr. Davidson thinks otherwise, not sure why??

  2. Youth Cricketer says:

    Not taking anything away from the current youth players in NY, 5-6 years ago we have excellent players such as A. Kirton, A. Dodson, F. Mendonza, S. Hussain, R. Dean, S. Metha, J. Thomas, S. Bari, etc… that made NY a dominated force in youth cricket.

    The NYR U-15 team made it to the 2010 USACA finals, but was unfortunate to not win the title. Not taking anything away from the Ca team, but the
    NYR U-15 team lacked experienced, and you can’t say that we had better players. We had to work with the few players that were committed.

    T. Ross was the only players with experience, but R. Wilson, and Z. Tariq (both from PSAL)made special contribution. Almost, %80 of the players from the NYR U-15 team came out of the PSAL program, but like any other program not
    all the players can compete at the higher level.

    Offcourse special effort must be made to prioritize the New York Youth Program, but we must commend the PSAL,and NYPD for taking an initiative
    in promoting youth cricket.

    You talk about including players of all descends such as from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, etc… If I may recalled, we had almost 50 players that were present at the U-19 trials, and about %50 were not of West Indian descends, but you know the commitment issues we faced with some of these players…

    Lester: Rocky Kowchai, Amarnauth Persaud, Trevor Singh, Abrar Zafar, Jazeb Tariq, Zahib Tariq, SM Rahman, Reazul Karim, Hugh Craig, Imran Mahzar, etc… are all products of the PSAL or NYPD programs

    All the above players are currently playing league cricket in their respective leagues, but these players were only identified 2 years ago, and they still have a long way to go. They will only sail into the sun set if they are not given the support that is desperately needed.

    Teenagers are very sensitive when dealing with certain issues, so we need to reinforce positive thinking on and off the cricket field. They are quick to point fingers and blame others for not succeeding.

    Will chat with you later boss…

  3. Lester says:

    @ youth cricketer…of course we can compare ourselves to CA. Although I agree with you that they have perfect weather and are better off financially, that did not prevent NY region from dominating them in the 5-6 years. What has changed? We now have a few indoor facilities which helps a lot. What has changed in CA is attitude. They decided to make a better effort in changing the climate in CA and making their youth program a priority . We were very much on top in the youth cricket department a few years ago and that my friend has changed. Yes Tristae and NY Coaching School were suppose to supplement the efforts of the region but obviously that has not proved effective. I dont understand your statement about programs serving a purpose for adminstrators of said programs. I’m currently the president of Tristate and I know we are willing to help out in any way shape or form. If it means helping out with refreshments for a youth tryouts or transportation, whatever! However, I still maintain that the climate in NY is too exclusive instead of inclusive. Instead of having all the different schools pop up here and there, we need to get a competent youth coordinator in place who would then try and indentify an officer in all the various communities( Pakistan,India, Bangladesh etc).

    You mention a few players earlier who came out of the NYPD and PSAL programs.

    Lester: Rocky Kowchai, Amarnauth Persaud, Trevor Singh, Abrar Zafar, Jazeb Tariq, Zahib Tariq, SM Rahman, Reazul Karim, Hugh Craig, Imran Mahzar, etc… are all products of the PSAL or NYPD programs

    Do you agree that those players should be further ahead than they are now? If nothing is done these youngsters will finish under 19 and sail off into the sun set. Then another crop will come out of the PSAL and NYPD and the same cycle occurs. If I’m not mistaken all the above players with maybe the exception of Tariq actually played their last year of under 19 or maybe have 2 years left. If you know who the current youth coordinator is please ask him to get on the ball.

    Any further discussion on this topic we will have in person.

  4. Youth Cricketer says:

    Lester: We had the NY Coaching School, Tristate program, etc…that were implemented to assist the youths, but programs of such should serve a purpose for the region and the players, not the administrators of the programs.

    Also, alot of the experience players who are capable of coaching are too selfish and greedy. Many of them claim they want to help the youngsters, but then again they look for compensation and the “spotlight”.

    I agree that the region should implement a coaching program in place, but we can’t compare the Ca region with NY region due to the fact that Ca have ideal weather year round, and have invested alot more financially in youth cricket.

  5. Lester says:

    YouthSupporter obviously you know who I am but unfortunately I dont know who you are since you choose to post under a different name and thats the problem with most of you guys in this region. You jump on a message board and discuss cricket but you choose not to indentify yourself. I have supported youth cricket in this region regardless of who is involved and RICKEY AKA YOUTH CRICKETER CAN TESTIFY TO THAT. I stand by my statements posted but still believe that there are lots of people in this region who can and will help to build our youth structure including the current coach and manager of our youth team. For you to make a statement like that about…”I think what lester is trying to say is—we should not support PSAL and NYPD CRICKET UNLESS HE OR FRASER IS INVOLE” is quite idiotic. All Im trying to say is that the region needs to make sure that there is a process involve that would be able to take those youngsters out of those programs and implement some sort of coaching structure that would make them competitive at the next level. As of now there is no such program up and running. Instead of making it an us versus them situation, I challenge you to come up with a solution. If you look at the CA region, they have invested in programs that are currently comming to frutation. Some of the guys who could not make the team 2 years ago are now scoring centuries at the youth level. Lets make that investment 9 barring the politics) and give our youngsters the full opportunity.

  6. Youthsupporter says:

    I think what lester is trying to say is—we should not support PSAL and NYPD CRICKET UNLESS HE OR FRASER IS INVOLE.

  7. Your Hero says:

    Lester: The players mentioned represented the NY region for the first time, but we cannot measure success based on one season. Amarnauth Persaud have represented the USA U-15 team in th past, and Zahib Tariq should win a spot on the next USA U-15 team. Rocky Kowchai, Hugh Craig, Jazeb Tariq, etc.. are very promising young cricketers, and we should continue to support them.

    Yes, we all know that the T/20 version of cricket played in the PSAL and NYPD are not the best option for the youths, but it’s better than what we had before. I am positive that many of these youths are also playing club cricket within their respective leagues.

    “Success is based on failure”
    Youth Cricketer

  8. Lester says:


  9. Youth Cricketer says:

    Lester: Rocky Kowchai, Amarnauth Persaud, Trevor Singh, Abrar Zafar, Jazeb Tariq, Zahib Tariq, SM Rahman, Reazul Karim, Hugh Craig, Imran Mahzar, etc… are all products of the PSAL or NYPD programs.

    Offcourse, most of PSAL coaches are learning the game, but remember not any ‘John Doe” can coach a PSAL cricket team. PSAL has certain requirments which we all know is very important in dealing with youths. We are not in the West Indies, Pakistan, India, etc.. where youngsters are already motivated to play the sport. In the States, we have to motivate and instill positive values to the few youngsters that may show interest in the sport.

    Offcourse, just playing cricket is not the objective, but youngsters must be given the opportunity to make improvement. For example, many of the top NYR youth players have many flaws, but why critize them, it only makes it worst..

    What can we do to move NY Cricket forward?? Give all rights to Linden Fraser and his disgruntled entourage….

  10. Buxton Linetop says:

    MR Davidson.

    I happened to come accross this article that you wrote and I suggest that you interview spectators and cricketers from a wide spectrum and you will get the full story as to how the EACA is running. For your information there is so much biasness and favoritism it is unbelieviable. The Enmore issue you wrote about, to my mind came form the person who doesn’t want to look bad and probably he is guilty of favoritism. Richmond Hill was beaten badly by Enmore in the Semi. so go figure it out. ” Case in Point commented on the facts” EACA needs to be educated on all aspects of running an organization.

  11. Youthsupporter says:

    @ lester apparently you have not been watching or you choose not to—

    “we can’t find 6 players from those tournaments who can fight for a place in the NY regional team. Whi is that? Over 40 teams combined in both tournaments and yet we struggle to decent players to select. ” SIMPLY NOT TRUE. check again.

  12. Lester says:

    @Your Hero….It appears that your definition of a coach differs to mine. I agree there needs to be rapport between player and coach. You mention the PSAL and NYPD, apart from from Kavishawar Bridgepaul, Dominic Gomes and the new kid Tariq, can you name one other player who is a product of said tournaments? We all talk about NYPD and PSAL ( which by the way is coached by individuals who are now learning the game) but yet we can’t find 6 players from those tournaments who can fight for a place in the NY regional team. Whi is that? Over 40 teams combined in both tournaments and yet we struggle to decent players to select. You and I can go back and forth on this but I’ve been in the mud with NYR youth program and based on my experience, we are moving backwards.

    If just playing cricket is the standard we are going to set then so be it. I however believe in being the best and in order to do that you pick the most qualified who is equipped to get the job done. We can all go out there and coach but there are certain drills and facilitating techniques that only a qualified coach would know. Anyway this is the end of this debate for me. I hope in a few years I can look back and say I was wrong.

  13. Your Hero says:

    You talk about maintaining the high standard of cricket in our youth program. Offcourse, all the “hearsay” about Fraser coaching qualifications, but other individuals are also qualified to coach youths as well, maybe even better. Coaching is not only about cricket… if you know what I mean. The coach must have a good rapport with players on and off the cricket field.

    Be honest here Lester, 5 steps back?? I am not sure where you got this from, but NY youth cricket is heading in the right directions with the addition of PSAL, and the NYPD youth league. We may not have the crop of talented youths as before, but the show must go on.

    So the region should make Fraser a “Head Coach” to instruct the few individuals who are interested in coaching. Seriously, do you really think this is going to work?? Please remember it’s not about the “individual” who has given his heart and soul to youth cricket, but the many youths who may
    benefit from playing cricket.

    We dealt with off field issues before, and many of us continued to support youth cricket, so why is it so different now. It makes me wonder if their’s a few individuals who are in for the wrong reasons…

  14. Lester says:

    @ Your Hero…I’m not saying he should coach all NY regional teams. I’m saying that in order to maintain the high standard of cricket in our youth cricket we need the most qualified person at the helm. If this individual has been successful in the past, even better. When you replace one of your most qualified coaches without an explanation it serves as an eye opener. You mention giving other people a chance, well we have the under 15 and under 17. Instead of excluding him why not try and have him instruct a few individuals who desire that chance of coaching in the NY region. I’m not advocating one individual but when that individual has given his heart and soul to youth cricket in the region and is threated in that manner, it serves as notice as to the off the field issues affecting our cricket.
    We all support NY region cricket but it becomes very hard to do so when the various actions of cricket adminstrators puts us 5 steps back everytime we take 2 forward.

  15. Your Hero says:

    Lester: So what you are saying is that Fraser should coach all the NY regional teams. Don’t we have other individuals in NY that is capable of coaching? We know that Fraser is a good coach, but other people need to be given a chance as well. Even if Fraser is not the coach of not, we all should still support NY regional cricket. Please understand that individuals cannot neglect decisions made by the regional body. Furthermore, it’s wrong to attack the regional director for doing his job.

    Orin: Please make use of you “penmanship” in the future. Why not report facts, instead of “hearsay”

  16. Lester says:

    @ Your Hero….thats a question for the regional board. I look forward to the answer.

  17. ifticar says:

    Zamin is the root of the problem in the league not Rudy Persaud.If and when Zamin Quits ,the league will get a new secretary and Mr Persaud will able to function like a President and not a scape goat.

    Rudy Persaud you need to step up to the plate and act like a president and dont let Zamin the razor blade Amin tells you what to do..Be a man and take charge.Good luck Mr Persaud.

  18. Cn Sharma says:

    Year after year the EACA is getting more CONTROVERSIAL!!! WHAT’S IN STORE FOR 2011 ?????

  19. ray says:

    Hey Guys,

    Maintain a civil discourse!

  20. Your Hero says:

    Lester: So the NYCR has something against Linden Fraser?? Their must be a reason or reasons why Fraser was not considered as coach for the U-19 team.

  21. howzdat says:

    Ifticar, you keep making accusations without any proof? What decisions did Zamin make? I don’t play either so I don’t need to say anything good. Show me some proof rules-wise or shut up. If so, I’ll shut up.There should be a committee without any team-ties but everyone on it has some kind of team connection. I wouldn’t blame Zamin if he quits because of all this crap you guys bring up.

  22. ifticar says:

    Guys, the fact is Zamin is making all the desicion in the league,poor Rudy is just being used for his ability to get things done..Rudy need to wake up and see the guys around him that makes him look like a poppet.

    Howzat, Zamin has what integrity? you probably have to kiss Zamin … to play or say good things about him,well good luck.

    Next election in the EACA will see a new executives,lets say they keep MR Rudy Persaud. Zamin will quit even before you know it.

    And no I dont play cricket.

  23. Youthsupporter says:

    The U-19 squad had a tremendous past weekend, yet that was not mention, all I am reading about is who did not coach the squad, not how well they did or how the current coach did a fantastic job. I guess if it is not a NEGATIVE story its not worth reporting.

  24. Youthsupporter says:

    Well said Youth Cricketer.

  25. Youth Cricketer says:

    No need to revisit history. Let’s just move on and support youth cricket in the Tristate area. Most of our youths are heading in the right directions, and we all should support them, regardless of whose in charge in terms of regional director, coach, or manager.

  26. Cn Sharma says:

    The EACA should have it’s Competition Rule completely defined next year and not be compromise to suit certain teams and individual….

  27. Lester says:

    @ Your Hero…you seem to know why Fraser was blacklisted so do tell.

  28. Your Hero says:

    Mr Davidson: Why attack the NYR director for doing the “right thing”?

    Offcourse, merit and accountability are important, but what about discipline, and fairness? Your boy Fraser had the opportunity to coach various NY Regional teams, but please understand that he’s not the only coach in NY.

    The NYR had successful tours during the USACA U-15 National Tournament and the U-19 Eastern Conference Junior Tournament, but you failed to report nothing about the two youth tournaments, why is that? Now you accused the regional director of not supporting youth cricketer. Maybe it was no interest to you and your disgruntled friends, because Fraser was not appointed as coach?
    There’s a saying…. “If you are not in it, why support it”?

    Come on let the fans and cricketers know the truth why Fraser was “blacklisted” as you stated..

    Journalist are usually objective, but maybe you should become a promoter??

  29. howzdat says:

    Ifticar, I can guarantee that Zamin has more integrity in his little finger than you probably have in your whole body. Your ass should be sued for libel. All you guys ever do is run your mouth without knowing any facts and probably because ACS always cuts y’all ass. Do you even play?

  30. case(s) in point says:

    1. Yes u r right and I quote from your article. “If the rules state players have to play at least two games to be eligible for a competition, you have to comply. Don’t expect an official to condone flouting the rules as if we are still living in the Wild West”….now, Mr Zamin Amin (additional secretary, treasurer)played Diyanan Roopnarine in the semis, who had only played one game, and his explanation was rule doesn’t apply to under 19.

    2. Yes u r right, NY cricket is nothing more than a balm to soothe egos of middle aged men….NY under 19 team is a case in point with youngsters some of whom didn’t play this season in NY, but were flown in to represent NY, and the youngsters who performed all year in NY are disheartened. Guess who is a selector Mr. Zamin Amin.

    3. Enmore showed their score sheet, and an email from the umpire showing the concerned player had participated in more than two games. The EACA disciplinary committee deemed it not sufficient evidnence, when they had just ruled in favor of Mr. Zamin’s team, of playing players who had less than two games.

    4. Any where in the world protests are heard by parties with no conflict of interest, and if there is any, the conflicting parties stand down. In EACA protests were heard by the parties who were the subject of these protests. Go figure.

    I could go on and on….but most players and cricket lovers in EACA know all of this already. You as a journalist should not spread rumors, but do the due research, this web site is frequented by a lot of people who deserve better.

  31. Your Hero says:


    Why are you still in the league if you do not trust the President, and the executive body? All the protest, and lawsuits over cricket is uncalled for. Only in EACA.

  32. ifticar says:

    Eastern American Cricket league is a total joke.. Rudy Persaud is only the president by name,however certain individual runs the league behind the scene.. Rudy is a total scape goat.Someone should do a total investigation into the league and then you will see the truth behind the whole league.
    The secretary resign from the league since the season didn’t start yet and the season almost finish and no secretary was appointed as yet.Reason for that Mr Amin Zamin is doing the job .Mr Rudy dont want to call a meeting because a new secretary will be appointed.As for the tresurer of the league he is only named treasurer as a position being filled by an Indian.Ask him about any finance..he knows absolutely nothing. Rudy and Zamin Amin has that portion of the report.Zamin Amin is a huge problem in the EACA.
    I am hoping that someone from the higher athority reads this and do a full invistigation into executive and finance of the EACA.

  33. Your Hero says:

    Mr. Davidson: How can you say that New York cricket has no place to go except backwards? Please write about facts next time, and stay away from promoting certain individuals.

    “Presently, when serious efforts are being made to take America’s cricket closer to Test and ODI levels of acceptance, it seems everything enters one ear of Caesar’s and exits the other.”

    Seriously Orin, Test level???