Shaheen VS Panthers
On Saturday 3rd July, Shaheen VS Panthers at Seaview Ave. Panthers batted first and score 250 for 9 from 40 overs, Ulfat Shehzad 51, Nousherwan Adil 43, Abdul Qayyum 49, Salman Ahmad 30, bowling for Shaheen, Manzar Shah picked 4 for 69 from 4 overs, Skipper Imtiaz Ali picked up 2 for 34 from 8 overs, Moon picked up 2 for 33 from 8 overs.

Nousherwan Adil hits a boundary.

Shaheen 179 all out, Awais Butt 62, Asad Khan 59, bowling for Panthers, Imran Haider picked up 3 for 21 from 4 overs, Nousherwan Adil picked up 4 for 25 from 6 overs, and Shabaz picked up 2 for 21 from 5 overs. Panthers winning by 71 runs.

Brooklyn Stars VS Challengers
On Saturday 3rd July, Brooklyn Stars VS Challengers. Brooklyn Stars 109 all out, Asim 28, and Kaiser 26, bowling for Challengers, Tamoor picked up 4 wickets, Fahad Muhgal picked up 3 wickets and Burhan picked up 2 wickets. Challengers 110 for 4 wickets, Iftikhar 42 not out. Challengers winning by 6 wickets.

Panthers VS Jinnah
On Sunday 4th July, Panthers VS Jinnah, Jinnah 157 all out, A.Khan 46, Imran 30, and Wasim 28. Bowling for Panthers Skipper Salman Ahmed bowling off spin finish with 4 for 19 from 7 overs, Shabaz picked up 3 for 35 from 6 overs, and Ulfat Shehzad picked up 2 for 16 from 4 overs. Panthers 154 for 3, Ulfat Shehzad with a blazing 43, Nousherwan Adil with a typical aggressive 69 not out, bowling for Jinnah Waseem Arif 1 for 44 from 7 overs, and Ansar 1 for 39 from 6 overs. Panthers winning by 7 wickets.

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