Orient Bostic lead Imperial to victory with a composed 40. (Photo by Zaheer Saffie)

On Saturday 6/19, match played at Marine Park C, Middlesex claim the toss and batted first. Middlesex 190 all out from 35 overs, Extras topped scored with 40, Joseph Ledwridge 32, Dominic Audain 27, Mark Audain 23, bowling for Punjab, Skipper Shaoib (Barbar) Chaudhary picked up 4 for 42 from 8 overs, and Naeem Arif picked up 4 for 37 from 8 overs. Punjab 191 for 7 from 34 overs. Bilal Ahmed 68, Shaoib Chaudhary 32 Not Out, and Adnad Khan 30. Bowling for Middlesex, former Windies fast bowler Adam Sanford picked up 4 for 38 from 8 overs, Dominic Audain picked up 2 for 36 from 8 overs and Chandrapaul Roopnarine picked up 1 for 30 from 4 overs.
Punjab winning by 3 wickets.

On Saturday 6/19, match played at Seaview Ave and 108th street, Cavaliers VS Pak Kashmir. Pak Kashmir 116 all out, Asim Shah 19, and Ijaz Butt 15 were the two main contributors, bowling for Cavaliers, former Windies fast bowler Cameron Cuffy picked up 3 Wickets, Cavaliers 117 for 4 wickets, Orlando Mofford 48.
Cavaliers winning by 6 wickets.

On Sunday 6/20, match played at Marine Park A, Imperial VS Punjab. Punjab 169, Bilal Ahmed topped scored with 48, bowling for Imperial, Byron Mars picked up 3 for 28 from 7 overs, and Andy Douglas 2 for 29 from 7 overs. Imperial 173 for 7 wickets, Orient Bostic 40, Jason Williams 33, Foster Lewis 30 and Dexter Curbin 20.
Imperial winning by 3 wickets.

Contributed by Mark Audain

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