Jinnah C.C. vs Wanderers
Jinnah C.C. won their first game in the Brooklyn League, last Sunday. Jinnah made 234/9 in 35 overs. Wanderers C.C 71 all out in 15.2 overs. Top scorers were Imran 47, A-Khan 39 and Raheel 34 not out. Great spell by Waseem who took 6 wickets for 20 runs in 7 overs.

Punjab vs Panthers

On Saturday 6/26 at Marine Park A, it was Punjab VS Panthers. Punjab batted first and scored 188 from 33 overs. Qasim Javed top scored with an aggressive 61, and Naeem Arif with a well played 39, bowling for Panthers, Captain Salman Ahmad picked up 3 wickets, 2 Wickets a piece for  Syed Salman and Adil Ali. Panthers 175 all out, Ulfat Shazad top scored with a polished 39, and supported by Quyyum with a gutsy 29, bowling for Punjab, Rizwan Akram picked up 3 wickets with his off spin, left arm swing bowler Zarfar Khan picked up 2 wickets and Captain Shaoib Barbar Chaudhary picked up 2 wickets.
Punjab won by 13 runs.

Adam Sanford was the pick of the bowlers for Middlesex taking 3 for 16 from 7.1 overs. (Photos by Shiek Mohamed)

Brooklyn Knights vs Middlesex
On Saturday 6/26 at Marine Park D, it was Brooklyn Knights VS Middlesex. Middlesex claim the toss and ask Brooklyn Knights to take first strike, Brooklyn Knights 124 all out from 28.1 overs, Qasir topped scored with a lusty 36, and the 16 year old Waqqas with a well played 33 was the main contributors. Bowling for Middlesex former West Indies fast bowler Adam Sanford bowled with pace and venom was the pick of the bowlers with 3 for 16 from 7.1 overs, medium pacer Insat Khan on his debut picked up 3 for 38 from 8 overs, Captain Mark Audain bowled with accuracy and good control picked up 2 for 27 from 6 overs, and the fiery Dominic Audain picked up 1 for 19 from 6 overs. When Middlesex batted their backs was against the wall immediately losing their top order to be reeling at 5 wickets for 35 runs. Robin Lynch came to the rescue with an aggressive 24, before playing a lazy airy fairy shot to be caught at point. It was 6 wickets for 70 runs, when Rod Michael joint Daren Denis at the crease, both batted responsible and patiently to take Middlesex to their 4th victory of the season. Daren Denis was unbeaten with a well played 30 and Rob Michael with the reputation of the finisher with a responsible 20 not out. Bowling for Brooklyn Knights, Nasir Raja was the pick of the bowlers with 4 for 33 from 8 overs, Yasir picked up 2 for 25 from 4 overs and Nadil picked up 1 for 20 from 6 overs of his off spin.
Middlesex won by 3 wickets.

Grenada vs Carriacou
On Saturday 6/26 at Marine Park C, it was Grenada vs Carriacou. Carriacou batted first and scored 236 all out, veteran Kiran Mitchell top scored with a classy 66, David Chance following up his 101 from 30 balls knock a week a go, with a typical aggressive 44 not out, Kester Matthews 27 and former St.Vincent national player Veldon Chance with a lusty 25. Bowling for Grenada, slow left armer Kelly Payne picked up 5 for 37 from 7 overs, Lester Douglas picked up 1 for 39 from 4 overs and Captain Gregory Anthony picked up 1 for 52 from 7 overs. Grenada 238 for 1 wicket, Jonathan Peters topped scored with a well played 90 not out, Linsay Richards with an aggressive 68 and Captain Gregory Blade Anthony with an elegant 53 not out. The only successful bowler for Carriacou was veteran Richard Louis picked up 1 for 47 from 7 overs.
Grenada won by 9 wickets.

Challengers vs Queensbury
On Saturday 6/26 at Marine Park B, it was Challengers vs Queensbury, Challengers batted first and scored 239 for 9 from 30 overs. Jamel Shah 60, Amadg 41 and Tamoor Haider 33, Shafique Mohammad 27, bowling for Queensbury, Bruno Henry picked up 2 for 63 from 6 overs, Joseph Shortt picked up 1 for 29 from 2 overs, and Vince Fraser 1 for 13 from 1 over. Queensbury could only muster 99 runs, Joseph Shortt toped scored with a well played 34, Layne Edwards 30, bowling for Challengers Temoor Haider picked up 5 for 21 from 5 overs, Khawar Ghumman picked up 2 for 21 from 5 overs, Jamel Shah picked up 1 for 30 from 4 overs and young off spinner Abdul Waarwood picked up 1 for 1 from 1 over.
Challengers won by 140 runs.

Albert Texeira of Cavaliers carved an unbeaten 97 against Imperial.

Pak Kashmir vs Shaheen
On Sunday 6/27 at seaview, Pak Kashmir vs Shaheen. Shaheen batted first and scored 99 all out, Mohsan toped scored with 27 and Mazar 19, bowling for Pak Kashmir the lanky fast bowler Majid Azam with an inspired spell of fine fast bowling picked up 7 for 21 from 7 overs which send the nail into Shaheen’s coffin. Pak Kashmir 100 for 8 wickets, Aqeel Ahmad toped scored with a well played 40; Irfan 15 and Captain Zaheer Houssain 14 seal the deal for Pak Kashmir. Bowling for Shaheen, left arm spinner Nadeen picked up 5 for 35 from 5 overs.
Pak Kashmir won by 2 wickets

Cavaliers vs Imperial

On Sunday 6/27, it was the all St.Vincent and Grenadines grudge match Cavaliers vs Imperial. Imperial batted first and scored 221 for 9 from 40 overs. Andy Douglas topped scored with a lusty hitting 51 not out, the veteran Colville Brown 33 not out and Arthur Caines 30. Bowling for Cavaliers, former West Indies fast bowler Cameron Cuffy picked up 4 for 51 from 8 overs, young Timothy Warner picked up 2 for 22 from 4 overs, C. Burton picked up 2 for 60 from 8 overs. Cavaliers 223 for 1 from 28 overs, former Windward Island shell shield and USA batsman Albert Texeira topped scored with a typical classic innings of 97 not out, he stroke the ball gracefully to all parts of the field, good support came from R. Rampaul 45 and Michael Providence with a responsible 34 not out. The only successful bowler for Imperial was Arthur Caines, who picked up 1 for 30 from 4 overs of his medium pace bowling.
Cavaliers won by 9 wickets.

Summary submitted by Mark Audain