On 5/2/10 marked the opening of the Brooklyn Cricket League 2010 season, with last year Champions Imperial taking on a President’s Eleven at Marine Park Brooklyn. Imperial won the toss and elected to take first strike.

Scores Imperial 139 for 7 from 25 overs, Foster Lewis 44 not out, Andy Douglas 20, Greg Dublin 17 not out and Norell Roberts 16, bowling for President’s Eleven Daniel Alexander 2 for 32 from 5 overs, Salman Ahmed 2 for 19 from 5 overs, Mark Audain 1 for 23 from 5 overs, and Zaheer Hussain 1 for 35 for 4 overs.

Presidents Eleven 140 for 9 from 24.3 overs, Daniel Alexander 36 not out, Mark Audain 30, Olson Lynch 22, bowling for Imperial Norell Roberts 3 for 15 from 5 overs, Abdul Warwood 3 for 12 from 2 overs, Kester Sylvester 2 for 29 from 5 overs and Byron Mars 1 for 16 from 5 overs. President’s Eleven winning by one wicket.

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