April 10, 2010
April 12, 2010 is opening day and boys and girls of New York City Public Schools will spring into action once again when the Public School Athletic League (PSAL) 2010 Cricket Season gets underway.

PSAL and USA Cricket Association (USACA) officials are excited about the program and its successes to date. They are onto something very special. The program has grown from 14 schools in 2008 (its inaugural season) to 28 schools in 2010.

Two time champions Newcomers High School will definitely look to defend the PSAL title. (Photo by Shiek Mohamed)

For the USACA to be successful at the international level in years to come this is where it has to begin — highly structured cricket at the grassroots level.

Two time champions Newcomers High School will definitely look to defend the PSAL title. (Photo by Shiek Mohamed)

A better script could not have been written for cricket development in the United States of America.

The organization and level of success of this cricket program has is second to none in the United States and it will soon become the envy of the cricket world.

Here are a few good reasons why the PSAL Cricket Program is second to none.
· The PSAL cricket program is for both boys and girls.
· Games are of 20/20format and are played every day of the week, except Sundays.
· Games are never rained-out. In the event of rain, games have to be rescheduled.
· Each teacher-coach must hold current certifications in PSAL First Aid, CPR and AED.
· All umpires and officials involved with and/or associated with the PSAL program are required to be vetted via finger printing and background checks etc.
· All coaches in the program are teachers and/or officials of the NYC Board of Education system and were vetted prior to their employment.


Student Scholastic Eligibility: (Rule #9)

9.1. The 4+1 Rule-A student must pass four credit bearing subjects (not four credits) and physical education, if taken, in the most recent final marking period (January or June).

9.4. At least two of the four subjects passed must be major subjects (English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Foreign Language or Science).

· All coaches must electronically submit a Team Roster to www.psal.org prior to the first scheduled game of the season (league or non-league). No PSAL team is permitted to compete unless an approved team roster is posted on the web site.
· Following each PSAL league game, coaches are required to complete and submit box scores within 24 hours to www.psal.org.

The structure of the PSAL Cricket Program is expected to become the “de facto” standard for cricket development in the USA. The PSAL has the template for success.

Over the years, many methods and programs have been tried with little or no success, however, the PSAL officials has got it right from the onset.

PSAL officials are very good at what they do. They are experts in sports development and management.

Adding cricket to their list of sports program is a dream come through for many students.

It is predicted that the next generation of USA cricketers will be mostly born and bred Americans that comes through a structured school’s system and the PSAL is already in the forefront.

In a couple of years, the PSAL cricket program will expand to Junior and Middle schools and the USACA stands to benefit the most from this program.

If you are in New York City, get a hold of the 2010 PSAL schedule and checkout a few games.

PSAL Schedule – April 12, 2010

Hillcrest High School vs. Franklin K. Lane Campus @ Baisley Cage – 4:00pm
Herbert H. Lehman vs. Prospect Heights Campus @ Ferry Point Park – 4:00pm

The entire 2010 PSAL Cricket schedule can be found @ www.psal.org
Two time defending champions, Newcomers HS, open their season April 16, 2010 versus Martin van Buren HS @ Flushing Meadow Park.