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Mayor’s Cup Will Spark Borough Rivalry

The first round of matches saw 26 teams competing in the knock-out tournament and the right to represent each of the five New York City boroughs next month.

Brooklyn Parks Commissioner Julius Spiegel, along with other parks officials were on hand to see the NYC Parks & Recreation XI lose to the Eastern American Cricket Association’s Frederick Bowley XI at Idlewild Park in Rosedale, Queens.

Two of the Queens teams bear the names of the borough’s first and current Borough Presidents Frederick Bowley and Helen M. Marshall.

This weekend the second round of matches are scheduled in all five boroughs, with another round scheduled for next Saturday and the finals early in June, at Gateway Mall Cricket Ground.

The tournament is expected to start a borough rivalry, because the Mayor’s Office and the Parks & Recreation department have pledged to support the event in the following years, seeking some corporate sponsorship to offset some of the expenses that will be incurred.

The leagues of the New York Cricket Region hope that the relationship being developed between the parks department and the cricketers is a long lasting one that would result in better playing facilities in all five boroughs of the city.

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