By Morris Seecharan
West Cost wasted no time as they won the toss and head to the batting crease last Sunday at Seaview Park in Brooklyn. Khemraj Somaru continues his penetrating bowling as K. Lilkumar and B. Bisram was cautions. Lilkumar was successful against Rohit Kowlesser as he and Bisram looked settled batting against Sunrise opening pair.

Deryck Basdeo (left) had four wickets while Rohit Kowlesser hit 35 in Sunrise's win over West Coast.

With the bowling change in the 6th overs Deryck Based in his 1st delivery of his spell knocked down Lilkumar stump with the score at 29. In the same over Alex Hussain brilliantly run out Z. khan as he plugged his stump attempting run a bye. In Deryck 3rd over he had A. Mohamed brilliantly caught by captain Roopnarine Dayal at cover and bowled Rocky Rishideo as West Coast salvage their fair start finding themselves 4 for 47 in the 8th overs. Deryck bowling on target was unstoppable as West Coast batsmen found no answer.

Bisram the sole West Coat batsman who survived Deryck bowling wicket was wasted he was run out in the 9th over with the leading score of 18 runs. Deryck in his 3rd over took a maiden wicket and giving his opponent no chance with the score 49 for 6 in the 10th over. Rohan Kowlesser get into the bowling action as he picked up a wicket his 1st over, and as his brother Rohit Kowlesser return and found success as he took V. Lall and E. Jeffery for 2 maiden wickets. Rohan came right back and in his 1st delivery of his 2nd over had A. Ali caught by Selwyn Cheong wrapping up West Cost 58 all out in 14.1 overs.

Deryck Basdeo was unstoppable as he destroyed West Cost bating leading his team bowing with 4 for 14. Rohan Kowlesser was deadly and no way less important as he took 2 maiden wickets, and Rohit Kowlesser had a great comeback as he was brought back by his captain redeeming his bowling taking 2 for 21.

Rohit Kowlesser who seized the opening bat role at the star of this 30 over competition last week lead Sunrise batting with Deryck Basdeo as L. Bisram sent a strong message that his bowling mate and him will need to reckon with as he gave up a single to start while  V. Lall was poised as well. However Rohit will have none of this as he put away bad balls to the boundary with ease. With Deryck, Rohit took the score to 23 as E. Jeffery bowled Deryck in the 6th over. Wahab Hussain, Sunrise vice captain joined Rohit as he got off the mark hitting a boundary.

Rohit with his staunched bat continued to lead his team batting as his defense was sharp against penetrating bowling. However with his poised and alerted bat he battled over after over chipping away at their opponent small target. While Wahab batted with sense holding an end to make sure his teams win this run. With the stubborn bat of Rohit and Wahab West Coast bowling had challenge to make this game a challenge. Rohit at the end achieved his agenda batting to the end as they score the winning runs giving their team another win with the score 59 for 1. Rohit scored a victorious 35 not out and showed a magnificent bat batting with a plan which he executed well.

West Coast bowlers were all ready but with very little runs to defend there was not a chance as E. Jeffery took the only wicket.