By Morris Seecharan
When it matters most Sunrise captain, Roopnarine Dayal, the experience Selwyn Cheong capped by an exemplified bowling performance lead by Khemraj Somaru came alive as Sunrise showed Essequibo the exit door of the NYSCL  25 competition.  It’s a daunting fact win in NYSCL quarter final and stay in the quest or loose and step to the sideline. Sunrise members was determine not be by standers as they batted first with their opening pair Dayal and Deryck Basdeo as they looked to lay  the batting foundation.

Roopnarine Dayal (left) and Selwyn Cheong take a break during their partnership. Photos by Loretta Cheong

Marlon Tappin and Carol Johnson Essequibo opening bowlers were attacking as Tappin gave up a single and Johnson bowled a maiden with Dayal and Deryck fighting off penetrating deliveries. The bowling attack continued to be on target as Deryck trying to turn up the batting offensive was popped up and caught as Sunrise lost their 1st wicket with the score at 11 in the 5th over. With the drought of runs Sunrise turned to veteran Selwyn Cheong to help boost their offensive. Dayal settling and rotating the strike was crucial as Cheong who was settled in no time starting to hit important boundaries to increase Sunrise run rate. With R. Britton in the bowling rotation he aided Sunrise scoring as he could not find his line bowling excessive wides and no ball. Dayal and Cheong who was settled and batting with ease kept a good composure keeping the score board ticking making up runs from the early tight bowling. Cheong aggressive and flamboyant bat came to live and made the Essequibian’s paid with loose ball putting them away to the boundary. Also Dayal did not miss a beat with his cover drive as he smashed timely boundary of his own. Both Dayal and Cheong cricket experience came to play as they patiently created an important partnership taking the score to 70 for 1 at the end of 13 over half.

Dayal and Cheong who batted superbly perform an outstanding job as they started the second half giving the Essequibo’s bowlers no chance to find their stumps. For the Essequibian’s bowler they looked disgusted as both these batsmen were stubborn and continue their batting the same way. With the score building and Cheong going after the bowler C. Johnson got the breakthrough for his team as he bowled Cheong in the 16 over with the score at 87 for 2. Cheong make a solid 30 runs and a pivotal 76 runs partnership with Dayal.  Sunrise would last a quick wickets but Dayal was relentless as he batted up to the 19 over as he was removed by R. Britton for 35 leaving the score 114 for 3. Wahab Hussain Sunrise vice captain looked dangerous as he started his innings hitting a boundary to deep square leg.  At this point of the batting Wahab took the lead as Sunrise batsman was picked up the batting aggression scoring quickly and at the same time wickets were falling as well. Wahab blistering strokes joined by Rohit Kowlesser crafted batting took the score to 139 for 7 in the 22 overs as Wahab was run out for 20. Rohit continue his exceptionally batting as Ravi Etwaroo contributed some quick runs leaving Rohit to close the batting with Khemraj Somaru as they took the score to 169 for 8 in 25 overs. It strong second half batting performance by Sunrise batsmen as they did an exceptional job giving their bowlers a solid target to defend.

Khemraj Somaru had 4 for 12.

For Essequibo bowling Carlos Johnson lead the bowling with 3 for 25 as Marlon Tappin took 2 for 20.

With E. Marin and Cedric Beaton opening for Essequibo it is always a treat as they were pumped and with Khemraj Somaru 1st delivery went for byes and with an over throw Essequibo picket up 3 runs which seem like a rough start for Sunrise. However Somaru was bowling exceptionally well as he give up only single to Martin and his last delivery beat Cedric completely removing his stumps with the score 1 for 5. Marol Toppin joined Martin as Rohit Kowlesser started his bowling with a maiden. Khemraj second over deliveries was not hittable and in his 4 delivery had Toppin caught behind by the wicket keeper Wahab with the score 2 for 8 in the 3rd over. Right after Rohit in his 2nd delivery of his 2nd over had Martin bowled with the score 3 for 8 bringing chaos in Essequibo camp. C. Johnson joined by D. Defrietas was left to heal the wound of Essequibo as they try to build a batting partnership. While Khemraj was unhittable and dangerous his bowling was a treat to watch. As he kept in the rotation he struck again dealing a deadly blow in his 4th over he had Johnson caught with the score 22 for 4 in the 7th over. It seems that Essequibo batsmen had no answer to Khemraj whose bowling was unplayable.  With the bowling change and Deryck Basdeo in the bowling attack he make it no easier as he bowled  B. Defrietas  in his last delivery of his over with the score 32 for 5 in the 8th overs.

As the Essequibian’s continue to lose quick it seems their faith was sealed for this game as there’s seems to be no answer for Sunrise bowlers. Ravi Etwaroo bowling was on top as he joined Deryck to continue closing down Essequibo batting offensive. In the 13 over Ravi struck having Y. Bascum brilliantly caught at long off by Rohit as Essequibo end the 13 over half with the score 50 for 6, and Sunrise bowler in full control.

Khemraj was given the opportunity to start Essequibo second half batting as he bowled Linden Longhorn with the 51 for 7 squeezing the last air out of Essequibo leaving them gasping. Khemraj exceptional bowling laid the defensive for his team and with his last over victory for his team looks liked it was right around the next bend. Ramjit Singh came it at the end and made no mistake as h took 2 quick wickets bowling J. Paterson and having R. Britton caught at long off. As Deryck came back to bowl the 19 over and facing the last pair had T. Paul bowled to end Essequibo batting with the score  for 79 all out in 18.3 overs.

It was well deserve win for Sunrise as their tremendous batting complimented with attacking/stringent bowling checked Essequibo out the NYSL 25 over playoff. It was an important win for Sunrise as they looked ahead to the semi final.

Khemraj Somaru flawless bowling combined with his other bowling teammates gave Essequibo no chances. Khemraj lead his team bowling with a remarkable bowling for 4 for 12 with 2 maidens. While Ramjit was astounding with 2 for 4 and Deryck Basdeo was on target with the figure of 2 for 18.