By James Persaud
Saturday night the New York Softball Cricket League brought a closure to its 2010 season in grand style at the beautiful Mangoville Banquet Hall. The hall was packed to capacity with players, sponsors and supporters of the league. The occasion was graced by special guest, councilmen Mr. Leroy Comrie and Mr. Ruben Wills.

League President Eric Ferrier with City Councilmembers Leroy Comrie and Ruben Wills.

Prior to the evening’s program getting underway Mrs. Ghaness in her welcome address, asked the gathering to stand and take a moment of silence in honor of two league’s members who passed away during the 2010 season. The two are NYSCL committee member and manager of Sunrise cricket club Mr. Hargobin Singh and Unity cricket club member Mr. Trevor Beaton.

Both Councilmen spoke to the gathering; they were introduced by Mr. Narharry Ghaness of H & N Insurance Agency. Also present was the Indo American Representative of Queens Mr. Frank Singh.

Mr. Leroy Comrie spoke first and he said that he was delighted to be present and he is amazed by the large diverse crowd of youths and adults. He said it is very important to stay connected with your councilman and that he knew that there is a lot needed to be done for the improvements to facilities for cricket. He pledged to work in this direction, but reminded everyone that we would all have to work together to get things done.

The newly elected councilman Mr. Ruben Wills then took the stage and said that he is newly elected but he is already getting to know the people in his district. And that he would be working expediently towards getting things done as needed. He then wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and best of luck to the next cricket season.

Most Valuable Players pose with League President Eric Ferrier.

NYSCL President Mr. Eric Ferrier thanked the councilmen for taking the time from their busy schedule and to be present for the Awards Presentation. He then presented Councilman Mr. Leroy Comrie with a plaque for his support of cricket.

Soon after the Awards Presentation ceremony got started and as expected it would take quite some time with a total of one hundred and eighty trophies, plaques and special awards to be given out. The awards presentation started with the 30 Over Cup division IIB sponsored by Rockaway Car Service and Roti Shop, the awards was presented by Mr. Hazrat Ali. The division IIA was sponsored by Ozone Auto Collision and these trophies was handed out by Mr. and Mrs. Asgar Ali.

The 30 Over Cup division I was sponsored H & N Insurance Agency Inc. and was presented by Mrs. Nadi Ghaness. The 25 Over Championship divisions II was sponsored by PK Realty and Mortgage Company and these trophies was handed out by the owner Mr. PK Singh. The 25 Over divisions I was sponsored by Drexel Mortgage Corp and these were presented by Mr. Radhay.

NYSCL President Mr. Eric Ferrier gave his annual address to the league and then introduced Mr. Gordon Puran of Triumph Village Family Center who sponsored the NYSCL Youth Development Program. All the youths present was presented with a metal for participating in the 2010 program.

The President presented plaques to the umpires, sponsors, parks department and the President Person of the year award went to Kenneth Mangra of Better Hope. The 2010 umpire’s awards went to Mr. Gillian Gomes and Mr. Seeram Dindayal who is retiring after 17 years with the league. Mr. Mangra who is 70 years old accepted the plaque and said he was thrilled to be honored by the league. He said that he played the game at a very high level in Guyana and when he moved to New York continued to play and he felt that it is time to move on. But he reiterates that this can be change in the New Year.

The evening program was planned to finish before midnight, but with a sumptuous American and Indian dinner supply by the caterer of Mangoville the guests had to be given extra time to finish their dinner which pushed back the program for about half an hour. There was also a live clown to entertain the youths and the crowd was presented with two Indian classic dances by dancers from Mystique Academy of Dancing.

The crowd was very eager to know who would be the divisions Most Valuable Players and the Cricketer of the year as they waited tolerantly.  The Twenty20 division II was sponsored by new sponsors Ameri Jet International, Mr. Demba Ba presented these awards to the winners. And the division I was sponsored by Mike Bansi Truck Service and these awards was presented Mike Bansi daughters Alisa and Adena.

The Century awards were sponsored by Shazam Husain, he was present and he presented the awards to the winners. The Hat Trick awards were sponsored by Co-op City Mobil; which were handed out by Mrs. Ferrier.

It was then time for the final three awards, the President Mr. Ferrier took the stage and continued the program as he announced the division II Season Most Valuable player winner, Danny Ramdhani of Lions. The division I Season Most Valuable player award went to Asif Ally of Hustlers.  And the 2010 Cricketer of the Year award went to Assassins all rounder Kaleem Bux.

The thank you and closing remarks was done by Mr. Vick Siwlal, he thanked everyone for coming out and for having another successful NYSCL awards night. When he was finished he hand it over to the deejay of Back to Basics sounds who rocked the crowd into the wee hours of the morning.