Here is the schedule of games for the Mini World Cup T20 finals.

Team Umpire Vs Team Umpire Venue
United Star Bissoon Vs Assassins Sheriff Roy Wilkins
Better Hope Gillian Gomes Vs New Jersey Derek Sugrim Roy Wilkins(top
Third Place
Good Fellas Vs Nationals Bye Week
Apollo XI Seemangal Vs Lions Roopnarine Foch
Third Place
Flasherz Des Gomes Vs Unity Joe Persaud Roy Wilkins
Young Warrior Pooran Vs Volcano Sahadeo 150 Rockaway
Third Place
Next Generation Jameel Ally Vs Buccaneers Ramesh Singh 150 South

15 Over Knockout Finals
Division I

New Horizon Horace Marshall Vs Sunrise Mickey 150 N. Conduit
Division II
Champions Massiah Vs Ranchers Madan Jagdeo Merrick Blvd

Note: Each team will play five (5) games in the qualifying round. Teams will cross over from Group A and play Group B. After which the top eight (8) teams overall, in each division will move forward to the playoff. The teams will be rated by their points and placed one through eight, if there tie NYSCL rule # VII will be used to determine which team move ahead. The playoff will be done in this order, quarter finals: game 1- #1 vs. #8, game 2- #2 vs. #7, game 3- #3 vs. #6 and game 4- #4 vs. #5. The winners will move into the semi finals: game 1 vs. game 4 and game 2 vs. game 3. The winners will play for the championship and the losers will play for third place except in division IA.


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