Royal Challengers Thrashed By Unity
By Vick Siwlal

Royal Challengers very highly rated and justifiably so, having beaten all opponents and becoming the #1 seed prior to the play offs were so unduly beaten in their quarter final match by a resurging and pumped up Unity team.

Vibert Mc Lennon of Unity had match figures of 3 for 19.

On a day of fine weather, beautiful for cricket, Unity won the toss and asked Royal Challengers to bat first. They were then bowled out for 103 runs in 19.1 overs with Shameer 18 and Raj 17 their top scorers. Bowling for Unity, the evergreen V. Mc Lennon finished up with 3 wickets for 19 runs and was well supported by S. Singh 2 for 19 and A. Tulsie, also 2 for 19.

Unity started off their reply on a very cautious note, so much so, at the end of 10 overs they had only scored 37 runs, but more importantly losing only one wicket at that stage. After this period of play, it was a total and complete assault and pummel on all of Royal Challengers bowlers by the Unity batsmen at the crease with their team ending on 104 runs for 2 wickets in 18 overs. Once again, Unity’s batting was led by one of their most consistent, reliable and dependable batsman S. Singh top scoring with 39 not out and a very hard fought and gritty innings of 37 not out from opener R. Mallay.

To the vanquished, we say better luck next time and thank you for a good game, despite the earlier hiccups and to our team, the march continues onwards and upwards but let us not forget, in Unity there is strength as we so aptly observed in this match. See you guys next week and good luck.

Cecil Hat Trick Seal Semi Final for Apollo XI
By Johnny Gocool

After winning the toss, invaders decided to bat, probably with the intention to put up a score and then defend it. But Apollo XI has their own intention as well, which is to put the big squeeze on and from the very first over, which was a maiden from skipper Navin, on the first ball off the second over Trini stumps went flying.

Cecil Hodge completed a hat-trick against Invaders.

Then came a run out from a classic return all the way from the boundary by VJ shattering the stumps, with a magnificent catch by VJ off the bowling from Hodge which gave him a hat trick. Then Manoj almost took a catch, the big squeeze was definitely on. But it was all over in 19.2 overs when strong armed Ako whipped in a throw from the boundary to the keeper for a gracious run out leaving the Invaders with a score of 96.

Now it was time for the Apollo XI Boys to do their stuff! As I said Invaders put up a score and it is time for them to defend it, and that is exactly what they were doing. Having taken 5 wickets in 5 overs for 25 runs it was all smiles for Invaders, but then came experienced batting against tough bowling. And with a partnership of 49 runs coming from Johnny and Manoj, Apollo XI was back on track.

Invaders then felt some relief after getting the wicket of Johnny then Manoj for 36. But then came the surprise. Our little Maestro Bryan. Knowing he was in some kind of slump the past few games he went in with a vengeance smashing a couple back to back boundary, it came down to the last over and Apollo XI needed 3 runs. And On the third delivery he did one of his signature shots cover drive for 4.

Once again in a situation where it seems there was no hope Apollo XI came out victorious. 

Bobby Pahalad struck 51 and took 3 for 12 against Untouchables. Photo by Shiek Mohamed

NYSCL 2010 Twenty20 Quarter Finals Match Summaries
Division IA Premier
United Star Vs Untouchables

United Star 170 for 9
Bobby Pahalad 51, S. Wilfred 33, Ravin Ivan 19
Nick 2-26, A. Gonsalves 2-35
Untouchables 166 all out
A. Gonsalves 71, A. Gordon 30, S. Panday 16
Bobby Pahalad 3-12, D. Samaroo 2-29

Super Chargers Vs Cavaliers
Super Chargers 169 for 8
R. Rafeek 53, R. Gopaul 37, N. Singh 23
G. Persaud 2-36, K. Deodat 2-29, R. Singh 2-34
Cavaliers 125 for 8
G. Arjun 18, M. Persaud 17, R. Singh 16
V. Singh 2-11, S. Khan 2-21

Hustlers Vs Mafia
Hustlers 168 for 5
Asif Ally 63, R. Persaud 24
R. Etwaroo 2-21
Mafia 75 all out
K. Singh 17, Rishi 16
Asif Ally 5-4, N. Briglal 2-14, J. Alli 2-6

Asif Ally had an excellent game against Mafia hitting 63 and taking 4 wickets for 5 runs.

Asif Ally had an excellent game against Mafia hitting 63 and taking 4 wickets for 5 runs.

Division IB
Nationals Vs NY All Stars

Nationals 134 for 8
A. Ali 34, V. Kolandwell 22, F. Ulla 18
NY All Stars 114 all out

Wildfire Vs Goodfellas

Goodfellas 168 for 7
K. Balkarran 52, P. Virapen 26
R. Singh 2-32
Wildfire 87 all out
Sunil 18, T. Boodhai 16
P. Virapen 4-22, B. Manniram 3-15

Division IIA
Unity Vs Royal Challenger

Royal Challenger 103 all out
Shameer 18, Raj 17
V. McLennom 3-19, S. Singh 2-19, A. Tulsi 2-19
Unity 104 for 2
S. Singh 39, R. Mallay 37
Rohan 1-8, Shameer 1-6

Flasherz Vs Soldier Boys
Flasherz 132 for 9
Kumar 29, R. Narayan 29
N. Madramootoo 3-22, Rohit 3-20
Soldier Boys 100 all out
V. Itwaru 16, M. Karran 15
Kumar 4-23, Rabin 2-15

Apollo XI Vs Invaders
Invaders 96 all out
G. Valladares 36
Apollo XI 98 for 8
Manoj 23

Division IIB
Buccaneers Vs Falcons

Falcons 95 all out
Mahendra 2-22, Boysie 2-14, Chan 2-15
Buccaneers 95 for 9 in 20 overs
Note: At the end of the regulation 20 overs both teams had the same scores.
The NYSCL Rule for the Super Over in Playoffs was used, Buccaneers bat first and scored
12 runs in their one over. Falcons reply with 11 for 4 in their one over.

15 Over Knockout winners
Division I

New Horizon

Division II

Cricket International
Rising Sun