Come Saturday, July 24 to the 115 Avenue and Van Wyck expressway playfield, and witness the first of an annual Soft ball cricket feature match-up between champion sporting villages in Guyana. Enmore will take on Better Hope in an All Star clash to coincide with their annual Reunion and Picnic Days.

Ravi Etwaroo is one of the organizers of the event.

This is a day when families and friends and outstanding sporting individuals of these two prominent villages on the East Coast of Demerara will get together in friendly rivalry and relive rich and pleasant memories of yester-year.

This game was the brainstorm of Ravi Etwaroo (Tall Boy) of Enmore and Kenny Singh (Chatta) of Better Hope. Enmore will be honoring some of its stalwarts

Better Hope had their annual Family Fun Day and Reunion as usual on July 4th and The Enmore Day is billed for Sunday July 25th at Flushing Meadows Park. So this cricket match is just one day before the Enmore Picnic day.

Enmore burst into the limelight in Guyana through outstanding individuals in sports such as Long distance champion runner Rabin Sharma( Chil) and terrific cricketers such as Keith (ball oil) Glasgow, Ollie, Ramesh Lall, Harriman (birdie) Joseph, Ramrattan (barrel) Jagnarine, Amardeep Sasenarine, Ramphaul Bactowar Taijnauth Jadunauth, Oudit Persaud (Putalay) , Jerry Persaud, Ramdhar Nauth (Lall), the Mohamed brothers Sheik and Nazir, Adrian Persaud, Anil Jairam (suckie) And Safraz Ali (stale) These stars were outstanding at various levels of cricket in Guyana. Sporting stalwarts from Better Hope include Moses Dwarka, Saisnarine (Topee) Singh and Mohan Kissoon. Outstanding cricketers include the Sanichar brothers, Paul, Jacob, Rambarack, Roy, Bobby and Pigott Singh. Prittipaul Singh and Totaram (Twisty), Narine Ramroop, David Ramkissoon, Chitrapaul Singh, Peter Rice were also outstanding for Better Hope.

This event is being sponsored by the Cricket Zone and Trophy World located at Castle Hill, in the Bronx, New York. It will be an annual fixture at around this same time every year. They will play for a Championship Trophy and other fabulous prizes. Each team will be made up of outstanding current players from Enmore and Better Hope. So bring your families and friends out to the playfield right alongside the Van Wyck Expressway and 115 Avenue and witness a great day of cricket for these two outstanding villages. The match is scheduled for a 1.00 pm start, so come early.