Metropolitan Cricket League
By Sham Ali

(Celebrating 31st Anniversary):- Cosmos welcomed an early Fathers’ Day after Mid Island failed to show in numbers and mannerism last Sunday at Floyd Bennett field. And if the last rights of Mid Island are written it will be unfortunate for they have been a force in the Metropolitan Cricket League for many years. That may be the beginning of things to come, as sun shine on the Roy Sweeney cricket field of dreams that the Metropolitan Cricket League has now been turned into a lush green looking pasture, go-green looks like the way forward.

Glen Lorick.

Cosmos though did not miss a beat under the shade. The day was warm and sunny, the pitch sedate as Cosmos boys played more than few crisp shots. David spearheaded both bowling and batting departments with Glen not too far behind. He handed the umpire’s outstretched ‘fee hand’ a nippy bouncer for no work done courtesy of a discourteous opponent, but before  the umpire could counter with his response, he was surprised by another severe beamer that landed square on the temple it shocked him a little, but he stood his ground. Glen, unsympathetically, delivered a surprise quicker ‘ball’ that left a tear in the umpire’s back pocket.

The boys were just warming up. Cyril Choy bravely walked into the attack to slow things down a little when he ever so proudly displayed his Level 1 coaching certificate and the boys congratulated him on his achievement. However, boys will be boys, and Choy with certificate in hand could not dodge the barrage of beamers from this opening  attack who loved nothing more than to add a few cracks on the his accomplishment; the umpire choose not to render a decision, he took the fifth. David zoomed in on Choy with a steady head, a center of gravity, foot movements, and soft hands to the prop up Level 1 notes, while Glen appeared very concerned about who will coach the coaches, but Choy is a tough black belt man and he counter with his favorite upper-cut. In the end, Taj, Cosmos lucky charm badly in need of a polish became Choy’s first student. Dass as usual was not speared for his Browning / Mankading in the last match as he and David relived some of their glory days when they represented their respective countries, Guyana and Trinidad. Glen was quiet on that stage and rightly so!

But for one on this lovely Father’s June day Christmas came early, Keith was ever so noticeable decked out in his Sunday best, red and white outfit. Throughout the slug out, Glen and Richie kept the chimney going while Tevan was busy filling up a brewery for Cosmos that consisted of a variety of purified barley while the curry took a serious beating.  Ganesh has the most disciplined of eating habits in the crew and a good timer of the ball timed the salad carefully to a near perfection, or so he thought, he didn’t know that Dass had already overlooked that (g)rass. We wished ‘G’ had done so in his 99 runs not out a week ago with Dass as his partner, however Dass had overlooked that (g)rass too. But with so much food for seconds and thirds, Levy is the man who was badly missed.

The boys speared no bone and Glen the man in the Arizona Beverage Van provided a few cases of refreshing Arizona beverage and T-shirts. So much were packed in a short fun-filled afternoon that a T20 looked like a test match, and the grass smiled at the decision that was still pending for a review on the ‘man’ kading call long after ‘lady’ cuddling had sung the last note with everyone had browned out.