By Sham Ali
(Celebrating 28th Anniversary). Cosmos sprung more than a few surprises last Saturday as they walked away with top honors in batting and bowling when the Metropolitan Cricket League celebrated their 131st Annual Awards Ceremony at the elegant Starz Princess in Queens.

Kevin Darlington (left) and Dennis Evans (right) took top honors at the Metropolitan Cricket League 131st Annual Awards ceremony. Photo by Shiek Mohamed

Despite an average performance in their 2010 season, Cosmos vice captain  Kevin Darlington-a former Guyana fast bowler- took the bowling honor for best average (12.5 ) while Progressive Mikey Alexis got his for most wickets (21). Cosmos opening batsman Dennis Evans had an excellent season with the bat, he stood tall and alone as he walked away with both batting honors for most runs (617 runs) and a best average (102.83) in the season. Evans brilliance with the bat in the 2010 season also earned him the Metropolitan Cricket League top prize; the 2010 MVP award.

Progressive took a double crown by winning the MCL Premier Championship trophy since they last raised it in 2000, and the MCL Challenge Cup. The Progressive table was too small to hold all their trophies the various categories and it showcased their hard work in the 2010 season. Villagers checked the champion’s box for the first time in their history with the Twenty/20 trophy. Hugh Pitter, Denzil Powell and Lloyd Dixon -three USA Cricket Hall of Famer were recipients for the Metropolitan Cricket League Lifetime Achievement Award.

It was an awards ceremony that marks the end of another successful year for Cosmos in their 28 years of dedicated service to cricket in the MCL and beyond as they continue to quietly forge ahead making meaningful contributions to the game. In 2010, Cosmos has extended their assistance to the youth programs in the West Indies, notably Guyana and Jamaica. It is gesture that was well received by all the recipients of the various clubs and an effort that is undoubtedly more worthy than any that Cosmos has embarked upon so far as it extends far beyond that of just playing the game. Happy holidays to the entire cricket community, and may the New Year brings peace and joy to all.