Azrudeen Mohamed: A Young Leader
By Sarika Reuben
“The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up”, that is the auto response you get from Azrudeen Mohamed’s (“Andy”) instant messenger. And, this is a young man that wakes up everyday and plays hard on and off the cricket field.
Telson Johnson Impacts Big With Swing
By Orin Davidson
At five feet five inches, he looks anything but a fast bowler.
Yet Telston Johnson is more than just an ordinary paceman. He happens to be the fastest rising of all fast bowlers in New York.

In his first ever Ahmad Caribbean Cup game for Guyana, Johnson destabilized the powerful Jamaica batting lineup to keep Guyana unbeaten in a key game last weekend.
Injury Plagued Ramdass Aims To Rebound After NY Visit
By Orin Davidson
New York has become the refuge for many overseas cricketers in summer time, but for Ryan Ramdass, he is not here to play for money, only to rehabilitate.
Three years ago the attractive right hand batsman was destined for big things in West Indies cricket. At 20 years, Ramdass made his Test debut for the West Indies after an excellent showing in the Regional domestic four-day competition.(More)
MVP For All Times -Ronald Evelyn
By Orin Davidson
Softball cricket is a popular past time for many New York’s West Indian immigrants, but it would be difficult finding a better put- together softball player than Ronald Evelyn wherever you go in the country.
Forget the two Most Valuable Player awards he won in two finals out of the three biggest competitions in New York New this year. (More)
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