which was found by Shuja Khan and launch in Jamaica as seen here.

2015 USACA Elections – Part I of the interview has reached out to the six presidential candidates contesting the March 21, 2015 United States of America Cricket Association (USACA) elections, and submitted a list of written questions to them, thereby allowing each candidate an opportunity to craft his written responses. Here is Philadelphia Cricket League’s president Shuja Khan’s response to some of the topical USACA issues.

4. We are sure you have seen the recent letter from the ICC to USACA, with numerous requests for documented information; do you see USACA being suspended or its Associate Membership revoked by the ICC?
Yes, I have seen it and I guess the matter can be sorted out with ICC through a new regime in office. Being in the office will also require mending broken and damaged bridges/relationships and restoring the confidence and trust of other entities in USACA. But the bottom line is, I would fight for the best for USACA and US cricket, and I am the guy who doesn’t like to settle down other than being a champion that is why my club has the most number of championship titles under my captaincy in the Philadelphia Cricket League.

5. Many would ask, why are you running for the presidency of an organization with close to USD $4 Million in debt, its men’s team in ICC Division 4, very little progress within the past 10 years, and accused of poor governance by so many, including the ICC?
I am not sure about the exact figure; maybe these numbers were inflated to scare the new contestants away from USACA. Few times I heard it is $3 Million and sometime I heard it’s $4 Million. But, whatever is the amount it is our problem, the problem of US cricket fraternity. Running away from the problem is not going to solve the problem, rather compound it. I love challenges and this is what I do at my work – I solve business problems of my multi-billion dollar clients. The first thing I would do through an audit company is to find out the detail financials of USACA and to whom it is indebted, along with the details of any contractual obligations, and how those contracts can be re-negotiated to make it a win-win for both parties.

6. What are some of your short-term and long-term objectives, if elected president of USACA?
Short term objectives are to get funding, mend relationship with ICC and create technological changes. My long-term objective is to qualify US men’s national team for the next World Cup.

7. Why should league presidents support you over the other candidates for president of USACA?
My introduction above should make them think about me as I have a proven track record of being a founder at every level of cricket from a club, to a league to a social media sports site, and VP of CCUSA. I am a firm believer in People, Process and Technology.

8. What would your first 100 days look like, if elected president of USACA?
Complete audit, planning, and raising some funds, mending relationship with ICC and meeting with other cricket stakeholders in the country.

9. As president of USACA how would you handle the reported USD $4 Million in debt.
I work as a financial consultant and I am an expert in Accounting and Finance applications, and very analytical. Just by running a few reports I can tell where the problem is. Secondly a detailed audit to be performed to find out the financials of the company and find out who USACA is indebted to, and what are the details of the contracts and how the contracts can be re-negotiated to make it a win-win for both parties. Thirdly, raise funds from new entities such as my work clients and CCUSA to retire some old debts and use technology to generate revenue through member registrations, and social media marketing. Work on signing and securing some television rights for Mega tournaments, and use those funds to retire earlier debts.

10. Are there any assurances you can give the cricket stakeholders in the USA in soliciting their support?
See they say you have to see it to believe it. My accomplishments are listed in question number 1, I have tested and tasted waters at every level and I not only know the challenges being faced by US cricket but also understand it because I am a cricketer myself.  If you need a true change and see US cricket to its potential success then vote for me. Because we live in number one country in the world and even our country telephone code is number 1, then our cricket should also be number 1 in the world because we have a mix of very talented players here in the US that no other cricket playing nation has.
God Bless You and God Bless America.