chatted recently with Alex Amsterdam, captain of Atlantis Cricket Club – NY about his game and leading his club Atlantis to the Eastern American Cricket Association’s (EACA) Power 40 and T20 Blitz finals. Atlantis won the 2014 EACA T20 Blitz, but lost to Big Apple Cricket Club in the Power 40 finals.

Alex Amsterdam seen here posing with his mom Grace and awards at Atlantis Cricket Club - NY 2014 Dinner and Presentation ceremony.

How does it feel being the club’s MVP for the last two seasons?
It’s really a great feeling being the MVP for consecutive years in my club.

As a cricketer, is there one role you prefer over another, if so, why?
As an all-rounder I try to do both when playing, but I prefer batting more because I think that where my strength lies.

Besides winning the 2014 EACA T20 championship what was the most memorable moment of the season for you?
I think the most memorable moment of the season for me was ensuring my team reached both the 40-Overs and T20 finals.

How did you begin playing the sport of cricket?
Playing cricket was something that came from my past generations and I always liked watching the sport, even though I was more into other sports, many of which I was very good at. I started playing cricket every Sunday on the beach with my friends, and some of them encouraged me to take it more seriously, so I did.

How long have you been playing cricket?
I have been playing since I was nine years old. At the age of 14 I actually started taking it seriously and joined a club.

How were you able to cope with all the pressure and responsibilities that go along with being a captain, and still manage to have a spectacular season?
The pressure and responsibilities that I had to deal with and still have a wonderful season, I think was because of me playing alongside experienced players for a long period, and at different levels where I learned a lot.

Is there any player that you model your game after?
I pattern myself after some of the international players, and always local team players.

How much do you see yourself being involved with the sport 5-10 years from now?
Hopefully playing at the highest levels and being one of the names mentioned among other good players in the country.

If you weren’t playing cricket what other sport would you have been playing?
I would probably be playing volleyball or table tennis, instead of cricket.

What are your expectations for next year?
To simply keep on working harder on my game, and to finish the season on a successful note for me and my team.