Player Looks Beyond ICC Div. 4 Fiasco
Aditya Mishra is a 33 year old cricketer who has represented the USA on several occasions and is known for being a straight-shooter. checked in with the right-hand batsman and part-time googly bowler, for among other things, his thoughts on the current state of cricket in the USA and how it may be fixed.

Aditya Mishra collects the player of the match award for his unbeaten 62 against Scotland during the ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier UAE in 2012.

Tell us about yourself
I was born in India and currently live in San Francisco. I work as a Manager at Ernst & Young (EY) in their Management Consulting practice.
I played all levels of representative cricket in India (U-22/U-25 and first-class) for Karnataka.
I have also represented the USA National Team between 2009 – 2012.

What is the craziest thing you have done while playing cricket?
You would have to define crazy!!! But, when I faced J. Srinath in the Karnataka State team nets for the first time I tried to step down the track, but the next thing I remember was losing my helmet.

Training routines
My training routine involves – conditioning and eating healthy foods.  I work out for 45 minutes four days a week focusing on flexibility, speed, strength, endurance, and lateral movements. I train with a group of 5-10 people with a personal trainer. I have been consistent with this routine for the past year
I try to play a game every Sunday to stay in touch. Not much time to spend in the nets.

Who is the toughest player you have ever faced?
Anil Kumble. As youngsters, we would shit our pants standing at silly point or short-leg, when he used to bowl. He expects people to catch everything and hates to lose. He is a fearsome competitor and a great man.

Aditya Mishra bats against Scotland during that knock of 62 not out. Photo: ICC

What is your favorite wicket taking routine?
Depends on situation, but mostly it is a fist in the air.

Give us your view on the state of USA cricket, and how to improve the game
Clearly the situation is not good but we should look past this result of relegation to the ICC WCL Division 4. I believe it is a good thing otherwise no one would be talking about fixing anything. To fix any problem, you must recognize that there is one. Here are some suggestions regardless of who implements them:
• Hire a full time coach and trainer
• Identify individuals who have played for the USA or represented their native country at a first-class level, to serve as selectors.
• Create a list of 30 probables and start planning for Division 4 now
o   Any player who represented USA in the last 2-3 years and below 30 years of age
o   For people over 30 years of age and who have represented USA, only include the ones who are fit and have performed in the tournaments in the past
o   Gather stats from all the approved leagues and include the top 3 scorers and top 3 wicket takers. If the list exceeds 30 players, then filter the list based on the players’ past track record
• Identify five core young players and give them an annual contract. Money is not important, but the structure is. These players will know that they are in USACA’s plan and will work hard. Refine the list every year based on the players’ performance in league, domestic, and international matches. If the experiment works then get sponsorship and start paying these players.
• Create a training program and provide everyone with goals
• The coach and the trainer should fly to each region once every quarter to test the progress and submit reports to the selectors
• Create USA Red and USA Blue teams from the 30 probables and play at least two National tournaments, or else allow the USA Red and USA Blue teams to participate in approved private tournaments
• This is enough!!

Tell us something we don’t know about you
I am very impatient.

If cricket has taught you one thing, what is it?
Never give up, and you are as good as your team

Aditya Mishra seen here during a regional tournament back in 2011. Photo by Shiek Mohamed

Can you cook?

What is your biggest weakness?
I have opinions and I voice them. I need to be more careful, especially in cricketing circles.

Favorite Commentator
The Sky Sports commentary team

What is the best compliment you have ever received from a fellow cricketer?
I can bat.

What is the best cricket souvenir you have?
Man of the Match award in ICC T20 World Cup Qualifiers (2012) vs Scotland

Where is the best place in the USA to play cricket?
Woodley Park in Los Angeles

Who’s your all-time hero outside of cricket?
Michael Schumacher

What is your favorite shot?
The straight drive

Would you rather take a 5 wicket haul or score a fifty?
A five-wicket haul. I can score fifty on another day but wickets to a part-time bowler are precious

Which cricketer in the world would you play to watch?
Sachin Tendulkar

Describe you in three words
A passionate cricketer

Have you got any superstitions?
Yes. I look at the sun before going to bat and always put my right foot on the ground while going to bat

Are you handy at any other sports?
I am good at Ping-Pong

Aditya Mishra at a USA trials in 2010. Photo by Shiek Mohamed