Newyorkcricket: Now that you have made your debut for the USA, what does it mean to you to be representing the USA?
Playing for the US National team is something that I take with a great deal of pride. It’s a great honor to be part of the US National Team, and I am enjoying every bit of it.

Asif Khan during his debut tour of Hong Kong with the USA team.

Newyorkcricket: As a player, what’s your vision for cricket in America?
I would definitely like to see/help my team playing alongside the Test-playing nations in the next few years.

Newyorkcricket: Do you think that the USA cricket gets a bad rap, and if so in what way?
This is a tough one. I haven’t had much experience with USACA over the years.  This was my first tour with the national team and I got a chance to meet people like Krish Prasad and Sheikh Manaf Mohamed from USACA. These guys are awesome. In fact Krish came all the way to Hong Kong with his family just to watch our matches.

Newyorkcricket: What do you think USACA can do to improve the quality of the USA national teams?

I believe USACA should come up with a better domestic cricket structure. Instead of regions, city teams should be competing with each other. More players will get a chance to play and compete against each other. I believe more people will come out to support and watch their respective teams. USACA will have to eliminate the artificial turf and concrete pitches, and finally come up with more incentives for the players.

Newyorkcricket: What is your greatest disappointment as a member of the USA National XI?
Besides being the favorites, not qualifying for the ICC WCL Division 2.

Asif Khan with his wife and two kids.

Newyorkcricket: What do you like most about playing and/or traveling with the USA national cricket team?
Even though that was my first tour with the US Team, the support that I got from the entire team was phenomenal.

Newyorkcricket: As a national player, how do you stay focused amidst all of the politics surrounding USA cricket?
As a player my job is to stay focus, fit, and prepared whenever I am asked to play for US and perform to the best of my ability every time I am selected to play.

Newyorkcricket: What, if any contribution do you see yourself making to the sport in the USA, when you are no longer representing the country?
When I am no longer playing I would love to help the up and coming youngsters in any way I can.

Newyorkcricket: If you were not representing the USA, which other country would you have liked to represent in cricket?


Newyorkcricket: What other sports do you play or enjoy?
I enjoy soccer and American football.

Newyorkcricket: Which of your fellow national team members do you admire the most, and why?

It’s hard to point out one. I admire every single one of them because of the way that everyone supports each other.

Newyorkcricket: Can you remember the moment you found out you had been picked for USA senior team?

I wasn’t expecting the call at first, but once I heard (friend of mine called to congratulate me and told me to check USACA Web site) I couldn’t believe my luck. I literally broke into tears.

Newyorkcricket: How big an achievement was it to play for the USA senior team?
Playing for your country is no joke. I believe it’s a great achievement. I always wanted to be an international cricketer; it’s like a dream come true.

Newyorkcricket: Tell us how you got started playing cricket?

I believe I was 6 or 7 years old when I started playing cricket in the streets of Karachi. I used to watch our local team playing and they always let me throw some balls in the nets.

Newyorkcricket: What are your memories of growing up in Islamabad?
They all are wonderful memories. I still remember skipping school to play cricket and being yelled at by my mom.