Ryan Corns was a standout player amongst his Under-19 peers at the ICC Under-19 Qualifiers in Canada in 2009 earning the Player of the Tournament award, and going on to represent the USA at the 2010 Under-19 CWC in New Zealand. Since then many have been calling for his inclusion on the USA Senior Men’s squad. He responded positively to that call in January this year, scoring 30 plus runs against Italy in the WCL Division 3 Tournament in Hong Kong.

Ryan Corns bowls during the 2009 USACA National Under-19 Championship which was held in New York. Photo by Shiek Mohamed

Ryan Corns still has a lot of cricket ahead of him and undoubtedly will become a fixture in future USA national men’s teams, providing he stays healthy. He already has the skill-sets of the consummate cricketer.

Newyorkcricket.com sought to get a better glimpse into the life of the young cricketer, through the following questions.

Newyorkcricket: Tell us how you got started playing cricket?
Corns: I started playing cricket when I was six years old. My father got me a cricket set for my birthday, and I’ve been addicted to it ever since that day.

Newyorkcricket: What are your memories of growing up in Johannesburg, South Africa?
Corns: I have very fond memories of growing up in South Africa in terms of cricket, I would find any excuse to play cricket instead of doing homework or studying for a test. I would often get yelled at for knocking it up against our back wall in the yard.

Newyorkcricket: Your dad follows your career very closely, can you tell us about his cricketing career?

Corns: My dad must be one of my biggest fans because he usually knows stuff about my cricket before I hear about it. He played cricket from a very young age as well and played throughout school and university and played state level cricket. He taught me everything that I know about cricket and I am very grateful to him for that.

Newyorkcricket: Can you remember the moment you found out you had been selected to the USA senior team?
Corns: I was on the golf course in Florida when I got the call…and let’s just say that the next few holes went really well.

Newyorkcricket: How big an achievement was it to play for the USA senior team?

Corns: To me it is a huge achievement. Ever since I was a kid it had been my dream to be an international cricketer, and now that has come true.

Ryan Corns (far right) along with teammates poses with umpire Darryl Harper. Photo courtesy of ICC.

Newyorkcricket: Which cricketer do you idolize and why?
Corns: I tend to fluctuate with who my favorite cricketers are, but I always did idolize Jonty Rhodes growing up, just for the way he went about the game, and the way he showed the world how fielding is an equally important factor in the game of cricket along with bowling and batting.

Newyorkcricket: Tell us about your first innings?
Corns: My first innings for the USA was against Italy. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous…my heart was beating out of my chest, but as soon as I got off the mark it got a lot easier.

Newyorkcricket: Who told you your batting style was similar to Michael Vaughan, the former England captain?
Corns: A bunch of my team mates on the Under-19 USA squad told me that I resemble Michael Vaughn, but I think it was Muhammad Ghous who started it all.

Newyorkcricket: What other sport do you play or enjoy?
Corns: I tend to play many sports that involve a ball such as golf, racquetball, and tennis.