By Sam Sooppersaud
It has been a humbling experience for me in the past few days.

John Thickett

I am issuing a retraction of all the comments I made with regards to Mr. John Thickett in my article titled, USACA AND CRICKET HOLDINGS AMERICA – ONE AND THE SAME, and posted on the internet on May 13, 2011.

I am making a general retraction as well as specific retractions of the statements suggesting that 1) Mr Thickett’s actions were “an opportunity for self-aggrandizement,”  2) that Mr. Thickett is a part of a “dysfunctional clique”  3) that Mr. Thickett is a part of “a band of self-serving imposters”,”  4) that Mr. Thickett is a part of an “OLD BOYS CLUB” that predetermined the outcome of organizational votes 5) that Mr Thickett was in “in the thick” of anything inappropriate  6) that Mr Thickett and “his #$@* kissers” inappropriately appointed two candidates 7) that Mr. Thickett is a “slimy cheat”, and that Mr Thickett was motivated to, or actually received any inappropriate financial gain as a result of his activities with the USACA.

In addition to the retraction above, I am issuing a formal apology to Mr. John Thickett for the inaccurate comments made about him in the May 13, 2011 article, and for the potential injury that these may have caused to his character, both personal and professional.



    Thank you for your kind words. But I think it is time for me to “hang up my Laptop”.
    It’s been a pleasure writing .


    It takes a ‘BIG” man to admits when he is not correct—much respect to you Mr Sam, I will always read you columns.